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Much like the iconic Honda CRX that predates it by two decades, the Honda CR-Z attempts to blend fuel efficiency with fun-to-drive dynamics. This time around, Honda makes use of a hybrid powertrain to motivate this sporty-looking two-seater.

When it comes to acceleration and handling, the CR-Z is a far cry from being considered a sports car, but it's certainly livelier than the typical hybrid or economy car. On the whole, the Honda CR-Z represents a compromise between eco-friendly fuel consumption and everyday driving excitement. However, that compromise results in the CR-Z not really excelling in either category. Many competing non-hybrid subcompact cars offer similar efficiency and fun along with greater practicality, more features and higher refinement.

Current Honda CR-Z
The Honda CR-Z is offered in two trim levels: base and EX. The base model features alloy wheels, automatic climate control, full power accessories, cruise control, Bluetooth and an audio system with USB/auxiliary audio jacks. The EX adds xenon headlights, foglights, heated side mirrors and a premium audio system. A voice-activated navigation system is optional on the EX. Other options include 17-inch wheels, performance tires and satellite radio.

Powering the Honda CR-Z is a hybrid system consisting of a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine and an electric motor that is fed by a nickel-metal hydride battery pack. Maximum combined output is 130 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual transmission is standard and a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with shift paddles is optional (although torque is reduced to 123 lb-ft in this configuration). Fuel economy comes in at an EPA-estimated 34 mpg for the manual transmission model in combined city/highway miles, while the CVT ups that figure to 37 mpg.

Highlights for the CR-Z include its diminutive size, quick steering, customizable driving modes and sporty looks. The CR-Z's potential liability is ironically the source of its singular appeal, which is the lack of a rear seat. Honda instead has installed a pair of plastic cargo bins behind the seats, although they're rather difficult to access. The trunk divider can be folded flat to cover these bins, which increases cargo capacity to 25 cubic feet. The interior is handsomely designed, but the liberal use of hard plastics gives the cabin an entry-level feel. Poor rearward visibility and excessive road noise are also drawbacks.

Used Honda CR-Z Models
The CR-Z debuted for the 2011 model year. Prior to 2013, its hybrid powertrain produced 122 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque, making it even less performance-oriented than it currently is. Fuel economy remains unchanged, however. These first two model years had slightly different styling and fewer standard features. For instance, Bluetooth could only be had on an EX.

User Reviews:

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  • Under Rated - 2015 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    I bought this car for commuting to work. Now my wife wants to take it as much or more than I do. Sporty look. Enough cargo for both of us to get away for a few days. Gas mileage is better than advertised, especially in ECON mode. The only issues I have are legroom is a bit tight for me (I am 63") and the radio does not pair without a cable. Otherwise the car is absolutely great! I see a lot of Prius on the road, but would buy 10 CRZs before Id buy one of those.

  • The Coolest Hybrid on the Market - 2015 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    I fell in love with the CR-Z the moment I laid eyes on it. I loved the 80s sports car look (which is based on the old CR-X) and the very modern interior design. Better yet, the car is economical with crazy good gas mileage. The reviews of this car dont do it justice- this car is not intended to be a sports car. Its meant to be a hybrid thats fun to drive and performs like a sports car, and on that count it passes with flying colors. One complaint I frequently saw is about rear and side visibility. Ive had no problems once I got used to the car.

  • I came from a 430HP M3. And I couldnt be happier! - 2013 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    Yes, I sold my 08 BMW M3, which was a beast. But I got sick of spending $73 for gas 2.5 times per week on my 55 miles to work. I got the CR-Z because I wanted a hybrid but still have some fun. The car teaches you how to drive efficiently. Its like playing a video game while driving. My 1+ hour commutes are over in NO TIME now. Not because Im going faster, but because Im having more fun. Its awesome. (This is also because the CR-Z EX has an AMAZING stereo. Sound is unbelievable. The EPA estimates on MPG are WAY off. I just got over 53 MPG the other day in economy mode! I love that I can drive in econ mode but hit the S+ button for full electric power to pass!

  • Hybrid + 6-speed Manual = Perfect Car - 2014 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    My husband was dying to get back to a stick shift. I refuse to buy anything with less than 35 MPGs avg. We both wanted fun, comfort, and style. Answer: the CR-Z. It took us two years to be able to buy one since we do need one car with more space, but as a second vehicle for commuting and weekend errands, its perfect. We had to work out a weekly trade-off to avoid fighting over who got to drive it. It took a little getting used to because it is small but it hugs the road beautifully. The side mirrors are built smart for better visibility and even the base model includes a Google Glass back-up camera (I miss it when driving our other car!). Bottom line: we LOVE it!

  • Awesome Car - 2014 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    Test drove the CR-Z and fell in love with it. Great handling, smooth stable ride, plenty of power, rear visibility not really an issue just need to get use to it( a good driver will not have a problem). Interior looks like driving a spaceship, exterior modern style gets looks at every stop light. Much nicer looking than the ugly Prius. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a small commuter car. Press hard to get a good discount, dealer will give in to move inventory.

  • way more them they give credit - 2013 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    when you look at the stats and specs that this car is givin its misleading. saying its not fast enuf or the gasmilage isnt what its supost to be, i must disagree i got the 6mt and was told 31-38 thats not what im getting im up to 43 avg. and the 0-60 they claim im blowing it away and i havent even givin it all its got its about 6 sec witch is faster then any car in its price range the sport and eco buttons make a huge diffrence and the s+ gives you something extra too. i think if honda and other companies would have tested it properly they would have sold more. i wasnt going to buy it after looking up online reviews but after testing it i couldnt refuse its far more then they give it credit

  • An awesome blend-- - 2013 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    I had a 2006 Mini. Same MPG as my CRZ but used premium. The CRZ has proven to be more practical for stuff than the Mini was for me. Traded the Mini in 18 months on an Prius. 50 MPG--but--BORING !! No driver connection at all. Makes the CRZ feel like an Elise! My CRZ is base with a CVT-- BUT paddle shifters and sport mode and this buggy can zoom down a twisty country road with great aplomb and put a smile on an road course instructors face too. I have been getting 38-42 MPG per tank as well. Ive tested the Fiesta, Focus and some Asian itty-bittys. The CRZ is much sportier as a momentum car, not a point and squirt car like most car magazine reviewers want. I just wish it was RWD.

  • Great little car! - 2013 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    My son needed a new car. After test driving the Ford Fiesta and checking out the Veloster and Civic SI, he decided on a cr-z and we are happy he did. The car gets very good gas mileage for around town (average 34.1 with a/c running most of the time and usually in normal mode). You cant go by the EPA mileage rates because that doesnt take into consideration the option to drive in Econ mode to increase fuel efficiency. Look up what actual drivers are posting for what they are getting and you will be surprised. We have the 2014 ex with the lithium ion batteries. Car has plenty of pep in normal mode and is really fun to drive so I dont know what the reviewer is comparing it to.

  • Replaced my CRX - 2013 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    Purchased the CRZ to replace my old CRX which had 400,000 miles on it. I drove the CVT model and it was very dull. However, the Manual transmission is tons of fun to drive. I look for reasons to drive this car because it is so much fun to drive and the gas cost practically nothing. Price of the car was a bargain and with the 3 different driving modes I get the feeling like I purchased 3 different cars. I can drive fast and reckless in sport mode, or slow and fuel efficient in ECO. Overall this car is extremely fun to drive the instrumentation on the dash board makes me feel like I’m flying a space ship. But don’t expect the Porsche like handling that the CRX delivered.

  • A Safe and Fun "Sport" Hybrid - 2011 Honda CR-Z
    By -

    I bought this car after driving a 2006 VW GTI 1.8T for over six years. I will say that the CR-Z is a fun little car to drive, but has VERY slow acceleration. Pretty good storage space considering youre giving up a backseat. The WORST thing about this car was the blind spots caused by the rear hatch door and window design. My CR-Z was totaled two days after I bought it. I was rear ended while standing still by someone going about 45 mph and walked away with pretty bad whiplash but not much else. Its a safe car. A good value for the money but Id wait for them to work out the design flaws before investing in one. Again the blind spots are TERRIBLE.

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