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  • Style/performance v12 - 1993 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    V12, everyone is look at this car every time I drive out, I feel like driving the $150,000 car but only cost me $10,000 with the performance/style and comfort. Quality

  • 850i hits the sweet spot for this 40+ - 1992 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    Ive had the car for about 1 week so far, but have always admired and yearned to get into one some day. That day has now come due to a very soft market for older V12 coupes. I paid about 10% of the once princely sum of 100K here in Canada. The car has just 40,000 miles and is near perfect in every way. The car is astoundingly beautiful. Its 10 times more visually pleasing than the 2009 Mercedes CL550 or any other large coupe save for the DBS. Remember, this car is 17 years old. BMW should re-hire whoever had the design input of this car. (although, truth be told, I drive a modern Z4, which I thought was satan-ugly 6 years ago). The Z4 is now beautiful, so what do I know??

  • Ulitinate Luxury Sports Coupe - 1993 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    You close the heavy driver side door, the windows automatically seal, the leather seats contour to your body, you turn the key and the 300bhp V12 breathes to life, tune your favorite music, adjust your sunglasses, and you are ready to start your day. The big 5.0 litre V12 idles effortlessly waiting for your next command. The heavy chassised coupe gives you the sense of security, perfect balance and power. Owners of newer BMWs, Mercedes, Porsches glance over and eye the classic lines, and wonder how your older coupe would match up against their newer car. You turn up the Mozart, and smile knowing you are driving one the the best engineered and elegant luxury sports coupes ever built.

  • Living with a legend - 1991 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    Painted in non-factory Lamborghini yellow and with M5 18 inch "parallel" chrome rims, it looks simply stunning. Since I live in Acapulco, my son living in San Diego keeps the BMW garaged and serviced. The 850 is driven every other day, and I personally get to use it for a week every two months or so. There are few cars for any amount of money, that offer this fabulous driving experience. A real head-turner, even in La Jolla people just stop and stare. The rear seat, once you get in, is extremely comfortable, and regularly drive around with 4 passengers. The 850 is so quiet and stable that it is easy to go 100 MPH without noticing. In Sport Mode, performance is awesome.

  • Wonderful to own and drive - 1996 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    This car gets heads turning, fair at the gas pump, sleek to drive and is easy to handle. The best to own, hope you get one!

  • Once in a Lifetime - 1995 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    The pinnacle of BMW design and engineering is captured in this "no expense spared to develop" ultimate BMW supercoupe. An absolute dream to drive, you are the master of the universe on the highway with monstrous amounts of torque available at any speed or in any gear to propel you past virtually any plebian motorcar you may encounter along the way. The design of the 850CSi stills turns heads 15 years following its introduction, and the car is swiftly becoming a collectible with a sizeable cult following. BMW simply never built one better than the 850CSi - its the total package of exclusivity, luxury and performance.

  • Like Wine & Cheese - BMW 850 i - 1991 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    Fifteen after the production of my BMW 850i-V12-sixspeed, appreciation for this vehicle continues to grow. Over the years of having several new vehicles, import & domestic, none have deserved or earned the rights to a parking spot in my garage like the 850i. This vehicle was so advanced for its time that until recent years many manufacturers couldnt or didnt offer options that were standard on all 850s. Undoubtedly, given advancements in engineering & technology, the modern car will improve. Faster, lighter, more frills on the dash to play with... But nothing compares to the sound and feel you get when behind the wheel of 4500 lb coupe, roaring V12 engine, & winding open road. Nothing!!!

  • After 8 years of ownership - 1992 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    The 8 series is a super-coupe, the king of the heavy cruisers of the autobahn. Although heavy, it still responds well to driver input and was a major departure for BMW in that it was a heavy coupe with all the creature comforts. In town it is a little ponderous, and sometimes shows its 4100lb curb weight. However, on the highway, it shines. The E31, as it is known in the BMW world, has a timeless and artistic form that draws a crowd of admirers wherever you stop. The main question Ive gottn about my now 14 year old car is, "is that the new model?" Truly a beautiful and unique automobile.

  • ultimate thrill - 1994 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    Ive owned 2 850cis. The CSi is what the 850 should have been. It still looks great on the road and I get asked all the time "is that the new one?" Timeless styling, superb handling, seat of the pants acceleration. This is my third E31 and Ive already bought another one. Pricing guides are way off as I wouldnt sell this one for almost double what it is rated on here and KBB. Two thumbs up for this amazing car!

  • Whiplash inducing head-turner - 1991 BMW 8-Series
    By -

    I bought this vehicle used with 110,000 miles on it, and proceeded to drive her from Utah to texas, without a single hickup. The drive through the mountains of Wyoming,Colorado ans New Mwxico was an exhilirating experience of a lifetime, in a vehicle born for that express purpous. With a combination of excelent handling, strong upper RPM power, and un-matched good looks, this car is trusted and treasured companion.

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