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There's always been much more to Ferraris than just phenomenal performance -- their styling, exclusivity and sheer presence all play a part in their allure. Since the 1970s, Ferrari's line of midengine V8-powered sports cars has provided the most "affordable" means of accessing this mystique, though some of these cars have been more successful than others. While most offered a level of performance that few cars could match, more recent years have ushered in new competition, which effectively addressed the Ferrari's weaknesses while improving upon its strengths. The famous sports-car maker from Maranello answered with the Ferrari F430 coupe and Spider convertible.

The car's basic shape was similar to its 360 Modena predecessor, but was edgier and adopted design cues from its Enzo supercar contemporary. Thanks to a lightweight space frame draped with aluminum body panels, the F430 weighed in at a lean 3,200 pounds. The heart of the F430's improvements, though, was found in its drivetrain. For all to see underneath a clear rear hatch was a redesigned 90-degree V8, accompanied by a newer version of the "F1" sequential-shift manual transmission. It shifted more smoothly in everyday driving situations while still allowing super-quick upshifts and perfect rev-matched downshifts at the pull of a paddle.

Given that the F430's price easily broke the $200,000 barrier, it was understandably difficult for many people to consider this Ferrari as an "entry-level" machine. Even for the well-heeled, the F430's cost may have seemed a little excessive considering that similar-era cars like the Corvette Z06 or the Porsche 911 Turbo offered similar (or better) performance for considerably less money. But there's no denying that the Ferrari F430 was an exceptional sports car by every measure. In terms of performance, it had but a handful of equals and even fewer superiors. It won't be mistaken for anything but a Ferrari, and will no doubt bring thoroughly satisfying ownership to the fortunate few able to afford one.

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The Ferrari F430 debuted for 2005 as a coupe or Spider convertible. Production lasted through 2009.

Despite its performance orientation, most modern conveniences came standard -- including keyless entry, auto-dimming mirrors, automatic dual-zone climate control and MP3-capable audio. The F430's standard 19-inch wheels wore different sizes of rubber front-to-rear for enhanced stickiness. The F430 could also be customized through a long list of options, including competition wheels, racing seats, carbon-fiber interior trim, fitted luggage, and special paint and leather colors.

The Ferrari F430 derived its power from a midmounted 4.3-liter V8 engine. Its 483 horsepower and 343 pound-feet of torque was sent to the rear wheels through either a traditional six-speed manual or Ferrari's electrohydraulic F1-style transmission controlled by paddle shifters. The F430 also had an electronically controlled "E-diff" rear differential that helped to improve acceleration and vehicle balance. At full gallop, the F430 hit 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds and topped out just shy of 200 mph. Reining all this in were antilock brakes and driver-adjustable traction and stability controls.

A higher-performing variant called the 430 Scuderia was also offered for 2008 and 2009. Numerous track-ready parts like carbon-fiber body panels and interior elements were added, while many other items deemed non-essential were eliminated. The Scuderia weighed a significant 450 pounds less than the normal F430 and power was increased to 503 hp.

In contrast to older Ferrari models, the F430's cockpit was relatively comfortable for drivers of all kinds. The Spider's top was fully automatic, and could be lowered in about 20 seconds. Its rear window was made of plastic, however, which detracted slightly from the car's premium status.

Regardless, the F430 is a true exotic offering maximum driving thrills. Rocketing up to cruising speed is a gut-wrenching affair, and the V8's substantial power creates a shrieking wail that might be considered offensive or melodic, depending on context. Passing slower traffic is absurdly easy, and its superbly engineered steering and suspension connects the driver to the road in a manner few other cars of its time can match.

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  • One of the best cars I have ever driven! - 2006 Ferrari F430
    By -

    This car is awesome. Its my 1st year owning it and I have to tell you there is nothing that can compare to this ferrari. Just the name and model says it all!

  • Fun!Fun!Fun! - 2007 Ferrari F430
    By -

    Unlike some of the other reviews I see I actually own an F430.The thrill of walking out into the garage and looking at my car and knowing that I can start it up and drive it whenever I want cannot be overemphasized.The car is so much fun to drive I can easily overlook the flaws (mainly the cost of everything).I cant go anywhere without being asked about it or having myself photographed.The way it drives around corners is always exciting and the top end is also quite exciting.I know mine goes at least 170 with the limiting factor being the driver not the car.The gas mileage has surprised me getting 17.9 on the last trip I took or 6321 miles.No mechanical issues , no overheating , no plug problems, heck, no problems at all.This is without a doubt the most fun of any car I have driven, well the 458 drives better but I dont own one.I have 14 cars right now with one a drag car that runs in the mid 9s but my F430 brings a smile to my face and anyone I take with me every time I get into it.

  • Get the Rock Star Treatment - 2006 Ferrari F430
    By -

    Its a fantastic vehicle, all you can possibly imagine. While a few tenths of a second off the 0-60 pace of a Corvette Z06 or a Nissan GT-R, those cars dont get the looks or attention this car gets. A Porsche 911 Turbo is almost invisible next to this Ferrari. It has the F1 transmission, but be WARNED, its not reliable. The entire transmission had to be replaced under warranty at 3K miles. The OEM optional Blaupunkt Hi-powered stereo just croaked at 5K miles (not covered by warranty), even though it had barely been used the past 12 months (engine sound was too intoxicating to listen to the radio for more than 5 minutes) and was never played at more than low volume in the driveway.

  • F1 Ferrari F430 - 2006 Ferrari F430
    By -

    Have owned 50-60 autos in my lifetime many of the higher end types. The F430 beats them all, hands down. This car has it all style, presence, speed, quickness, a wonderful, yet sporty ride and a great (F1) tranny. It is the best overall balance of sporting and stylistic ride and handling I have ever owned. It costs more than many houses, but if you love to drive, and appreciate fine automobiles, this is the top of the heap. The sound of the car, either at idle or WOT, will sell you on it, even if nothing else does! Do it if you wont be disappointed.

  • not worth it - 2007 Ferrari F430
    By -

    With the high price that consumers pay, you would expect the parts to last longer than the cheapest made vehicle out there in public. These engine, brake, electric parts are cheaply made. It reminds me of the cheap made Volkswagen car that my son use to drive. Last, what a crap stereo sound system it has.

  • Amazing Spider Tricks - 2005 Ferrari F430
    By -

    This vehicle is amazing, fast, sleek, responsive, quick, it turns every head, you will not want to get out of it. I went from a 360 Modena to the F-430 F-1 and noticed a world of change its like night and day. Youve got to drive this vehicle to see what I mean.

  • Dream come true - 2007 Ferrari F430
    By -

    Waited 3 years for this car, as I put a deposit for a 360 which was later discontinued to make room for the F430. It was well worth the wait! This car really lives up to the Ferrari reputation. The design, performance and overall driving experience is amazing. Very easy to drive in heavy traffic as well, but when the road opens up is when you are treated to what this car is all about. Best car Ive ever driven. Past cars. MB SL 55 MB CLK 55 Porsche Boxster S Porsche Cayenne Turbo Maserati GrandSport MC Victory (current) Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT (current).

  • Ferrari 430 Spyder Coupe - 2006 Ferrari F430
    By -

    This car is good. Its very fast, agile, cool looking, and makes me as popular as a 17 year old. I purchased it in North Carolina.

  • WOW! - 2006 Ferrari F430
    By -

    I love my F430 Spider. It is by far the best Ferrari Ive ever driven and owned. It is as smooth as a luxury car and handles like its on railroad tracks. When you drive this car at full pedal to the metal the sound is out of this world. The best feature: no more timing belt and valve ajustments services. Im going for another ride, caio!

  • F430 Spider F1 - 2006 Ferrari F430
    By -

    After I had experienced the Ferrari Testarossa in 1999 I also purchased the Maserati Spider 2002 as a companion. Then one day I noticed the F430 in the lot at the dealer while picking up the Maserati after service. I fell in love with this new Ferrari car. I had to go and purchased it the following week and I have no regrets since. It is a blast of fun, expecially when driving thru a tunnel, the experience and feeling is the same as if I was driving a Formula One. The shifting of gears is so quick and the engine responds immediately, the noise is phenomenal. The acceleration is exhilarating. This is the best car in my stable.

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