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  • 205k and counting - 2000 Honda Passport
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    My grandma bought this car used in 2008, and I inherited it in 2011. We had to replace the transmission in 2009, then it worked fine. More recently, in the past two years, the air has quit working and due to the poor road conditions and salt in the harsh winters of wonderful Michigan, Ive had several problems with the wheel bearings, fuses, axle, struts, shocks and rims. I know it sounds like a lot, but aside from the AC, they were due to very poorly maintained roads. Otherwise its been a great, reliable car considering the miles Ive put on it, and Ill be sad to see it go in a couple of months.

  • 149,000 Miles and still strong - 1997 Honda Passport
    By -

    When purchasing a fifteen year old car, one must be wise. There are a plethora of aspects within an old car that can go wrong, no matter how well built the car is. However, I lucked out. I purchased my 97 Red Honda Passport 4x4 Loaded out with everything but leather and a sunroof over a year ago now. I bought it with a low 130,000 miles and since have put about 20,000 on within the one year of ownership Ive had. It has been a fantastic car. Only problems I have had was an old alternator and a bad window motor. My Suv has brought me through many a snow storm in one piece and keeps on running strong day in and day out. Overall, I love my passport. It isnt perfect, but it is darn good.

  • Its an okay car - 2001 Honda Passport
    By -

    This car has made me so mad on numerous occasions. On 2 different times it randomly shut off while I was making a turn. I had to get the transmission fixed because it was leaking fluid. The suv doesnt use oil properly. This thing has just left a bad taste in my mouth and Im so glad I just sold it, hopefully i get my reliable toyota 4runner for Christmas.

  • Starting problem - 2002 Honda Passport
    By -

    I have had my passport for 6 yrs. I love it. I have had no problems except for now. I have 92,000 mi. on it & ow there is a starting problem. The car starts then imediatley stalls, the 2nd. time I start it , it starts right up. No mechanic can figure it out & no ingine lite is on. I was told it could be an ignition switch or a fuel pump relay. Has anyone had this problem? It doesnt matter if it is cold or hot . I still get 18 to 21 mpg.

  • Not bad... - 1995 Honda Passport
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    My dad got this 1995.5 passport from his parents after our 84 ramcharger gave up.the 3.2 v6 had a roar and thirst for oil,it needed head gaskets at 120,000,then we moved from PA to AZ and it had 130,000 i cleaned it up and it looked like brand wasnt running for 3 months,battery was weak but it cranked right up like it was running 15 minutes 155,000 the AC went and we replaced the compressor with one from the junkyard,the squeal got worse and one day at 156,874 the ol family truckster gave up.i miss it alot and brought a tear to my eye as it got towed away with its new family,i saw it once more going down the road and on craigslist for $1500 and we sold it for $450.

  • Well, mine is good - 2001 Honda Passport
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    Ive read all the reviews and I did have to replace the fuel sensor at about 35000 miles ($450). The ride is rough without a couple bags of sand in the rear. Ive had virtually NO problems with this car. The Check Engine light started coming on. Removed the EGR Valve (in a very easy location) and cleaned out the carbon to good results. Would I buy it again? Probably not. My friends Mazda Tribute was the same year, got better gas mileage, rode much better and had no problems at all.

  • Gas Guage - 1999 Honda Passport
    By -

    Great vehicle. Just had mine fixed under the recall. wondered how many Passports have problems with their fuel gauge. Mines out and the one at work is out

  • Cute Suv - 2000 Honda Passport
    By -

    Cute little SUV. Runs well, only broke down once due to the fuel pump going out. Other than that its a Honda baby.

  • Going to miss it - 2000 Honda Passport
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    I love this car. I bought it in 2005 and it has been awesome ever since. We have had to clean the EGR valve, which is a common problem, but if you just blow out the passage you dont have to replace the whole valve. Aside from a few other minor problems (it was a used car) this has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have had. Very sad to get rid of it, but its time to move on to a Mini Van.

  • 197K and going strong - 2000 Honda Passport
    By -

    I bought my Passport from the original owner in 2005 with 62,000 on it. Paid $4,200 for it. It had the standard fuel gauge problem, but nothing else. Ive had to drop some money in it from time to time A/C compressor and Alternator most recently, a valve in the tranny a couple of years ago a fan motor and fan switch. It does drink the oil like they say (I wonder where it goes), Ive also put some joints and bushings in the suspension but for the money look how many miles Ive gotten out of it. Sure beats making a car payment, and it sure does well in the snow. Im shooting for 300K, I bet I see it.

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