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  • super original car - 1997 Ford Probe
    By -

    is the only car in which you feel that this car is yours. This is a machine from the return to the future and at the same time made on the basis of Mazda limousines. It is always nice and comfortable. You can travel, go shopping and you are always happy. A large trunk. Reliable engines. You feel that the car was created to make you happy.

  • Best fun car Ive ever owned - 1990 Ford Probe
    By -

    My 89 Probe LX, was a dream to drive. It was the only model that had a Ford body and Mazda drive train, and was the best fun car that Ive ever owned! I dont know why others had poor gas millage, but I got 37 mpg "consistently" on the highway. In town it was close to 30!!! The drivers seat was great. I could drive 5-600 miles in a day and never get tired from driving. Boredom was another thing. The only problems I had was the window regulators broke. One just over 1 year, and the other after 1 1/2 years. Dont know why the passenger side broke. It almost never got used. The other problem was the dash computer cover broke from the heat in Florida. I could lay the back seats down, they never got used, and use the back are to sleep in. Wish I still had it!

  • great car - 1994 Ford Probe
    By -

    this is my second ford probe my first was a 1997 and had to get another one. the 1994 is much more economical and smaller. love it. great design, gas mileage, comfort, etc. all around a great car

  • No reading on odometer - 1995 Ford Probe
    By -

    bought new and was on the expressway and my son asked how fast we were going, keep in mind we just left the dealership, and I looked down and the odometer was not working. The fact is nothing on the dash was working at all.

  • A small, sporty car with a higher purpose - 1995 Ford Probe
    By -

    The 2nd Generation Ford Probe GT CAN BE a very fun car. Lets remember they are all in various states of repair, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. It pays to spend a little more for your 17 year old car. The Probe has a GT a revvy, V6s with the ability to push as hard into a corner as you would like. It isnt a Vette but 110 miles an hour is no sweat. Like a few other Fords of this generation (namely the SHO of which I have 2) It makes all its torque over 4,000 rpm. So getting on the freeway is somewhat interesting. Have your mechanic look at this car before you buy it. You WILL NOT REGRET IT! In spite of what teenagers have posted here, there IS A WAY to buy a used car of this age. #ijs

  • Class 1 Probe - 1990 Ford Probe
    By -

    Hello, I have a 1990 Ford Probe GL. While it may not be the fastest car out there it has been very dependable despite having 226,000 miles on it. The engine has never been rebuilt and runs strong! I wish it had more power under the hood but it runs well and is in excellent condition. I have seen only two other Probes on the road like mine and they were rough! so I feel it is a rather unique car and I love the "TNG" styling. (Trek talk) :)

  • 97 2 door probe gts - 1997 Ford Probe
    By -

    I got a great deal with this car. I never really heard of it until I bought it. My last car got smashed into when it was parked and got paid and rode to the store with someone and I saw this car with a $2500 price tag driving by. Of course we cut the guy off and then brought it. I didnt know what I was getting when I bought it. I had a fun problem when I first bought it is was a lot more power then I was used to so I was burning my tires all time. The guy before took great care of it and my mechanic told me it could almost pass as new and it had 135000 miles on it. I did run into some engine problem like it was over heating and stuff like that because hoses were old and stuff like that.

  • 1996 Ford Probe SE - 1996 Ford Probe
    By -

    My family has had this car for a few cars and it has been great! We have 216,000 miles on it! Its been a great car. No complaints!

  • Die Hard - 1990 Ford Probe
    By -

    My Probe is one of the few that everyone wants its a 1990 GT It has 200,000 gets 32mpg and still looks brand new and Ive been offered $5000 plus a vehicle for this car last year I love it and I have not seen another like it

  • Crappiest Car ever - 1994 Ford Probe
    By -

    I bought a 1994 Ford Probe the middle of last year and Im sorry to say but this is the worst car that I have ever seen. Within a month, I had to pay 1600 to get the transmission rebuilt. To this day, Ive paid at least over 2300 dollars in repairs and it still needs repairs done to it. Ive read the other reviews here about their probes and they were the lucky ones but I honestly will most likely never buy another Ford again because this one completely ruined it for me. The car was only owned by one other person and she had similar issues with it so i highly doubt its the age because she took care of it, fixed it when it needed to be.

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