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Thanks to a powerful engine, communicative steering and sharp handling, the M editions of BMW's Z3/Z4-based roadsters and coupes have long been among our favorite tools for tackling serpentine roads. The BMW Z4 M was the most recent of the breed and without a doubt the most well-balanced and well-engineered.

The Z4 M was only produced for a couple years, as BMW phased it out with the debut of the newest, second-generation Z4. Not too many Z4 Ms were sold, so it should make for a rare and appealing sports car purchase.

Most Recent BMW Z4 M
The most recent BMW Z4 M was produced from 2006-'08. This Z4-based sports car was available as a convertible two-seat roadster or a two-seat hatchback.

Power came from a 3.2-liter inline-6 that delivered 330 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. BMW's M division stuck with a "back to basics" approach, forgoing some of the Z4's features like the SMG automanual transmissions and active steering in favor of a slick-shifting six-speed manual and hydraulic steering system.

There were other performance-minded upgrades as well, such as a sport-tuned suspension, a limited-slip rear differential and more powerful brakes. Inside, there was a meaty, small-diameter steering wheel, sport seats and special gauges. The coupe's fastback roof line concealed 10.7 cubic feet of cargo space under its hatch. The roadster held a decent 7.1 cubic feet with its soft top lowered.

In reviews of the BMW Z4 M, we found that its modus operandi was immediacy: quick steering, instant brakes, direct throttle response and a caffeinated ride. It felt like the Z4 the BMW engineers and test-drivers had originally intended to build before the focus groups electrified its steering, softened its edges and slowed its reflexes to make it less taxing to drive. In fact, if you're looking for a BMW roadster that delivers blistering automotive thrills, a used Z4 M is a better choice than the succeeding regular Z4. The coupe is much the same story, with a slightly stiffer structure provided by its fixed roof. However, some might find the car's ride quality to be overly stiff for daily use.

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  • Best Price Best Products Best Quality All Are Best Challenge - 2009 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    Just bought this 2009 SRT8 Black Beauty. It is best car Ive ever owned, and Ive had 2 Mercedes, Porche 911, and 2 corvettes. The Challenger beats them all hands down for quality, power, comfort, and performance. You can drive this car daily as it is extremely livable or save it for weekend jaunts. I am thrilled every time I get in the car and turn it on. I get so many compliments on it from total strangers. This car has a style that will never go out of style. Im keeping this car forever and a day. If you have the cash, I highly recommend you pick one up if at all possible. It has true collector car value in my opinion. All Are Best Challenge.

  • The best roadster out there - 2007 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    I sought out to purchase a roadster style car this June and must have tested everything under the sun. I wanted to stay $60k and under which actually didnt leave me with many comparable options. My favorite cars ended up being the Corvette, M Roadster, and 350Z Roadster. Once you sit in an M roadster, you will notice the marked difference in quality. The M has it all, style, quality, and great feel.

  • Is it possible to have more fun? - 2007 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    I can not speak highly enough about this car. Although it is still in the break-in period the performance is amazing. Handling is brilliant as well. This car loves to be driven hard. I really find the sport mode amusing, the level of throttle response and immediacy to respond to acceleration is similar to a Dinan chipped car. The car can also be driven easy especially below the 3500 RPM mark. The looks may not be to everyones taste but I like it.

  • High Performing Car for Niche Drivers - 2007 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    I knew that I wanted a high performing car before I ultimately decided on the Z4 M coupe. On my list was the Lotus Elise, Honda S2000, and the Z4 coupe. These are all great cars though each has something unique that sets it apart from the rest. The Elise is raw for the purest, the S2000 a great value and compromise between the rawness of the Elise and the luxury of the M coupe. The M coupe has all the creature comforts, but also has the thrill of a high performance track car. Additionally the M coupe has a uniqueness - only 1815 built. If you are looking for a uniquely designed sporty car that performs, and begs to be driven through windy roads, this may be your car.

  • Perfect sportscar - 2008 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    I tried several competitors (new M3, IS-F, RS4, C63) but the 1st time I sat and drove this car I knew it was what I wanted - a pure drivers car that has some semblance of practicality too. Not full of driver aids that detract from the driving experience. The looks are stunning and it gets endless complements from everyone. Just fun to drive, even when noodling around town. Sure to be a classic, in terms of design/performance - a little hot rod.

  • Pure power sports car -- Fantastic buy - 2008 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    A pure sports car -- everything you need, nothing more. Feels like 400hp strapped to your chair with phenomenal handling. Love the car. There are times I wish it had the iDrive and with it the front/rear parking sensors -- long nose and difficulty sighting corners make me fearful at times I nick a curb, etc.

  • Unique - 2007 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    This is my third Z4 series car and second Z4M. In black with the sculpted curves it really stands out. You will not be confused for anything else on the road. I got the coupe so I could do more track events with the car clubs. The car handles extremely well, has great space for a roadster and the sound is wonderful. I like driving around in the lower gears just to keep the rpms up where the sound and performance are great. People will stare and give you a thumbs up. Several thought it was a $100k car. You just feel GREAT when youre driving and youll find any excuse to go anywhere for any reason. This is a "Life is good" car for me.

  • Outrageous Car - 2008 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    I ordered this car in April 08 and have been totally impressed ever since I took delivery in July 08. I have always been a Porsche guy, but this thing actually gets more looks and compliments that the GT3 that I have the fortune to borrow from a friend now and then. Not quite as fast as the GT3, but for half the price Id say thats okay. It actually is the closest thing I could find to a GT3 for less than $100K. A true street legal race car.

  • Now this is a real sports car ! - 2007 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    After selling my 06 Corvette, I went ahead and factory ordered the M Roadster because I have read many good reviews. I am 100% satisfied with the car. The throttle response is just phenomenal and with a little touch, it just goes. The car handles great and feels very nimble and taut with sharp turn-ins. The engine is as smooth as silk and produces the perfect exhaust note. Sadly my car is still during the break-in period but I can already feel the beast under the hood waiting to get out. I totally love the big, thick steering wheel and the driving inputs one gets from it. In every aspect, this car far exceeds my expectations and IMHO, this is the best roadster in the market right now.

  • Know what you are getting into - 2007 BMW Z4 M
    By -

    I sold my 06 330i with the knowledge that the M coupe I was about to purchase was very far removed from the 330i in both comfort and performance. The car is a rocket, but you feel every bump on the road. Also, the "premium" sound system in the M is sub-standard at best. Again, know what you are getting into before you buy. If you are willing to sacrafice comfort for performance, then this is the car for you. It was for me.

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