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  • a great car, beats ever new model of other makes - 1997 Eagle Vision
    By -

    easily one of the best cars i ever owned. wish that they were still being made. i would own a new one now. got 32 to 34 mpg on the open high way. great car.

  • nice - 1994 Eagle Vision
    By -

    i dont know whats wrong with all these other peoples cars. maybe they just have bad luck or i got the best one out of the bunch. i bought the car back in 01 with about 90000 miles on it previous owner said no problem with it and as far as i can see he was honst because ive had this car and have to do no major repairs just the minor keep ups. i actually love this car so much i went ahead and put alloy rims on it a sunroof on it and i put wood grain all through interior of car. its now 2010 it has 144000 miles on it and its still running nice!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  • BEST CAR EVER MADE IN THE USA - 1997 Eagle Vision
    By -

    I can say that these cars are Fantastic! The 3.5L Makes this car really get up and go! The mileage Is about 25 mpg, And parts for these vehicles are very Inexpensive, It is to bad they do not make them Any more. THE BEST VEHICLE EVER MADE IN USA!!!

  • Best of the LH sedans - 1993 Eagle Vision
    By -

    I owned this car from 1998 until 2005. The 1993 model TSi had the stiffest suspension of any LH sedan and was actually de-tuned the following year because most drivers found it too stiff. The Eagle was designed to be the "sport" model vs the Intrepid and Concorde. My TSi could corner better than my 1984 Toyota Supra. It was the best car I ever owned. It was a combination sports sedan, luxury sedan and family sedan. The fully loaded model had absolutely everything cars twice the price had like the trip computer. These LH sedans saved Chrysler at the time because they were incredibly reliable and multi- functional. You could drive your kids to school safely and take a corner like a sports car.

  • Fast Luxury - 1996 Eagle Vision
    By -

    For 13 years, this car has been reliable and extremely fun to drive.

  • just keeps on kicking - 1995 Eagle Vision
    By -

    I bought this car from a friend a couple of years back and now it is over 175,000 miles and just wont quit. The a/c is dead and the clips to the windshield wipers fluids tubers are broke, cant replace these either but it always starts no matter the weather and kicks snow out of the way better than most trucks I have driven ( 2 foot snow drifts? this car laughed at them). The check engine light also goes on for no reason. Have had it on the computer half dozen times without any problems. Get up and go is great, passes other vehicles easily. Oh and if your taller than 57" your going to hit your head almost every time getting into this pretty little car. I love my purple beast.

  • awesome car - 1994 Eagle Vision
    By -

    This has been an awesome car. I had the vehicle oiled 5 times and it still has maintained a rust free vehicle with now just over 172000 kms. I plan on getting it repainted as the exterior clear coat has given way. Garage kept and well oiled this vehicle has given pretty much great driving with 2 new batteries since I took ownership. The engine, 3.5 litre is one of the best, giving quick acceleration and great highway performance when required. I used to burn premium gas but now it seems to run well just on regular. Good trunk room, great leather interior and a modern look keep this car in my garage. I almost bought another one when I saw it going for peanuts on ebay. A great car.

  • It wont die - 1995 Eagle Vision
    By -

    I bought this car from a friend about 3 years ago, it is now turning 175,000 miles and it just wont die, actually getting tired of hitting my head getting into the car as I am all of 5,9". Love the hide away cup holders and mystic purple color. Things not so great, a/c is dead, clips that hold the windshield wipers lines in place broke and cant replace as they dont make this car anymore. In 3 years I have replaced the belts, spark plugs and the oil. That is about it. Oh and for winter driving. I can plow through 2 foot snow drifts and thankfully not get stuck.

  • happy driver - 1996 Eagle Vision
    By -

    12 years ago, I bought this car for my wifes birthday. Now, I drive it to work. My 83 mile commute is a blast. Even though the car has 162000 miles on it, it still gets up to 90 when I pass. I have only spent about 1000 in parts over the past 5 years. My total cost per mile is about $0.17 over the lifetime of the car. It still gets 27 miles per gallon. I could not be happier with this vehicle.

  • That is wrong who ever made them - 1993 Eagle Vision
    By -

    Who ever made the Eagle Visions just put it together thats probably why they didnt make any more. Come on now you can do better than that everything just falls apart on it and its not cause its 14 years old either Ive seen better from other cars

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