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BMW is famous for building dynamic "driver's cars" that are designed to thrill. In particular, the company's M-badged high-performance variants rank among the most capable and rewarding cars in the world. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the BMW M6 -- the company's flagship two-door performance car -- is something truly special.

Though not genuine sports cars, the two latest generations of the M6 can challenge the world's best on just about any road, thanks to their muscle-bound engines, powerful brakes and athletic suspensions. At the same time, they offer all the comfort and luxury one would expect from BMW's premier coupe and convertible. Their inspiration comes from the original M6 coupe of the late '80s; now a bona fide collector's car, it helped prepare the stage for BMW's modern M performance line.

Current BMW M6
The current M6 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 rated at an astonishing 560 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque. A seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual with shift paddles is standard, but a conventional six-speed manual can be specified. During Edmunds testing, a convertible M6 sprinted to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds; the lighter coupe is even quicker. This engine feels invincible on the road, thrusting the car forward with breathtaking force at virtually any speed.

Predictably, the M6 comes loaded with all the latest high-tech performance and comfort features. These include xenon headlights, front and rear parking sensors, a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, a rearview camera, the iDrive electronics interface with navigation and a powerful audio system. Also included are driver-adjustable settings for the suspension, transmission, steering and engine. Option highlights include a head-up display and massaging front seats.

Like all BMW M models, the M6 is no mere straight-line superstar. The finely balanced chassis and precise, communicative steering make it a similar standout during enthusiastic cornering. However, the M6's hefty size and suboptimal outward visibility can make it feel a bit awkward on narrow, winding roads. There's still more handling capability here than any big coupe has a right to have, but the M6 is ultimately less of a sports car than a stunningly quick, endlessly comfortable grand touring machine. For some driving enthusiasts, that's a just-right combination.

Used BMW M6 Models
Following a two-year hiatus, the third-generation M6 debuted for the 2013 model year. Like the current 6 Series on which it's based, the latest M6 sports more traditional styling, roomier front-seat accommodations, a more useful trunk and torque-rich turbocharged performance. The new twin-turbo V8 provides a lot more shove off the line compared to the previous M6's high-revving V10, though it lacks the old motor's thrilling rush to redline. Initially, the dual-clutch automated manual was the only available transmission; the regular manual was introduced for 2014.

The previous, second-generation BMW M6 was produced from 2006-'10. The coupe was available throughout that run, while the convertible arrived for '07. Both versions employed a 5.0-liter V10 engine that produced 500 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. A seven-speed sequential manual gearbox (SMG) was standard, while a traditional six-speed manual was available for all but the 2006 model year. Owners could choose from three different electronic drive programs, with the demonic "M" button unlocking the car's full potential.

This M6 took the low-slung style of the mainstream 6 Series coupe and convertible and added unique front and rear fascias. These not only contributed to a more sporting look, but also served to enhance aerodynamic efficiency. The exterior was further differentiated by unique trim, mirrors, wheels, colors and a quad-outlet exhaust.

Inside, the second-gen M6 displayed a handsome if staid design aesthetic. Buttons and switches were kept to a minimum thanks to BMW's iDrive electronics interface; however, aside from the vastly improved version introduced for 2010, we considered this iDrive iteration difficult to use and a serious drawback to an otherwise very appealing car. Passenger space was great for two people but quite cramped for four. Trunk space was average-plus for this segment, augmented by a pass-through panel to accommodate longer items.

Edmunds editors found the performance of this BMW M6 to be simply intoxicating. The sounds emanating from the V10 power plant were like nothing else available to consumers, unless you count the contemporaneous M5 -- and the M6 actually provided superior performance due to its slightly reduced curb weight and lower center of gravity. The M6 convertible only added to the aural pleasure. Repair bills for this generation are not for the faint of heart, but with the song of an F1-inspired V10 in your ear and 500 horses underfoot, life still doesn't get much better for an automotive enthusiast.

The first generation of the M6 turns back the clock to model years 1988-'89. Based on the 6 Series coupe of the time, the original M6 was powered by a free-revving, 3.5-liter inline-6 engine that produced 256 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. Exceptionally rare today, this M6 is a fascinating time-warp back to the early days of BMW's Motorsport division. Its effective successor was the V12-powered 850 CSi coupe of the 1990s.

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  • Tranny issues that cannot be resolved! - 2008 BMW M6
    By -

    Do not buy this car unless you have a written warranty on all aspects of the SMG transmission. The dealer will sell you this car as an automatic with a 3rd party warranty, but when it fails, and it will, the 3rd party says that it is a manual transmission with normal wear and tear.... $15000 later you will still have a car that doesnt work! Anyone need any M6 parts??

  • great car - 2014 BMW M6
    By -

    m6 with competition package, have had e39 and e60 m5 previously, with the competition package, m6 is much more alive, ready to play, be ready to explain to the officer why you cannot behave, best play car I have owned since e36 m3, plus much much faster

  • Unbelievable - 2013 BMW M6
    By -

    Prevously I owned a 2009 M3. The new M6 convertible is light years ahead. Nothing on the market compares to the M6 for the cost of this vehicle. Comfort, styling, options and power, it has it all. This car will be hard to top in 7 years when its re designed again, but I will be there to get it! If you can afford it BUY IT, if you cant afford it test drive it.

  • My new M6 - 2010 BMW M6
    By -

    I have to disagree with some of the reviews I have read about the M6-especially regarding the SMG. I think the car is involving, and the SMG takes a little bit of getting used to for smooth shifts, but I love the transmission. This car aint for sissies and is very rewarding to drive if you like to remain involved. One doesnt really need a radio because the highly strung V10 is a symphony itself. Regarding the SMG-it should be set to manual around town, and to its quickest shifting setting and you may have to lift off the throttle for each shift a fraction of a second for seamless shifts. Big deal! Got my 2010 brand new for $79k and is a bargain supercar. Gas mileage bad but I knew b-4hand.

  • It *IS* my everyday car - 2007 BMW M6
    By -

    This is my everyday car, except for my wifes minivan which I dont really drive. I love love love this car. I bought it used a year and a half ago and it has never ceased to amaze me every time I get behind the wheel. I dont mind the smg. I just shift it how I want anyway and go back and forth between auto and manual. I played around with the shift points until I just finally left it on default. I love being able to just BE where I want to be in traffic without thinking. BMW was faithful to the spirit of man when they built this car.

  • A track car, not for every day use - 2007 BMW M6
    By -

    Speed, engine sound, interior, exterior - awesome! Thats why I bought it.. But SMG... Yes, you can adopt, learn how to drive it smoothly. But if you have to "adopt" every time you drive it - it becomes a pain. Took it on the track - INCREDIBLE power, handling in M mode, everything. But driving it every day - SMG kills it all. Hopefully they will put a new "double clutch" on it I have on my Z4 now. That would make this car an absolute dream!

    By -

    My M6 developed a thirst for oil at just 1,800 kilometres and used an average of 1 litre of oil per 1,000 kilometres until BMW agreed to replace the engine. A combination of having to stop every 1,000 kilometres to top up the oil and a faulty tyre pressure indicator made BMWs fastest convertible actually slower on trips than my daughters Smart ForTwo. Add to this the fact that BMW Australia apparently dont stock parts and the fact that you cant buy tyres for them and youve got a car that reminds me of the old Jaguar joke that you need to buy 2 of them so youll always have 1 to drive while the other one is in being fixed.

  • BMW M6 Coupe - 2007 BMW M6
    By -

    I ordered this vehicle new in 2007. The car is everything I expected. My M6 averages 24.4 mpg highway at 80 mph. Much better the the 4.4 X5 Sport that gets 18.4 highway. The M6 has the styling, power and performance that is advertised. I would recommend the vehicle.

  • Great car ruined by transmission flaws - 2010 BMW M6
    By -

    I wanted to love this car but the SMG transmission needs a re-work to fix the flaws in the engineering design. It has serious issues like others have said in terms of shifting and power in automatic mode. Also gas mileage is terrible- BMW needs to find a way to tweak 26-30 mpg from the V10 or make a turbo charged six cylinder engine with 500HP. Porsche did it, why not BMW? I think BMW needs to get help from Porsche and Nissan on how to make a decent transmission and improve gas mileage. Sad because I wanted to love the car as it excels in all other areas over the competition. Even the 650i has a better transmission and gas mileage.

  • They are right, the transmission is bad! - 2009 BMW M6
    By -

    I love this car as it is very fast and its a real head turner however, the tranny is like what others say, it is really herky jerky. In m mode at a stop light, it has a tendency to jump gears and jerk the car, first time I thought I got rear ended. At times, there is also a lag when you gas it, it takes a while to get moving... might be dangerous when you are cutting lanes real quick. 120k for this????

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