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For decades, GMC was all about trucks and burly SUVs. But the more recent popularity of car-based crossovers has brought about evolution for the brand, as the GMC Terrain certainly indicates. A small crossover, the Terrain stands out thanks to its stylish cabin, versatile backseat, ample standard features and sophisticated driving manners. Along with its mechanically identical sibling, the Chevrolet Equinox, the Terrain is a smart choice for a new or used crossover.

Current GMC Terrain
The GMC Terrain compact crossover offers a choice of four- or six-cylinder power. The standard 2.4-liter four-cylinder is rated at 182 horsepower and 172 pound-feet of torque and comes with a six-speed automatic, while the optional 3.6-liter V6 makes a stout 301 hp and 272 lb-ft, also routed through a six-speed auto. Front-wheel drive is standard, and all-wheel drive is optional across the lineup.

The GMC Terrain boasts a nice ride and handling combination, feeling like a more substantial vehicle than its many rivals. Inside, the Terrain's cabin is impressively quiet, well built and earns top style marks. Fuel economy would seem to be a Terrain strong suit with the four-cylinder engine, given its EPA ratings. But in real-world testing we've found it to be merely average.

Features content is generous, as even the base SLE trim level includes a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, sliding and reclining rear seats, a rearview camera, OnStar emergency communications, satellite radio, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, and a touchscreen interface. With the latter two items, you can connect to Internet-based features like Pandora and Stitcher radio through a system GMC dubs Intellilink. High-end features such as leather upholstery, automatic climate control, a lane-departure warning system, a navigation system and premium audio are available as you move up through the SLT and Denali trim levels.

As a family hauler, the Terrain shines. Backseat accommodations are extraordinarily generous by default, and downright limousine-like when you slide that rear seat back. One minor disappointment is the Terrain's 64-cubic-foot maximum cargo capacity, which trails the class leaders despite this crossover's considerable dimensions.

Used GMC Terrain Models
The current-generation GMC Terrain debuted for the 2010 model year and has seen just a few notable changes since. For 2010-'13, the Terrain's power came from a 3.0-liter V6 that was less powerful than the current 3.6-liter engine; it produced 264 hp and 222 lb-ft of torque. A newly standard and updated touchscreen interface arrived for 2012 (previously a touchscreen only came with the optional navigation system), while later that year the Intellilink smartphone integration system debuted. The Denali trim debuted for 2013.

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  • Piece of crap!!! - 2011 GMC Terrain
    By -

    This car is only 5 years old and needs a new engine, bought it used one year ago! Piece of crap! GMC never ever again! You left me broke!

  • 2010 GMC Terrain Do not Buy!!!! - 2010 GMC Terrain
    By -

    Very expensive for junk suv!! Rather put more $$$ to Toyota Rav4 or Honda CR-V.

  • Terrain talk - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I love my Terrain. The safety features about drove me nuts but once I got used to them (or turned them off) they were fine. I love the interior, very comfortable to drive and the seats feel great. I especially love the heated seat feature. I previously had an Envoy that I dearly loved. The ride in the Envoy was much smoother and less stiff. I have found though, that all the smaller SUVs have that log wagon feel, where you can feel almost every bump. I am 100% satisfied with the overall performance of this vehicle, however I may consider a larger SUV next time to improve the ride. The gas mileage is good, I like the infrequent trips to the gas station.

  • This car is not worth buying. - 2010 GMC Terrain
    By -

    We purchased this car used and have had 5 recalls now, and the latest issue is the throttle body breaks. We had the dealer check this out before we left on a trip and they assured us everything was fine. On an 8 hour trip to Houston, we receive and error message that the car is powering down. It basically makes you slow down and pull over. Nothing you can do. We had the car towed to the nearest dealer and another repair. Very disappointed in GM as many of the websites I read say this should be a recall but to this point, nothing from GM. The MPG is way off. The car is now burning oil. Ill be taking it in again. Please dont buy GM cars.

  • 2.4 ecotec is a scam - 2011 GMC Terrain
    By -

    This car and other gm s have the 2.4 ecotec engine in it which will leave you disappointed and broke. The Ecotec consumes oil which will lead to a faulty motor. Please google the 2.4 ecotec oil consumption before you consider purchasing this vehicle.

  • SAVE YOUR MONEY & SANITY! - 2010 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I purchased a used 2010 GMC Terrain SLT-2 AWD from Harris Mitsubishi Dealer (Everett, WA) in April 2015 with ~83,000 miles. Everything looked great and the cost was in my price range. When I asked the salesman about the CONSTANT CLICKING NOISE while the engine was running he said "thats normal for a 4 cylinder" Purchased this vehicle with the reassurance that it has been detailed, oil changed and mechanically inspected/ approved. I also purchased their 3rd party warranty (Protective Asset Protection) with hopes to be pro-active and a responsible car owner... - May 2015: Low oil light comes on, I return to Harris Mitsubishi Dealer to be told that they just "forgot to reset the button but my oil is fine". They reset it and told me to come back as directed on the reminder window decal. *NO repairs preformed at this time as directed by Harris Mitsubishi* -June 2015: While driving my Terrain dies multiple times when slowing to a stop. Must rev my engine to keep it on. Took immediately to Seaview GMC Service Department (Lynnwood, WA) Diagnostics come back with a TIMING CHAIN ISSUES and my Terrain had been LEAKING and now RUNNING ON NO OIL. *Preformed ALL recommend repairs by Seaview because this part was cover under factory warranty* - October 2015: Check engine light turns on and clicking noise seems to be more regular. Took immediately to Seaview again and now diagnostics show CATALYTIC CONVERTER HAS FAILED and my AC COMPRESSOR is FAILING. $175.00 for diagnostics alone. Catalytic converter is not covered under my warranty and since the ac compressor has not failed they will not replace this. Seaview recommend not driving until these parts are replaced, quoted me at least $1,200 just for the catalytic converter part alone. -November 2015: Researched online for answers only to find out that all of these issues are consistent with other numerous Terrain owners. When I contacted GMC direct 1-866-996-9463 with my frustrations, facts and safety concerns I was told essentially that its a used car thats out of warranty, but they will look into it.... ****My advise to YOU is invest your good hard money into some other vehicle****

  • Thought I had a good car. - 2011 GMC Terrain
    By -

    Bought this used 3 months ago. Had a problem with a timing belt and something else a month ago and it was repaired under warranty. My warranty went out last week. Yesterday, my check engine light came on so I had Onstar run a diagnostic check and they said it had something to do with the car not starting and I need to get it fixed within 7 days. This morning, I had to turn the heat up to 78 to feel any kind of warm air. Last week 75 was too hot. Also, mpg is not what they claim and that was one of the main reasons I purchased this vehicle. Very disappointed!

  • Expensive Peice Of Junk - 2010 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I bought this 4 cyl SLE 2 Terrain in 2011 with just 9k on the clock. At first I thought it was a nice car for the money and offered a lot of comforts and conveniences. After 20k miles it needed at timing chain. after 40k miles it needed another timing chain. Shortly after that the ac would cycle on off every 10 seconds. Took it to GMC for ac check and they said was ok. Took it back at least 8 times and they started changing parts and every time they touched it it got worse. Finally they told me it needed a new evaporator because it was leaking. So I took it to another shop for a 2nd opinion and they said they could not see or find any leaks. So back to GMC again and they started messing with the computer. Only to make it worse. Than Yesterday driving home I hear a growling noise coming from the tranny and than my car stoped and I had to get towed to GMC. The next day GMC told me the tranny was toast and it would cost 4400 dollars because I am out of warranty. This car has only 4300 miles on it and has never need driven hard. Dont but a Terrain its bad news

  • Designed for 62" guys - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    Excellent value for the money.

  • Very good vehicle - most of the time - 2015 GMC Terrain
    By -

    We basically picked this vehicle based on cost after our GMC Envoy XL had major problems, but we very happy with the choice after the fact. We wanted an Acadia, but the $10K+ price difference was too much. The Terrain rides great, its easy to drive, is comfortable and pretty spacious for a "compact" SUV. It has way more room in the back seat than the Envoy did and I know it has better front passenger area than the Envoy. We fit 5 of us (kids 16, 8 & 3) but its a little tight (my 8 yr old cant us his booster seat with 3 in the back seat). Its easy and comfortable to drive (even when loaded down) and its mostly quiet. There is a lot of tire noise (not sure if its the car or the tires though) which can get really loud on the highway. The cargo area is a little small considering this isnt really a small vehicle, but the back seat can be adjusted to make more space (but not by much without sacrificing all the leg room). We recently took a 2500+ mile trip with all of us. Even loaded with all 5 of us and all the luggage (including a roof cargo box) the ride and handling were very good. I was surprised the back end didnt lower much once everything/everyone was loaded up either. You noticed the weight when driving, but it didnt make it much harder to drive and I quickly got used to it. Even after 12+ hours in the car we didnt feel really stiff or sore and we survived with 3 in the back seat. This is where I wished we got the 6 cyl motor though. The 4 cyl is good 90% of the time for us, so it probably is the better overall choice. It really struggled at higher speeds (70 MP+) with all of us and the luggage although understandably so considering it was probably about 1000 lbs of people & gear. We only got about 23 MPG for the trip so I was disappointed in that (I expected about 25 MPG with the cargo box). It downshifts on almost any kind of hill trying to maintain speed. The constant shifting gets annoying especially when it kicks down a couple of gears. Its kind of like 2 different vehicles when it comes to the mileage (even without the cargo box). If you stay between 60 - 65 MPH it easily gets 28 - 30 MPG. Once you start going 70 or more it really drops off to low to mid 20s. I guess because the squared off styling. Overall = Likes: styling, comfort (although the seat material with the holes can be a little itchy & collects crumbs/dirt), ride, stereo is very good, gas mileage (most of the time) and safety ratings. Good amount of storage places, cup holders and charging ports. The center console is quite large which can make it a little hard to find things with too much stuff in it. I think the headlights and fog lights work great good brightness and distance so you dont have to use high beams all the time. Dislikes: 4 cyl when the vehicle is loaded up, no rear A/C vents and the front ones are low (glad we got a light colored one), cargo area is a little small. My 8 yr old says the center seat in the back is too hard. The transmission downshifts a lot because it always tries to get to the highest gear. It can be difficult to try to accelerate a little bit without it downshifting (and sometimes it goes down 2 gears).

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