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For years, shoppers interested in a compact, entry-level luxury car have gravitated toward the BMW 3 Series. This popular BMW ( model comes in a variety of body styles and has a well-deserved reputation for premium interior furnishings, outstanding build quality and a memorable driving experience that splits the difference between everyday comfort and sporty handling. The most recent addition to the family is the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (or 3 Series GT). Essentially a tall, four-door hatchback, the 3 Series Gran Turismo is significantly longer than the 3 Series wagon. With the most legroom and cargo space of any car in the 3 Series lineup, the BMW 3 Series GT is a good option for luxury car buyers needing real utility.

Beyond its extra space, the 3 Series Gran Turismo offers standard all-wheel drive, along with a higher seating position that gives you a better view of the road. This emphasis on practicality does have a few side effects, though: The Gran Turismo is a bigger, heavier car than a regular 3 Series sedan or wagon, and as such, it lacks the light, energetic feel typically associated with BMW's small cars. In addition, the GT's coupe-style roof line limits headroom for rear passengers, so you shouldn't plan on stuffing too many 6-footers in the backseat. On the whole, though, the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo hatchback walks a tidy line between a small crossover SUV and a traditional wagon, and it's definitely worth checking out if these attributes are on your wish list.

Current BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo
The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is a tall, entry-level luxury four-door hatchback that was introduced for 2014. It seats five and it's more than 7 inches longer than the standard BMW 3 Series wagon, a difference that adds up to more rear legroom and cargo capacity. Two trim levels are available: 328i xDrive and 335i xDrive. The 328i GT comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 240 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The more powerful 335i has a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine rated at 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard, as is all-wheel drive.

The 328i xDrive Gran Turismo hatchback comes standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, a power-operated rear hatch, dual-zone automatic climate control, eight-way power-adjustable front seats, the iDrive electronics interface with a 6.5-inch display, Bluetooth phone connectivity and a USB/iPod interface. The more powerful 335i xDrive GT adds 18-inch wheels and adaptive xenon headlights. Major options for both the 328i and 335i include leather upholstery; keyless ignition/entry; a navigation system with a larger display screen, Bluetooth audio capability and smartphone app integration; heated seats and steering wheel; an upgraded Harman Kardon audio system; and a handling package with adaptive shock absorbers. Among the optional safety features are rearview and top-down parking cameras, lane departure and frontal-collision warning systems, and an automated parallel-parking system.

Inside, the BMW 3 Series GT is as classy and comfortable as any other 3 Series model. The look and feel of the cabin is characterized by high-quality materials on most surfaces and a simple, functional layout. Although the standard 6.5-inch display screen is adequate, the larger, optional screen is a worthwhile upgrade for shoppers desiring a premium electronics interface. This version of the iDrive system includes a touchpad (on top of the main controller) that can be used to hand write inputs using your finger. Overall, iDrive is pretty easy to use and notable for its quick processing times, though some tasks require a few more twirls and clicks than we'd like. Of course, the 3 Series Gran Turismo's real specialty lies in the back half of the interior. With its impressive backseat legroom and 56.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity, it's a viable option for camping and vacationing.

On the highway, the GT offers such a smooth, comfortable ride that you probably won't mind that it doesn't handle as adroitly as other 3 Series models. Either of the engines will meet your needs. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the BMW 328i xDrive Gran Turismo provides quick, refined performance. However, the more powerful six-cylinder engine in the 335i is so impressive that you'll probably have a hard time passing it up, especially given the small difference in fuel economy between the two.

Used BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo Models
The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo hatchback was all new for 2014, but shoppers interested in buying a used BMW should check out the standard BMW 3 Series, which comes in convertible, coupe, sedan and wagon body styles.

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  • 2017 BMW 340i GT - Great allrounder with a few flaws - 2017 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    After having owned a 2017 BMW 340i GT for quite some time, I will say confidentially that this car will be a pleasure to drive for any car enthusiast who is looking to get both a sporty drive and practicality. I would give the overall drive experience a 10/10 with no doubt, however that being said there were a few things I noticed that I didn't like so much. Firstly, the ride can get quite harsh on rougher country roads, potholes are a killer too, so for road tripping anywhere in the outbacks I probably wouldn't take my 340i ever again. The car also sits relatively low so most large rocks or rubble on the road this car won't be able to clear and you'll smack your front bumper. High curbs also watch out when parking as it looks like you're going to clear it but end up scratching the underside of your car. Fuel economy was surprisingly good for an inline 6 engine, city driving and winter cold starts will tend to drink up a lot of fuel though. Also, as much as this car is xDrive I wouldn't really go as far with saying that it's the ultimate winter machine. It'll get through some light snow but when it begins to get thick I wouldn't want to take this 340i anywhere but home. The frameless windows also become a nightmare i the winter as they tend to freeze a lot and I either can't open my door at all or when the door opens the window sounds like it's about to shatter trying to lower that half an inch. Finally, my last complaint would probably be the basic interior. You don't get many features, and unless you get the 2018 there is no touch screen either which makes apple carplay feel weird to navigate through with a dial. The interior also does rattle slightly on bumpy roads but it's not anything too serious. And my last complaint would be the fact that there's no compartment storage at all, the center console is way too small to fit anything even a large phone, and the only front storage you get is your doors, glove box, and cup holders. I tend to keep my car neat and tidy so it got really annoying having my stuff lying around everywhere. Aside from what I pointed out, if you can get over these small things, I don't see why anyone wouldn't like this car. It does have a quite odd shape that trips people out, but maybe that's not a bad thing as it adds uniqueness to your vehicle. If you want an adventure mobile, and live anywhere with harsh winters, I'd probably recommend something else like the X series or the Audi Q series. But if winter driving is the least of your worries, I'd say short list this car for sure.

  • Outstanding for all around use. - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    Rear headroom is great due to roofline. Cargo capacity is good with rear seats up, great with rear seats down. Wish I had the all around video and lane warning features.

  • Kid and family friendly! - 2015 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    I liked the 3 sedan but wanted something with more room in the back so looked at the 5 series, TLX, Lexus GS, ES (back seat was huge but drive was disconnected) . 3 series GT was a last minute thing and the moment we looked at it we knew we were getting it. If you have family that will ride in the second row regularly or have baby seats you should definitely look at the GT before you look at anything bigger or smaller. Has higher ride and higher center of gravity so will not be the same feel as a 3 sedan, but not as bad as an SUV and better than many other low riding cars. Compared to what the kids in the second row get, it was not a lot in driving fun that I had to give up.

  • Best car I have owned - 2016 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    This car is more like a crossover as you have plenty of room in the rear with the hatchback and the rear seats fold down for even more cargo. The ride is smooth and quiet. Plenty of power when you need it and I have not had one issue with this vehicle. Great for long trips with plenty of leg room in the rear seat. The gas mileage is great for this size vehicle (35-37 on the highway) and it is a whole different platform than the standard 328 - much more roomy inside. Love this car.

  • Fantastic for fun and family! - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    One of the sportiest cars around, but PLENTY of room in the back sear for 2 full-grown adults. Plus, the panoramic double-long sunroof give a great sensation for passengers and driver. Sits a bit high, which is great for vision and entry/exit, but hugs the road like a much lower-slung car. NEVER a problem taking off from a light, merging into traffic, or getting around those left-lane cruisers. The 8-speed transmission and the bi-turbo make the car extremely quick, but all the shifting can take a bit of getting used to. The sport line gives you an option for Sport Display on the nice-sized and nicely-positioned screen which show HP and torque as you drive -- very cool! Navigation is excellent, but I dinged it a bit because the voice recognition is a be dodgy sometimes. More cargo capacity than a 3-series wagon. The angle of the hatch back intrudes a bit when trying to fit/load large, squared-off boxes, but overall the cargo space is cavernous. Tons of thoughtful features like tie-downs and bag-holders in the rear, USB ports, kick-to-open rear liftgate, etc. overall a very nicely-done, well-performing car!

  • Im loving this car - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    Im coming from a 328i Convertible which was fun but no so much in winter (live in NJ). It looked great but not too practical. Hard to get an adult in back seat and no trunk space. Was a drag driving on these terrible roads in and around NYC. The car was a VERY rough ride. So went for something completely different with Gran Turismo 335xi, loaded up and what a difference! Much smoother ride (missed the old steering though) and like slightly higher seat position. The back seat is like a mini stretch and adults fit VERY comfortably. Tech on it is great and its FAST. Not sure why some think its so fugly. Most everyone who has seen it has LOVED the look. Not perfect but LOVING IT

  • 335 GT xdrive -- Love it. - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    If you could just have one car, this would be the one to have. Its terrifically fast, fun to drive, comfortable, incredibly spacious (we can fit two bikes, luggage and three people inside this car), gets reasonably good gas mileage (about 23mpg, mixed use) and looks great to my eye.

  • Best car Ive ever bought. - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    Ive read professional reviews that say this car is extremely ugly and I have to disagree. Its exterior design looks both class and sporty at the same time. Back seat leg space was important as I have four college age children. This has as much room as the 7 series. I needed cargo space as I transport kids to/from their schools with all their dorm needs. There is plenty of room for all their stuff. In addition, I am disabled and love how easy it is to close the hatch and pull down the back seats for additional cargo space. I had a 2007 525i with an inline six-cylinder engine. I now have the four cylinder and it has more power than my 525i, making is amazingly fun to drive.

  • #Furious8 - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    Great performance

  • BMW with room and fun - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    I wanted to replace a Saab 9-5 wagon. The 3 series wagon did not really have the room for me. The X1 and X3 didnt appeal to me. So I was going to get a sedan, and keep the wagon as a station car and junk hauler. My wife and I went to the dealer to buy the sedan and found the 238i GT. We never looked back. No, it is not quite as sharp as the sedan, but I have a convertible for that. It has tons of room, accelerates and handles well, especially in sport of sport plus modes. Bring it down to comfort or eco-pro when just humming along the highway. You can still drop a couple of gears quickly with the paddle shifters. No second thoughts

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