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  • GMC 2500 - 2004 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    I am having a joyful expearence driving my GMC. Over all performance is higher than my original expectations. The creature comfort features has rejunivated my on and off road fun.

  • Love This Truck - 2004 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    I have the 2500HD 6.6L Diesel 4x4 Crew Cab SB. This is my third GM 4x4 truck, but first diesel. I tow an RV and put dirt bikes in the back and it drives like I have nothing attached and nothing in the back. I can accelerate going up hills on the freeway fully loaded towing the RV. The interior noise is quieter than my wifes Chevy Blazer. The stereo absolutely rocks, and the seat heaters are so nice - even in San Diego CA! This is the best truck ever made.

  • GMC ONLY - 2000 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    I like my GMC very much,it is snappy and has good torque for pulling a medium weight travel trailer. The only complaint I have with this truck is a persistant knock in the engine that is very noticable in the morning starts. My previous truck was a 1976 3/4 ton 4x4 GMC long bed. The ride on the 2000 was my first consideration in buying a new truck. My next step up will be the Duramax.

  • jacks toy - 2000 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    rear brakes and parking brake leave something to be desired. Rear rotors rust decreasing overall braking power and make the parking brake all but useless. Good power and excellent towing vehicle for horse trailer. Two piece drive shaft failed during our second towing excursion. Dealership replaced with a single piece unit. Now it hums while you drive but has proven to be reliable. Unit stuck in 4wd during -20 degree weather. Again dealership repaired. Dealership was cooperative in making repairs.

  • Service 4WD Light - 1999 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    4WD light comes on intermittently lately. Poor troubleshooting procedures from a Chilton manual led me to replace the front diff actuator motor. Seems the real culprit is a sticky selector switch. Humidity may be affecting this switch, apparently the resistors are shot for each position and loses ability to keep voltage signal to transfer case module. Original battery lasted 6 years so that was awesome to get over 6 years from a battery. Also developed a leak at the front differential. First thought it was the output seal but ended up being the plastic vent cap that screws into the diff.

  • Great Power with 6.0 liter - 1999 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    ABS electronic module - replaced by dealer in Virgina only problem. Drove 300 miles to pick up - has one of first 6.0 liter engines. Great power. Engine does not show up as option in parts stores until 2001.

  • 2004 Sierra2500 4x4 crew cab - 2004 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    Great truck, still getting used to the new front end grill( I liked 99-02 best) I previously owned a 2000 z71 sierra slt. Just bought 2004 SLT 2500 crew cab 4x4. They dont include under the hood courtesy light, they eliminated one of the cigarette lighter power input. the 2004 has 6l vortec which is a huge pig compared to 5.3 vortec in my old 2000. the new computer stuff is pretty cool. I am getting on average 10mpg on the 6 liter, I used to get 18- 19 on the 5.3 motor. The first thing to go will be the air cleaner swap with an Air aid or K&N type of element. dramatic horsepower and fuel economy increases should be expected.

  • Worst truck Ie ever owned - 2004 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    Truly a masterpiece of "poor" engineering. 2004 sierra 2500 with a duramax diesel and Alison transmission. Had to replace the intermediate steering shaft the first year. The vehicle constantly looses prime and shuts down. Heres the kicker . The oil pressure gauge flutters and the annoying chime rings constantly indicating low oil pressure. The cluster panel has been changed twice, the oil pressure sending unit has been changed three times. They even changed the oil pump? Still, no fix. This truck has been a nightmare from day one!

  • Light Duty GMC 2500 4X4 Crew Cab SLT - 2004 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    2004 light duty Sierra 2500 4x4 crew cab w/6-1/2 box. A very comfortable, capable hauler of people and cargo. Rear seat area is huge. Seats are very comfortable. Ride is a little choppy unloaded, but that is to be expected. Smoother ride than GMC 2500 Heavy Duty. Tracks down the road very nicely. (This next comment is not a flame, Im a truck guy, not a "brand guy") Much better than Ford 250, which tended to wander a bit - that may have been due to the more aggressive off- road tires on the Ford. With a bed cover in place, gas mileage went from 17.5 mpg highway to just over 18 mpg highway. Every bit helps. XM radio is worth every cent. On-Star is invaluable. Great dealer support during sale.

  • New User - 2004 GMC Sierra 2500
    By -

    I enjoy driving this truck! So far it stranded me once (due to a clip of some sort coming loose and the computer not knowing enough to send fuel to the engine) and that was at about 7k miles. OnStar answered quickly and got me a tow truck pronto! The dealer easily found the problem and my cost for all this was $0. The Bose system is very enjoyable. Acceleration and power are there when you need them. My 13MPG is lower than I expected, unfortunately.

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