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  • 92 Geo Storm GSI 1.8 4 speed automatic - 1992 Geo Storm
    By -

    Just bought this car. only problem is cannot find an egr valve for it. Other wise it runs real good and is fun to drive. If any one knows of someone who has this valvee contact me. Had a 93 geo storm 1.2 liter sold it and regreated it as it was a real screamer. This 92 is a screamer also but automatic. Will consider selling it if you are intersted. Or maby some one in Europe may have this part.

  • I bought it for $300 & spent $2k to fix - 1991 Geo Storm
    By -

    I bought the car for $300 and they guy said "All it needs is a clutch" "Yeah right." I just finished repairing almost everything on this car. I love to drive it. I still have a few things to fix on it but, Im happy its a reliable car now and I drive it everyday. The car is nimble, responsive and easy to get in and out of traffic. Its great for two people but the back seats has very little room. The inside is comfortable and I love the lines on the car except the gray and pink strip that runs the length of the car 90s colors. My friends say I have a vintage 90s car which is as old as my oldest daughter. My cars name is Stormy & she is black exterior with a gray/pink strip. Great KR & FUN

  • I finally got one. - 1991 Geo Storm
    By -

    In 1995 I saw one in the street and wanted to buy one, but they discontinued making them. Bummer. But recently my friend had one and she knew I was obsessed about getting one in 1995 asked if I wanted her and I was in high heaven. Me and my 16 year old son had fun fixing and cleaning it up. Its awesome, its sporty, its fuel efficient, handling is great, its fun to drive only wish she had a manual transmission, but hey it was free and I really liked the cars first appearance. Wish geo would remake this model.

  • A great commuter - 1990 Geo Storm
    By -

    I aquired this car in December of 2008. I did not have too many opportunities to drive the vehical because I did not have a license but the times I did, I loved it. The paint was faded and dash was cracked but this was expected considering the age of the car. The only thing replaced was the clutch which was difficult but worthwhile. The 1.6l was plenty peppy with the 5 speed manual and the gas milage was bliss! For a daily commuter or even a budget autocross vehical, i would definantly reccomend it. Handling was good especially considering it was the base model and the interior room was surprisingly good for a hatch. I sold the car in September of 2009 for $1000 (a very fair, even low price.)

  • 90 geo storm gsi - 1990 Geo Storm
    By -

    I bought this car for two hundred dollars from a bud since he was going to junk it becuse his radiator went out and this car looks brand new so i bought it before he could junk it. Ive only got like 345 dollars in this thing and i got people asking to but it anywhere from $300-$1200. i wouldnt sell it i absolutely love driving this car. Im bout to repaint it blue chrome! but if you could find one to fix up and drive or to sell i would go for it in a minute. this car is amazing and worth every penny..

  • Awesome little car - 1991 Geo Storm
    By -

    This little car has been awesome. Other than modifications Ive done, the only thing Ive had to do to it are routine maintenance like oil and brakes. The only thing it needs now are struts, and with 206,000 miles on the originals, I think theyve server their life. Handles great and is very peppy. I love the design of the body, and the mileage is awesome for a car as fast as it is.

  • 93 Geo Storm - 1993 Geo Storm
    By -

    This is a great car, mine is a 5 speed manual trans. It does better than the stated mileage. I average 33 mpg. Mix of of city and Hiway. It is fun to drive

  • Great after all these years - 1992 Geo Storm
    By -

    Bought car 1992, Liked the size of the car. But kids never like the back seat due to the fact not enough room. Not family car

  • The Best I Ever Had - 1992 Geo Storm
    By -

    When I bought my little "monster" Storm it had a whopping 124,000 miles on it everyone I knew said get a good car. I loved it now it has 210,000 miles and the water pump has gone out in it, if this is not a good car then bring one on! I have no complaints about the car of course except the standard back seat complaint. Everyone I know will tell you I drive my little monster like there is no tomorrow and pedal to the metal, I figure if I can take it so can he (the car). I live in the SF bay area I have driven it to WA State 3 times & Reno 4 or 5 times. This car is the best I have ever owned and the best any of my friends have ever seen. I wish they still made them.

  • Fun little car - 1993 Geo Storm
    By -

    I had been in them several times but never owned 1 till recently. I love it, its fun to drive and it gets a lot of looks. I live in very small community all of its own. I recently met and became friends with a guy that has a green gsi. I have a pink/purple standard. We have become the comedy act several times over the past few weeks. We park the cars beside each other and then discuss what parts we want off each others cars and how we are going to distract the other to gain access to their car. I love my GEO STORM!!

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