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  • best trucks I have ever owned - 1996 GMC Suburban
    By -

    i own the suburban and the extra cab long bed version of this truck and couldnt be happier. only quirk is change the fuel pump every 70k and radiator at 200k otherwise flawless and economical. I baby my trucks as a rule and get 25 m,pg out of my truck and 23-24 out of the suburban. there are plabty of smaller truck I could load in the back of mine and drive around and i would get better mileage moving them that way than just driving them. oh truck has 300k and suburban has 200 both are still strong and could drive across country with out worry

  • Strong solid truck - 1999 GMC Suburban
    By -

    Dad bought it used, hauled us up and down the coast thru my childhood and never a problem. The normal things went wrong around 150000, fuel pump transfer case radiator about 3000 in repairs , now its mine and runs strong as ever. With a 3 inch body lift and 33in all terrains the thing gets me through everything! I go down to corrala beach every few weaks and ruts or no ruts that vortec gets me out of anything. Rip out all the stupid electronics and lights forget about ac and this trucks a badass.

  • A tribute to Bertha - 1995 GMC Suburban
    By -

    "Bertha" has logged nearly 300,000 miles with very little other than regular maintainance, Tires, batteries, plugs, wires etc. Has the original motor, transmission, starter. Insurance costs are lower than most. Shes got a little rust on the top and the hood has recently lost its top coat of paint but for a dark blue paint it has done pretty well. The interior looks barely used even though it has hauled people/children, lumber (a full 4X8 sheet of plywood will go inside) and all kinds of other cargo. Got it at 92,000 miles after a family with kids. I call it my transformer car. It will tow, haul, rides good on trips. The A/C has been replaced twice the last 50,000 miles. Great bargain.

  • Great Truck - 1999 GMC Suburban
    By -

    My Dad bought my suburban new and put 170,000 miles on it. He replaced the fuel pump and the transfer case. I bought it from him and have put another 40,000 on it. Ive replaced the starter and the transfer case(again). At 210,000 it still runs great, drives down the highway like a dream and gets 18mpg on the highway. Im not going to downgrade to a smaller truck/suv to increase the mpgs by 3! When I wax it, it almost looks new....almost. I plan to take it to 300,000, the best part, no car payment, I always remind myself of that when Im filling up the 40 gallon tank.

  • 300 Thousand Miles - 1999 GMC Suburban
    By -

    300 Thousand Miles on my 1999 GMC Suburban. Original engine and Transmission.

  • Trusty Rusty - 1993 GMC Suburban
    By -

    We have had this Suburban for about 13 years now it was built in WI in 1993 and never left the state so the salt has taken its toll on the body but even at almost 200,000 miles it starts everytime and still runs as strong as it every has so it is a great first car for me it is a truck that is amazing in any terrain i drive it in dirt, mud, snow, ice, any terrain it handles it great it amazes people because it is a stock gas powered truck and it can out work and out perform raised diesel trucks that are out here if i buy another truck it will be just like this one

  • Beauty and the Beast - 1999 GMC Suburban
    By -

    When we first purchased the car about 3 years ago, it kept breaking down, we had to put a whole new engine in it, new fuel pump, new tires, and a few other things needed to be fixed. The AC does not work, it sucks with the leather seats during summer. BUT!! This car is awesome, once everything was fixed up, all was well. Its been running great! Sounds like a beast. I am a girl so were Beauty and the Beast together!! Even with all of these problems its very convienent. With the horrible gas mileage I just ask the other 8 passengers to pitch in for gas. Its a great road trip car! I love it.

  • Knock on wood - 1997 GMC Suburban
    By -

    I have done nothing except for regular maintenance on this vehicle. 1 fuel pump. Two sets of front brakes. 1 water pump. The interstate ride is phenomenal if you can afford the gas. 11 miles to a gallon. 1 tune-up in 10 years. We are overdue. We load it up and go. No thoughts of breakdowns so far. Please Lord, dont let this little bit of bragging jinx me

  • Last year of Good Suburbans - 1994 GMC Suburban
    By -

    I bought my SLE from the son of the original owner, who used all synthetics, and repaired everything on time. It has 155k on the clock and drives like a new one. The brakes and mileage are the only cons to this great truck. This year is the best because the dash is the flat style, no airbags, green coolant, no Bose, and no OnStar or crazy computers. This was the last year for the best dash (IMO), and a general "cheapening" of the interiors that happened post-94. The massive gas tank will get 500+ miles between fillings, the extra money for gas is well worth all of the great things about this truck! Off-road they are nearly unstoppable. Lifting it makes it the King of the 4x4s.

  • Third times a charm - 1998 GMC Suburban
    By -

    This is my third suburban Ive owned, and i have to say that the third is definitely a charm. I love hauling my kids, their friends, my friends and all the extra crap in the back of my truck. It pulls anything i ask it to and the 454 isnt that bad with mileage. Mine has been slightly neglected over the last year, but my baby always starts and runs for me! Im proud to be seen in it and know that its a tank but who cares? Im in Minnesota and Im telling you, burbs are tanks! Two feet of snow, two wheel drive, and you still can fly past people. Ive been offered on it, but wont sell this one. Hes a keeper for sure!

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