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  • Love my Allante - 1992 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    You will have to spend $2,000.00 on the ABS braking system by Bosch if it goes out. The top is not fully electric which is crazy-a 57 Eldorado had a fully electric top! That said, this is the best driving and handling car I ever had. I have driven Porsche, Corvette,Bentley-you name it and this one beats them all. Handles like a champ and accelerates quickly. My 25 year old Caddy can still compare favorably with the new 600 horsepower beasts on the road. This is my second Allante as I donated my first one when even the dealer couldnt fix the ABS.

  • Hot Rod Cadillac - The Northstar Allante was the 1st Cadillac V Model - 1993 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    I was looking for a more comfortable weekend getaway car to replace my 1966 Corvette roadster. I bought a low mileage 1993 Northstar Florida car with a hardtop. This car is fun to drive!! It handles very well, has a comfortable ride and seats, accelerates with authority (matches a 1973 454 Corvette in the quarter mile and has a higher top speed -144 MPH) and gets decent fuel economy (24 -25 MPG highway). The exhaust note is subdued at part throttle and throaty when you get on it. The 295 HP DOHC V8 is torquey and revs aggressively to its 6500 RPM shift points. The trunk is huge, theres a large interior storage area, fine leather, power everything and a nice sounding audio system.

  • new owner of 93 nstar - 1993 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    Just joined in on the fun with everyone. Please will some one out there take moment to console me on HOW to properly work the convert top, at the moment I fold down I hear this horrible click noise that drives you crazy and the back rim bar gets stuck on the rear hook ? I think I need to fold top up close together before I drop down Help Thanks to all, otherwise just love my PININ

  • So far ... So Good - 1991 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    I picked up a red ’91 Allante 1 month ago. Beautiful vehicle! Tranny slips but I knew that going in. Simply going thru the gears manually solves this issue. The exterior is stunning without being gaudy and the car still turns heads at stop signs/lights and parking lots. Driving it sparingly over the last few weeks, I find the car accelerates much better than expected but subsequently delivers less MPG than I had anticipated. I am loving this Allante!

  • 1993 Allante Its like a bad drug! - 1993 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    Have had mine since Jan/2001. I knew the 93 was special w/the Northstar system. It has always been a pleasure to drive...and I drive hard and agressive and the car takes it all and askes for more. Power, handeling matches a Corvette. Styling is and always will be timeless, thanks to Pinnin Farina. I am amazed how cheaply theyre selling for these days. As much of a headache this car is, Id have sellers remorse if I got rid of it. But the cost & frequency of repair has exceeded the amount I paid for this car. Quirks abound! Yet this car will get very collectible at some point. Just dont know when. But its a Caddy w/Italian styling, power and it IS a roadster!

  • Oh how I love this car! - 1993 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    I ordered a brand new black 1990 and loved it! thought I would order a 1994 but when I learned "93" would be the last year I ordered the "Pearl Red" just like the Indy Pace car. I am a female that is a car nut. I wash my cars by hand and do excellent preventative maintenance on them. I have a second car for the last 10 years which has saved mileage on my "93". I have virtually no problems except the CD player no longer plays and a problem when I lock it from the inside passenger door upon re-entry with the key the alarm goes off so I get out and lock it and unlock using the key.

  • My Favorite Thing - 1993 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    It is like a magic carpet ride. Performance is more than adequate and you will get many positive comments about its styling. With the current depressed pricing for this car, it is an excellent value for an occasionally used second or third car.

  • Great bang for buck - 1991 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    Love this car because it rides like a cadillac,has a hugh trunk and not bad on gas.Its the 1st convertible i owned that i feel really good behind the wheel, not all crammed in a little box.Great bang for the buck

  • 1993 Cadillac Allante - 1993 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    The 1993 Allante is the finest car Cadillac has ever built. It is too bad they didnt keep the line going. The XLR is a nice care, but doesnt compare to the Allante. Cadillac build some prototypes of the 1994, which had a fully powered metal roof, similar to the XLR. The quality of the interior and the exterior is unmatched by "normal" American cars. The only negative for the car is the semi-manual convertible top, however if you put it up and down a lot, it gets simpler and easier. I have been asked several times while stopped at traffic lights- what is it and how much do I want for it. It is a real head turner.

  • Extremely Comfortable Road Car - 1993 Cadillac Allante
    By -

    When I first bought my Allante from the original owner it was strictly for the beauty. Cadillac has one of the best Pearl White paints on any vehicle. I was absolutely surprised at how smooth it was over the previous Allantes without the 295HP Northstar engine. The handling and the performance is unmatched. Its truly ashamed that just when Cadilac finally got it right, the Allante was done. I personally see it as a world class automobile, like the Mercedes SL and anything from Lexus or Infinity. Given more time, and with the Northstar engine, the Allante would have found its true audience! But I am seriouly happy to own this piece of automotive history!

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