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  • A great basic car - 1992 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    The best car I have owned. I do the maitenance myself and has been extremely reliable( 2.5 engine w/ 3spd auto).. It is easy and cheap to work on. Unfortunately, having been through 24 winters, the underside is starting to fall apart but the sheet metal above still looks good. I have no complaints with my Spirit.

  • Perfect First Car! - 1992 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    I got this car a little over a year and a half ago, and It had just over 100,000 miles on it. Ive put on about 20,000 miles since then, and I havent had any major issues. Of course, since it is not 10 years old, a lot of the parts are giving out because of age, but other than that, it runs great. I have a V6 Automatic, so I dont have the best gas mileage. If I wasnt looking for a car with better gas mileage, I would continue to drive this car til it gave out (which Im sure it could go another 5-6 years easily.) It is true, TAKE CARE of your car and it will take care of you! Since Ive done that, the problems have been minimal! Love my dodge!

  • Best first car - 1990 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    I have owned the car for a while now and it has been great to me. when you have a light foot, you can get 25 mpg in the city and over 35 mpg on the highway. the 2.5 is a great little motor. only have a 3 speed auto. ac still works and blows 50 degree air into the car. it also has a great ride to it. it irons out a lot of the bumps on the road. i am 6 foot 1 and i can fit any where and be comfortable, even with the front seats as far back as possible and sitting in the back. the big trunk in it is also great to have because i always carry around my tools and i still have a lot of space to fit a kart full of groceries in it at the same time.

  • The Best Piece of Crap Ever - 1992 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    Drove the hell out of this car (I got it when I was 16, now Im 23). Gone 120 on the highway, hill hopping, off roading, trash can bowling, and even hit a deer going at a decent speed. Took out a mailbox going 45 and only left a small indent in the bummer. Spend my late teens burning out a lot. The tranny has held together like a champ, I do rust through tail pipes once every 1.5 years though. You do have to watch the oil closely this thing Burns oil like it is gas. Got it at 150,000 miles and drove for another 60k. This glorious dump just keeps running. If you are looking for a cheap beater get a v6 model with low miles and then get on down the road, you wont regret it.

  • Solidly Built and Reliable - 1991 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    I bought this car because my 01 Stratus was totaled over the winter. It had 110,700 miles on it at purchase, and now has 113,000. This car handles freeway speeds of 75-80 mph with no problems, and I use the freeway 3 or more times a week traveling between 20 and 30 mile distances one way. The power seats are comfortable and all the controls are simple and within reach. Im 64 and the leg room is ample enough for comfort. I would recommend the Spirit to anybody needing affordable, reliable transportation.

  • Great Value - 1993 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    93 Spirit, 2.5L, Gold Package. Excellent value and performance. Purchased new and after 191K miles car is reliable. Maintenance cost/mile less than 4 cents. Routinely serviced, particularly transmission. No problems. Dont recommend the 3.0L engine - had that on a 88 Ply mini van and had engine and trany issues. Same trany on the spirit and no problems. Offers 6 seat belts and more leg room than some larger more expensive cars. Biggest expense was a brake proportioning valve failure. Engine, AC, trany, power steering pump fine. Replaced alternator and water pump twice. 2.5L has a timing belt which had to be replaced 3xs per mfg recommendation. Power okay.

  • Decent car for money - 1994 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    Hard to find a more rounded car for the $$. I own a 91 Plymouth Acclaim and a 94 Spririt. They have the usual issues around 100k such as the head gasket and the paint on the 94 (white) is flaking off. I get 22mpg average which is not too bad. The local salvage yard is full of these cars so parts are almost free. The car has a surprising amount of room and decent build quality. Ive had both cars head gaskets replaced around 90k. I bought a rebuilt head for the 94 for <200.00. The ignition switch broke in both cars but is a really easy fix. I found a car at the salvage yard with a new switch and keys in it. Slapped it in and off I went. I keep spares on hand from salvaged cars.

  • I had a good experience - 1991 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    I got my Dodge Spirit around 2003-04. It had the 2.5L engine which had decent pickup and was fairly good on gas. The seat had good back support and the interior was easy to navigate. The car was easy to drive and was absolutely superior on snow and ice to any comparable car that I have ever driven. I believe this is due to the weight and shape. I never had a problem with the car until I decided to race it super hard one night, allowing the RPMs to be very high for an extended period of time. This blew the cylnder head. If I had not done that, I would probably still be driving it today. I thoroughly enjoyed owning this car. I blew it up with about 130k miles.

  • Solid American Vehicle - 1991 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    The drive and appearance of this vehicle are unremarkable. It may leak oil on your driveway but you will not kill this car. Despite being able to find parts in salvage yards the only known cause of death I can attest to has been by demolition derby. The best part is she won.

  • I wish they were all made like this. - 1994 Dodge Spirit
    By -

    These cars are like Wonkas everlasting gob stopper. Once you work the original kinks out, the cars last forever. Stay on top of the maintenance and it will be there for you. Mine has been broad sided and brought back from the brink of death. It still gets over 25 mpg hwy. Great car.

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