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BMW likes to call its X6 a "Sports Activity Coupe," but perhaps "fastback SUV" would be a more appropriate description. Based on the previous-generation BMW X5, this four-door midsize crossover has a dramatically downward-sloping roof line, evoking the timeless profiles of classic fastback coupes (or, less charitably, the Pontiac Aztek). Not surprisingly, style trumps utility here, as the X6 offers limited rear headroom and cargo volume.

For the overtly style-conscious, these shortcomings will likely be of little consequence. BMW has given the X6 a potent range of engines and handling abilities that far exceed expectations. As a utility vehicle, the X6 obviously falls short -- but as a high-riding performance "coupe" with room for four adults, it continues to hold a quirky sort of appeal.

Current BMW X6
The BMW X6 comes in two trim levels: xDrive 35i and xDrive50i. The xDrive35i's 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 pumps out 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque, while the xDrive50i's 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 bristles with 400 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. The sole transmission is an eight-speed automatic. If these specs leave you unimpressed, you may want to check out the completely absurd X6 M, which is discussed in a separate review.

All X6 models are equipped with all-wheel drive and a trick torque distribution system called Dynamic Performance Control. This system apportions varying amounts of power to each wheel in order to maintain optimal traction and directional stability.

The xDrive35i comes standard with such luxuries as adaptive xenon headlights, a power liftgate, leather upholstery, power front seats, the iDrive electronics interface and a 10-speaker audio system. The xDrive50i ups the ante with a turbocharged V8, upgraded front seats and a navigation system. As with most BMWs, the options list is both extensive and pricey.

The X6's styling isn't for everyone, but it manages to set itself apart with the fastback roof line, huge wheels and other sporty styling cues. Inside, the BMW X6 boasts comfortable seats, an excellent driving position and high-quality materials, though the control layout can be befuddling. Rear dimensions are compromised because of the low sloping roof line, but two adults will be happy in back -- provided they aren't unusually long of torso. Should you need to carry another person, an optional three-place bench can be specified instead of the standard two-seat layout. Cargo capacity, while adequate, is considerably below average for the midsize crossover SUV segment.

In reviews, our editors have lauded the X6's sprightly performance, especially in xDrive50i trim. BMW claims the latter can accelerate from zero to 60 in just over 5 seconds, making it one of the fleetest SUVs on the road. The V8's throaty exhaust burble belies its sophisticated turbocharged character. In either trim, the X6 handles extraordinarily well for such a tall and heavy vehicle. It's worth noting, however, that the more versatile X5 crossover offers most of the X6's performance for thousands less.

Used BMW X6 Models
The BMW X6 was an all-new model for 2009. That first year had the older and fussier version of the iDrive electronics interface, and the transmission was a six-speed automatic for both 2009 and '10. For 2010 only, there was a performance upgrade option that cranked the six- and eight-cylinder engines' outputs up to 320 hp and 440 hp, respectively.

For 2011, the xDrive35i received a new, more fuel-efficient turbocharged six-cylinder that made the same power as the previous version. The X6 was strictly a four-passenger vehicle until 2012, when a three-passenger seat option debuted. Mild exterior styling changes debuted for 2013, including standard LED taillights and optional LED headlights.

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  • BMW X6 Disappointment - 2014 BMW X6
    By -

    The vehicle pulls which makes the drive very stressful. You have to keep a firm grip with two hands on the steering wheel at all times....not a luxury drive. Bought brand new from Braman Motors in West Palm Beach, what a disappointment. Been thru several service advisors, vehicle in multiple times for pulling. Broken promises and lied to on what they touched on my vehicle - dont trust their paperwork, they don t put everything on the paperwork. This is my 5th BMW and Ive never been through anything like this, friends are leary after my experience and two refused to lease again when their leases were up. I strongly suggest you be very cautious, the luxury experience is not what it once was.

  • Great Car - Problems with Active Drive - 2013 BMW X6
    By -

    The Active Drive continues to malfunction over and over. This is the 6th time I am taking it to the dealearship to have it annoying for a 2013 truck that cost so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • not perfect - 2010 BMW X6
    By -

    well, wifes X6 sound system is not working , we send it back to the dealer they fix it by installing new software but the problem shown twice, after that i wrote a complain letter to BMW germany after two days our local dealer called me to bring back the car, they said the problem from the amplifier!!they change it under warranty so far the sound system is working until now ,but now i see another problem the back camera somtime not working probably. bmw are nice car but they known of ther reliability issue.

  • X 6 3.5 Sport Package - 2012 BMW X6
    By -

    I have had 3 previous X 5 models. The x6 is a different vehicle. Its wider,bolder, and more of a stylistic statement. I got the sport package with 20s, which make the car look very pumped up. With these wheels and sport package be prepared for a very harsh ride if the road is rough, but you will look great bouncing over the bumps. Its much rougher than an X5. The wide cabin and big seats are great. I love the design. Feels quick with the 6.Great power train and transmission. Its Only a 4 passenger, but you will ride in style.Rear visibility ok with the camera. King of the road feel and looks to match.

  • Love my new BMW! - 2012 BMW X6
    By -

    I love this car more than my X-5. I didnt need the wagon but wanted the size of the car. It is a joy to drive.

  • It aint the "Leave it to Beaver" family car - 2011 BMW X6
    By -

    I’m 50 y/o, been married some 29 plus years and through the marriage the newest cars has always gone to the wife until now. Arriving at that new family cycle stage when the children have grown up left home and mini-van has out lived it usefulness. Hence the BMW X6 the next generation “MAN TOYS” three words to describe it exclusive, powerful, and stylist. The X6 is not a “Leave it to Beaver” family car but for those who are already to accelerate and say wee through the next stage in life. Weekends the wife and I will just on spur of a moment pack a small bag and hit the road and ride, this car is truly a joy to drive. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  • My snow car is a fun car - 2011 BMW X6
    By -

    Ive had MGs, TR-3, Barracudas, BMW m-coupe, Tesla Roadster Sport -- and none are more fun than the BMW X-6. It rides absolutely flat and smooth (the computer reads and regulates the shocks in microseconds), torque-vectoring kicks the rear end around coming out of a corner, and the performance is exciting. It also gets me home up 2000 feet in five miles, around 42 turns, in 4 inches of snow. It will outdrive any SUV including Porsche. When I ran it in an autocross (nobody autocrosses SUVs) I won my class and came in 26th overall -- on snow tires. Dont believe any of the junk you read about this car. Its brilliant.

  • Projection of unique characteristic - 2011 BMW X6
    By -

    Ive had this car for just about a year now. 2010 model. I use this car to commute and Everywhere I go get a head turn from other people. You may call me an attention seeker. Yes, I enjoy peoples stares on my vehicle. In fact, this car offers differentiation from other car owners. I personally think BMWs attempt of making a SAC was pretty bold move, yet succesful one. This car drives like sports sedan and has high view, offers good horse power and torque, but my favorite is the look. I have to say this car isnt for everyone. This car is for the people whos willing to spend money to differentiate oneself from others.

  • Best Bimmer Ever - 2009 BMW X6
    By -

    Have driven many BMWs, Porsches, etc. This is the best combo of sport, fun, function, power, looks, and exclusivity. Practical? I coach baseball and this car handles all my gear. Having had many sport sedans includeing 535, 335, etc, somehow this car handles better and feels more aggressive. Ride is comfy, but torque and turn-in are there when you want some. Cabin is like a 7 series, the environment is truly sublime on a freezing day within about 30 seconds of ignition.

  • It makes sense continued... - 2011 BMW X6
    By -

    The X6 is a sports car for car enthusiasts who want to drive the car 12 months per year, including snowy months, who need extra room for luggage. Really, fold down those two back seats and you have a two seater with LOADS of space. You have that high seating and massive weight so your wife, bless her soul, isnt going to pee in her pants every time you pass a truck. The car is fast, luxurious and for my needs, eminently practical. The only con is fuel economy. Dave

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