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  • Fantastic first vehicle!! - 2001 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    I bought my Jimmy second hand as any first vehicle, and it’s an awesome learning experience. I’ve had my fair share of issues with it, but they’re issues that came with the previous owner not taking care of it. I’ve had to have the break line redone, the steering, the tie rods, and so on, but after all that, this thing is a powerhouse! For an older SUV, this thing means business. It runs smooth, it isn’t super loud, and it’s fairly comfortable inside. The back seats can be dropped down, and the trunk is spacious. The back seats can get a little cramped, but that’s a small price to pay. The front is super comfortable, the seats have lumbar support which is awesome after a long day. The steering wheel has a lot of up and down movement, so you can adjust it as you please! I absolutely love my Jimmy. Maybe it’s because it’s my first car, but she’s reliable. Starts up everyday, and has taken me far. She has about 170,000, and doesn’t show any signs of stopping!

  • I recommend a 1999 JIMMY SLE 4-wheel drive! - 1999 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    You should be somewhat mechaniclly inclined if you do your own maintenance.Spark plugs& wires are a challenge. I highly recommend a K&N high flow airfilter,the trucks performance over all improved better than new even with 165,000 miles,it just wants to go! The truck is loaded & everything works.Do a little homework and make sure it has not been abused if youre interested in such a purchase.

  • Thanks GM - 1996 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    Thank You GM, I just wanted to take the time to express my thanks to you for making my selection to purchase another vehicle so simple. Being a loyal GM customer starting with a purchase of a new 1963 Chevrolet Impala from "Z-Frank Chevrolet" (Petersen Ave Chicago, Illinois) and continuing to buy G.M. vehicles throughout the years (3 in this household-1996 Jimmy 4x4, 1999 S10, 2001 GMC Sierra) and working in the automotive field over 30years. As an "engine-power train" mechanic in the Military (1968-70) inc. Viet Nam working on tanks & APCs w/GMC 6v & 8v diesels, and continuing in the civilian world as a auto mechanic for 20 years, it has given me the knowledge and understanding to evaluate and surmise a variety of automotive problems. Moving into the automotive insurance industry as a field appraiser/adjustor I frequently have to determine the causes of auto-accidents, be it a result of a drivers judgment or in some cases mechanical failures. My experience in the past with GM has been satisfactory in the majority of instances which required intervention with local dealerships and representatives of whatever division represented, however, you have now enlightened me to refocus my outlook and to "LOOK AGAIN" (Im sure you heard that phrase?). In Re: your case # 1-138599825 I was one of the lucky people to purchase a 1996 Jimmy 4x4 "SLT" for my wife. It came complete with all options including all the wonderful "shared" mechanical failures of the many other 1996 Jimmy & Blazer owners. One of the best unadvertised features incorporated is the "Russian Roulette Brake System" (more fun than a tornado) It will sure make your adrenalin glands work to their maximum capabilities, although our laundry bill has risen! Wooo!..,what a rush! I just love to play the included free game "Will it or Wont it Stop in Time-ver 2.0". At 59 yrs. old Ive had a full life anyway. As of today with 39,430 actual miles I have been blessed with the privilege of requiring my 3rd brake power booster. I sure like that, it makes it easy to remember the number 3, like also the 3rd alternator. Shucks, if Im lucky, they will both catch up to the 4 batteries! To bad, the driver power window regulator motor is only the 2nd , oh well "Sh~~ Happens ! ". We where extremely privileged to repair the front brake failure @17,000 miles or so (wow, we were lucky. We usually have to wait for at least 30,000 miles or so.) and I only had to pay a percentage (hmm..,?`~@##*-) Hats off to that "great engineering design" in the elite manufacturing process. I am excited and really looking forward to the seeing the transmission dissected which will be in the future for sure, I can hardly wait. Little did I know after I tried to pull out the trans dipstick @13,000 miles, lo and behold you cute little devils included a hidden bonus of a sexy shade of brown stuff embedded in the tube. I just love all those little extra things you include @ no-charge. Geeze, I didnt hear from you guys about that service bulletin,(one of over 250) that led to fun and games $@ the tranny shop with a old version of "Flush & Fill". I felt a little sad I didnt get to play your new improved game. Living in the desert with the constant temperature over 100 degrees I can hardly wait for the ac compressor to die again. It seems to be lagging, only had to replace it once so far but Im sure it will see what the other components are doing and will join the game. I know by the oil spots on the driveway we do have some unknown players trying out for a place in my wallet. Wondering if maybe they made the hoses with "natural-breathing" rubber? Its a shame we have never driven it off road or we could have really enjoyed ourselves, with some of the other neat mechanical failures I read about in the hundreds of pages posted on the internet by other "Happy Owners" of the same year and type vehicles. I guess I can be thankful that you have sparked my curiosity to determine the trick you use to make a "power brake booster" FAIL twice in less than 40,000 miles... not really sure if I will keep the "Jimmy" long enough to figure that one out! Seems I found some replacement vehicles but Im not sure my wife is ready to give someone else the chance to have all the fun playing the newest modestly priced "$590.00" OEM Full featured GMC game "Kill-her now? Will it or Wont it Stop in Time.., ver 3.0" or also available @ a local repair facility the Lite version "Maybe it Will, Maybe it Wont" after-market @ a slightly lower cost. Again, I want to personally THANK YOU and congratulate your company for not standing up to your product. Most of all, thanks for providing me with a whole new outlook to "LOOK AGAIN" P.S. please let me know if you decide to make the "Corvair" again. I sure would like one. T.J.L. aka "jimmy-deep-pockets"

  • HAPPY 1ST OWNER - 1995 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    As the first owner of this car & having it on the road for the past 20 years I can tell you, GMC makes a great vehicle! Sure, 7 years ago I was ready to get rid of it cause it was running badly, but I put $500 into replacing the injector lines & it came back to life like new. No one wants to spend money on car repairs but its a fact of life. Other than regular maint. , tires, exhaust, brakes & the injector spider, Ive not had to spend BIG MONEY on it. I have never had a problem starting it. I reach in & turn the key & it starts every time. I did lease a Yukon & loved how quiet it was & of course all the bells & whistles but we kept the Jimmy as our "workhorse". The bodys straight, never been hit, and could use a "makeover" but Its a blessing. AND ITS PAID FOR! Bottom line, if you get a chance to but a GMC, check it out "thoroughly" as the person you get it from may have abused it being the workhorse it was built to be, but even a Clysdale can break a leg! If you get a good one, it will last for years! If you take care of it!

  • great engine - 1993 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    I did not purchase mine on this site but i bought a used 4 door gmc jimmy 1993 4x4, 4d. It also has a really intimidating vortex engine i fill it up with $30 in gas and it runs loud and quick, and runs like a beast in the river. Im definitely looking foward to fixing mine up.

  • Great engine - 1999 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    I have to admit i have had issues with this vehicle. If you are looking to buy this car find out if the radiator has been replaced. These vehicles used Dexcool 3 when they first came out, it was issues so it will have or will rust out your radiator. I did a few different flushes on mine. I did have to replace the water pump, alternator, starter, and fuel pump. The fuel pump came at about 150,000 mile for me though. Keep and mind the drivers side door has issues, if you find a good body shop they will fix it for about $100. The Engine is awesome has always run like a champ for me considering i used this vehicle to deliver pizza. Overall it is a good buy and a safe SUV. I sold mine for $800 to a friend and it is still running with over 176,000 miles on it. As much as i enjoyed having this vehicle i cant give it 5 stars knowing all that was done to it, luckily for me i have a good mechanic and he doesnt charge an arm and a leg for repairs.

  • JIMMMYY! - 2000 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    So I got this 2000 GMC Jimmy at 165,000 miles, now it has 172,000 miles and it a complete money pit, but a life saver. I have spent $3500 in repairs in the last 6 months. Ive taken it to three different mechanics and technicians.Every single part on my brake is brand new, and the ABS light is still on. I cant afford to keep it anymore, so this is a good car if you are a mechanic or have a mechanic who knows who he is doing. BUT this has saved me through the winter. With All-Season tires it plowed through 2 feet of snow and 2 inches of ice. No weather condition stopped me, and I was incredibly thankful. (Maine Winter of 2014-2015)

  • dont buy - 2000 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    One of the wost suvs ever made. Bought it with 93000 miles transmission went out at 103000 ball joints have been replaced 3 times heater core went out 4wd didnt work until recently until it went 4 low by its self and is stuck in 4 low. valve cover gasket blew ac went out twice. the bose system blew. Seats suck back hurts after 30 minutes after driving. the dash is cracked very bad. Door panel rattles and ripped off when i closed the door one time. Dash lights broke twice. pivment arm went out. Fuel pump let go. Radiator blew. One of the worst cars ive ever experienced. Worst 6000 dollars i ever spent. Im tempted to pull it in the back yard and set a lawn chair and watch it rot to the ground.

  • 204k miles & running - 2000 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    I bought my Jimmy 7 years ago with 87k miles on it. Now it has 204k & has lasted pretty well. Id buy another one, but im really curious to how this "fuel efficient" life could be... My mechanic says wow the engine is built so strong. This last year was by far the worst, everything my diagnostic a few years ago told me would go wrong: did. But what do u expect? Main repeat issues: both doors kept breaking hinges. Both seat adjust handles were broken off from the time I bought it & its an impossible to fix, so no reclining my seats for 7 years. Heater stopped working 2 years ago (expensive fix to lift engine & change a $5 part). Engine light always on due to fuel cap being loose.

  • Like A Rock!!! - 1994 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    My grandparents bought my 1994 Jimmy new in 1994. It is the Automatic 4wd white with tan interior. Mine has the 4.3 Vortec CPI. It currently has 436,788 miles and have never turned a wrech to it except for maintainence. Never been rebuilt and has never let me down. It has towed everything I could hook to it and been off road more than on road. I love it, its reliable, cheap operating cost and will last you forever.

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