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The Ford Expedition is a full-size sport-utility vehicle based on Ford's popular full-size pickup truck platform. With rear- or four-wheel drive and seating for as many as nine adults, the Expedition has long been on the short list of vehicle choices for full-size families as well as anyone who needs the combination of versatility and grunt provided by a large SUV.

Big, tall and heavy, the Ford Expedition is every inch a truck, its large body wrapped around a comfortable and spacious cabin. The latest generation of the Expedition doesn't feel as cumbersome to drive as its extravagant dimensions and hefty weight suggest, but you'll still be reminded of just how full-size the Expedition is at the gas pump. In many cases, a large crossover SUV would be a better new or used vehicle choice given the advantages in fuel economy, handling and comfort. And if you really need something big and tow-worthy, other traditional SUVs like the Chevy Suburban are also worth a look.

Current Ford Expedition
The current Ford Expedition is offered in two lengths -- standard and EL -- and three trim levels: XLT, Limited and King Ranch. The EL has a 12-inch longer wheelbase and nearly 15 inches of additional overall length. The biggest reasons to consider the EL are the massive cargo space behind the third-row seat (more than twice that of the standard Expedition) and the longer rear doors that ease entry into the third row.

All Expeditions are powered by a 5.4-liter V8 that produces 310 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. As with most full-size SUVs, the Expedition is offered with a choice of rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

The well-equipped XLT comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, air-conditioning, a power driver seat, power-adjustable pedals, a sliding and reclining 40/20/40-split second-row seat, Ford's voice-operated Sync system, Bluetooth and a six-speaker sound system with a CD player, satellite radio, an iPod/USB interface and rear audio controls. Limited highlights include 20-inch polished wheels, a rearview camera, a power liftgate and a leather-lined, truly luxurious interior. The King Ranch adds special two-tone paint, unique wheels, upgraded leather upholstery and wood accents. Options include a load-leveling rear suspension, navigation, heated and cooled seats and a rear-seat entertainment system.

The Ford Expedition features fold-flat second-row seats as well as available power-folding third-row seatbacks that together create a wide, flat cargo floor. Families with infants will appreciate the sliding center position of the second-row seat, which can bring a child in a safety seat up to 11 inches closer to the front-seat passengers.

In reviews we've found Ford's full-size SUV pleasant to drive for a big SUV thanks to precise steering and a comfortable ride quality. In most situations, the 5.4-liter V8 provides decent performance. Take on a full load of passengers and cargo or hitch up a large trailer, however, and the engine's weakness becomes all too apparent. Shoppers who expect to regularly fill the cabin with passengers and/or tow heavy loads might want to consider the Ford's few rivals, which offer more available power.

Used Ford Expedition Models
The current, third-generation Ford Expedition is the product of a major refresh conducted for 2007. However, whereas previous-generation Expeditions could hold up to nine passengers, the current generation holds only eight, due to standard front bucket seats. Changes have been minimal; the most notable occurred for 2009 when the Expedition got Ford's Sync multimedia voice control system, and the following year, when trailer sway control was added.

The second-generation Ford Expedition was introduced for the 2003 model year. Compared to the current generation, the styling was different and a less stiff chassis resided underneath. Ride and handling were not as good, and the standard automatic transmission had only four gears. There were also fewer available features, including three-row side curtain airbags. However, compared to its predecessor, this Expedition was a vast improvement -- specifically in regards to driving dynamics, thanks to its independent rear suspension. It was also the first SUV to offer power fold-into-the-floor rear seats, a feature that its General Motors rivals wouldn't receive for more than a decade.

Engines for this second-generation model consisted of a 232-hp 4.6-liter V8 and a 260-hp 5.4-liter V8. For 2005, Ford dropped the smaller engine and increased the 5.4-liter V8's output to 300 hp. The model line eventually proliferated from four trim levels at its debut (including an off-road version called FX4) to six for 2006, including the opulent, western-themed King Ranch edition. Safety-minded shoppers should know that all years of this generation came with stability control, with tire-pressure monitors becoming available with the 2004 models.

In reviews, we thought this Expedition competed favorably with its contemporary competitors from General Motors, Nissan and Toyota. If there was one area of contention -- especially in pre-'05 models -- it was a lack of muscle. On the whole, though, this edition of Ford's big SUV provided solid handling for a vehicle of its size. It still felt like a big SUV, but the steering was decently weighted and body roll was well controlled around turns. The ride could be a tad harsh on rough roads, but overall, it was a comfortable cruiser.

Launched for the 1997 model year, the original Ford Expedition was met with heaps of praise. Its dimensions fell between those of the short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase versions of the GM sport-utilities at the time, enabling it to both accommodate a third-row seat and fit inside a normal garage, albeit tightly. With a front bench seat, it could carry up to nine passengers.

The first-generation Ford Expedition came in just two trim levels: XLT and the more luxurious, two-tone Eddie Bauer. Both featured interior architecture that was nearly identical to the F-Series pickup, which offered good ergonomics but was rendered in lamentable materials. Its 215-hp 4.6-liter and 230-hp 5.4-liter V8 engines also could not keep up with the stronger motors from its primary competitors, a deficiency that was addressed in 1999 with a horsepower bump for both engines, of 25 and 30, respectively.

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  • Materials matter - 2014 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I owned a 2004 expedition (Eddie Bauer). I started having engine problems so very reluctantly I traded it in on a 2014 expedition. Now I wished I couldve kept it. The materials used in the seats, the trim and the carpet is soooo cheap. My seats already have a worn pattern. The trim around 3 doors is coming off and my rear heat doesnt work. I am very disappointed. I absolutely loved my truck before and loved the way it drove. The 2014 drives well but as I said, "material matters".

  • Beware! - 2015 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I have been driving Ford vehicles for 25 years. My 2015 Ford Expedition King Ranch is perfect in every way, except one of the most critical....the windshield. The windshield cracked just 1 month after I purchased the vehicle and has been cracked for more than 3 months now. Apparently, Ford is unable to obtain replacement windshields for Expeditions with rain sensors. I paid more than 60k for this Expedition and it has been totally useless for 3 months. The rain sensing windshields are certainly a convenience but I would advise consumers against this upgrade until Ford is able to produce replacement parts.

  • 2nd engine going with less than 90,000 miles - 2008 Ford Expedition
    By -

    Bought our 2008 limited Expedition in 2011 with 36,000 miles. First engine blew up at 40,000 miles. I will give our dealer and Ford a lot of credit as they replaced it free of cost to us with a supposed 100,000 mile warranty on the new motor. Well come to find out, our "new" motor was actually a rebuilt one. Who knows how many miles are actually one it. And now with our Expedition just coming up on 87.000 miles (only 47,000 on the "new" motor) we are having serious issue. Had it in to the dealer a couple of weeks ago and the replaced coils, plugs, fuel filters, etc... saying that they took all of that off the old motor and put on the new one so it was simply time to replace. Now a couple of weeks later wife notices check engine light on and takes it back to the dealer. Now it is all the sensors on the engine going out. Dealer wants another $1000 to fix that stating its not covered under the warranty on the "new" motor because they are parts you put on the engine. Now keep in mind this dealership has done all recommended regular maintenance like clockwork because i didnt want them to ever have any excuse not to cover the warranty. A lot of good that seems to have done. I also have to mention that at this point i have replace the air compressor for the air ride not once but twice at about $1200 each time. Cant forget the driver side window and passenger side too, at about $500 each. Have always been a Ford guy but this is getting crazy. I have the same paint issue too that have seen multiple complaints about too. Bubbling paint on the front of the hood and tailgate. We bought the expedition because of all the great reviews we saw and the amount of miles people were getting out of them but apparently we didnt look hard enough. Now that i have done a lot of research specifically about engine issue I see it is a very common problem that these motors blow on people. Ours went earlier than most, but still far to common of a problem for Ford to ignore. Wish I could recommend this vehicle to others but if i had to do it again I would run from it.

  • Good car, but if you can buy a Navigator or go GM - 2011 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I bought my Expedition with high hopes, big engine, nice looks, and some high-end equipment, and for $56,000 I couldnt beat it. After dealing with the tedious process of negotiating I left the lot with my new car. Emidiatly I noticed that the steering felt quiet numb, I mean its a truck, I didnt expect sporty, but I was hoping for some feel. My other major dislike about this car is that the interior quality isnt the greatest, uneven gaps, poor materials, and hard surfaces, some thing I wasnt expecting for almost 60k. Overal, Ive put almost 90,000 miles on my Expedition, and the resale is looking good, and it still feels put together. If your in the market for a full-size SUV, I say look at it, but much more recommend the Lincoln Navigator, GMC Youkon, or the Chevy Tahoe or Suburban.

  • 19 yr & still trucking strong - 1997 Ford Expedition
    By -

    This has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned plus the most economical overall when you consider purchase price over 19 yr with no repairs other than maintenance. The only expense has been fuel, regular oil changes, tires, air filters, brake pads, battery, and replacement of one broken suspension arm. This SUV has gone in deep snow when my other truck ( GMC) wouldnt. I no longer need to transport heavy or bulky loads but I hate to sell this reliable friend so I plan to continue to see how many more years shell go. Ill trade only if I can get a 20 yr. guarantee on a new SUV.

  • Im Jappy - 2003 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I bought a 2003 with 70,000 on it in 2014. I was going to get a brand new vehicle but this was to good of a deal to pass up because it was a 1 owner vehicle and was literally in new condition. I hadnt had the vehicle for 2 weeks when a drunk driver rear ended me while I was sitting at a red light with my 3 year old and 10 year old kids in the car. Drunk was doing 45mph and the impact was tremendous. He was driving a full size Chevy truck and it was completely totaled. Expedition had 1000 dollars in damage. Not only was I amazed but the police and firefighters couldnt believe it. This thing is a tank! Mpg is awful but I knew this before I bought it so no surprise there. It rides good and no problems at all. I did change the serpentine belt just as a precaution due to its age. Im very happy with this vehicle and the 3rd row seats that fold into the floor are a huge plus.

  • Air conditioned seat - NO! Frozen butt - YES - 2015 Ford Expedition
    By -

    This is my 3rd Expedition and my second with air conditioned seats, well supposedly AC seats. My previous one cooled your back along with your bottom and it was heavenly during the hot Florida summers. This new one only cools your bottom and does nothing for your back, both front seats are this way. In fact if you leave it on longer thinking that it will eventually get the back cold, it gets way too cold on the bottom, never reaches your back and you have to turn it off because it gets so uncomfortable. I have complained to Ford and had it back to the dealer twice but they are telling me that the "seats are functioning as designed." I say it is a design failure then! I didnt pay for AC seats just to get my butt frozen. EXTREAMLY disappointed in this 2105 design flaw.

  • 2015 Limited Expedition - 2015 Ford Expedition
    By -

    This is my 3 rd Expedition. Previous two were both turned in at 200,000 miles with great reliability and no problems. So I went with another and I am extremely happy with the car. It has been on 2 trips 2 3 hr. drives and a 8 hr. drive to the Fla. Keys. Six passengers and luggage on the roof and the ride and mileage was still good. Gas mileage is great and the ride is quiet. The glove box and the fog lights are my only complaints. Fogs are dim and getting stuff out of the center box is hard and tight. Those being the only 2 is good. Ford could have done a better job with interior materials i.e. more leather. Seats are comfortable, ride is tight , quiet and smooth. Look into the Limited. It offers more features than XLT and a better ride on 20 inch tires compared to 18" The car is much faster than you think with the 3.5 V 6. I eco drive it when I drive and get exceptional mileage at around 45 to 50 mpg. I looked and compared it to other SUVs and came back to the Ford. Hope this was helpful.

  • Cherry King Ranch - 2006 Ford Expedition
    By -

    Bought in July 15 with 83,500 miles. Ive put 1250 miles on it. Nothing too bad to report. I figured with its age mpg would be a bit below the 14 city/18 highway mileage rating when new. City is right on. Highway its doing a bit better, around 19.5 mpg. Its smoother and quieter on the highway than I thought it would be, even with the Firestone Destination ATs I put on to replace the Continental Contitrac TRs that it came with. All the electronics and bells and whistles work fine. The only negative is that 2006 still suffers from paint bubbling on the front edge of the aluminum hood. Im told this is from a bit of iron corrupting the metal and the paint pops. Doesnt really rust, the paint just bubbles. It may also happen on the lift gate. Not much to do about it but touch up here and there before taking in for a fix. I understand this may be common on early 2000s Expys. As for me I can live with it. Thats the only negative I found so far. Im expecting a few years of good service from the vehicle.

  • Engine Lemon - 2007 Ford Expedition
    By -

    I have never in my 36 years of driving had to replace an engine before. Now, I am currently on my second engine, and getting ready for the third, all before I hit 120K miles. How can these engines go bad that fast??? The first one died at 88K miles (after the warranty expired of course!!!), and the new engine (granted it was rebuilt) died within 30K miles. It is currently in the shop waiting on the third engine. When you pay so much for a car you tend to expect reliability. How reliable can a car be when it is fine one minute, and has an engine crash the second? Now that it is in the shop I will be without a car for 4 to 6 weeks. The last time this happened I actually missed my fathers funeral because the car was in the shop and the replacement car was unable to make the trip when the weather turned bad. The main reason I have this car is because of the snow, and the fact that it moves many people at one time, but when you cant use it then those points are moot.

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