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  • Worthwhile - 2000 Chevrolet Metro
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    Bought this car used in 2008 with 61K miles. Inspection sticker was from 2003 it hadnt been driven that time. Rusty underneath, but other than that, very fine. Took it off the road for 6 months due to heavy potholes cost $700 to repair due to being idle. Took tough city streets to work and needed a new rack and pinion ($700). A/C compressor went a year ago, due to having to constantly use the A/C - even in the winter - to get the windshield and side windows defrosted. Other than that, this is a great car and still depended on. You feel the bumps but thats because its a subcompact. Now at 100k miles. Gas mileage about 20 local / 30 highway w/ reg gas w/ auto transmission.

  • Im a Metro Maniac and proud of it! - 1998 Chevrolet Metro
    By -

    LOVE this little bugger! It is an automatic and has enough pep to move out when needed, though no pocket rocket. Mileage averages in the mid-30 MPG range... on par with many new small cars. Could use an overdrive gear, but hey, for $3500 with 50,000 original well-cared-for miles... Im thrilled! No car payments... easy to work on... fun to drive... great fuel economy... and lots of room. Wish they still made these! Wouldnt trade it for a new Fiesta, Mazda 2, Smart, IQ, or Spark or anything else I can think of. Cmon GM... bring back the METRO!!!!

  • Amazing Little Car - 2000 Chevrolet Metro
    By -

    I bought this after my 66 mustang got wrecked I wanted something that was cheap on gas so I got this lil Metro hatchback. I got it for $1,900 with 197+ miles. Put new tires on it for 150$ and replaced the EGR valve that was throwing a code and did a basic tune up on it, plugs,wires,filters and sea-foamed it. Runs perfect. I took it on a vacation trip from Reno to Crescent City ca. I was doing 75 the whole way with my boyfriend and 110 German shepherd and 2 duffel bags of stuff. I was getting 50 mpg when I ran Lucas injector cleaner in the gas tank. Comfy seats surprisingly

  • Best and first car - 2000 Chevrolet Metro
    By -

    I got into a wreck with my 2000 chevy metro the 6th week I owned her. I was driving down a dirt road and hit a deer going around a corner my metro spun and hit the deer twice. Once up front, once in the back. I spun again and tilted onto my driver side and slid 50ft into the woods and hit TWO trees. When she stood upright my only damage was on my drivers side (Needed new doors which were fixed for $300) I came out of that wreck alive because of how GOOD the Chevy Metro was built. I would recommend this car to any parents looking for a car of their child. A pretty inexpensive car to fix and buy. (Mine was an automatic not a 5 speed but they dont have that option)

  • chevy-- bring back the metro - 2001 Chevrolet Metro
    By -

    when it was around it got the best gas mileage and a superior epa rating. i still drive my 2001 chevy metro but wish they had made the hatchback in their last year. the 3 cylinder engine gave me 48 mpg- my current sedan is 37mpg. bring back the metro. make it even smaller with a choice of electric or 3 cylinder gas engine. make it bare bones and affordable for students and the working poor caregivers like me. make a hatchback and a micro mini van version.

  • Just a fun little car! - 1998 Chevrolet Metro
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    I got this car when i turned 18 and im now 22 years old i had 90 thousand miles on it then and it now has 150 thousands miles on it i had to replace an alternater and a starter but nothing seroius very well build car no major problems and i dont regret it at all.this car had been threw hell and back but somehow its still runs as if it was brand new.what can i say? well its damn good car thats what i can say!

  • Good economical & reliable ride - 1998 Chevrolet Metro
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    I have had my 98 Chevy Metro, automatic transmission, for 12 years. Over the 12 years I have amassed over 180,000 miles. It has been an absolutely reliable, fuel efficient, and extremely durable used car. Aside from replacing the transmission and regular maintenance, I have had to do nothing major to this vehicle. The ride is not spectacular. There is a lot of road noise. It came with a standard AM/FM radio and manual windows and door locks. Quinn hit, the body damage can be extensive because its not solidly built. It crumbles like tinfoil.

  • Great car - 2000 Chevrolet Metro
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    For around town perfect car, has new struts, exhaust, paint job, timing belt, AC works great. Car has held up exceptionally well and over 10 years old now. Would not trade it in or sell it for any other car made for what I use it for.

  • Love this car! - 2000 Chevrolet Metro
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    Bought this car new and have been driving for 10 years. This is the most trouble free car I have ever owned. The only thing that has failed on this car has been the a/c compressor at 80k miles. That is using the a/c every day summer and winter since I bought it. Ive done regular maintenance and this thing just drives forever. I get 45 mpg and the insurance is really low. Ive got 124,000 miles and still runs great!

  • Grasshoper - 2001 Chevrolet Metro
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    What would I do without my metro? I drive 25 miles one way to community college everyday sometimes having to go twice or three times a day because of my classes. I bought this car with only 65,000 miles on it and I now have 105,00. It has definitely done me well. I mostly only drive highway and it gets an astonishing 37 mpg. It has some get up and go because of how light it is but it lacking some power when going uphill. Ive had no Major issues with this car since ownership. It has been absolutely great!

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