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The Audi A4 holds the distinction of having single-handedly revived the Audi brand. Launched in the mid-'90s, the compact A4 quickly became a favorite among luxury car buyers thanks to its beautifully finished cabin, sharp handling and available Quattro all-wheel drive. Although the A4 has offered these core characteristics from day one, it has become increasingly polished and high-tech with each successive generation. No matter which year you're looking at, the A4 promises both engaging performance and suave style inside and out.

The sedan body style has been a constant for the Audi A4, but depending on the vintage, you may also find wagon and convertible variants. Turbocharged four-cylinder power is typically found under the hood, yielding both reasonably spirited acceleration and satisfactory fuel economy. In road tests, we've consistently praised the A4's refined character, with more recent plaudits going to its spacious backseat, which has adequate room for full-size adults.

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  • Very Nice Car! - 1999 Audi A4
    By -

    I recently bought a 99 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro and I seriously am happy with this buy. Its the fastest, most comfortable car I have ever been in. Its very reliable so far and I hope it stays that way for awhile. The features in it are outstanding for a 99 car and I just love it. I do not regret buying it one bit. The best part is that its my first car and I completely own it!

  • 2009 audi a4 quattro - 2009 Audi A4
    By -

    I dont recommend this car to anyone. When the car is running it is great, but that isnt the case a lot of the time. I bought used certified pre-owned at 40,000 miles and traded it in at 130,000 miles. The car had everything go wrong from a blown up engine to a parasitic battery drain that killed my battery. A lot was covered under the factor warranty, but after 100,000 miles if anything goes wrong it is a bare minimum of a $1000. Repeat do not recommend.

  • my first audi - 2015 Audi A4
    By -

    the maintenance will not be cheap but i love this car so far no issues bought used with 6100 miles

  • 2008 Good commuter but definitely not a 3-series. - 2008 Audi A4
    By -

    Bought 2008 Audi A4 2.0T AWD with 29K miles to replace a 2003 3-series that was starting to nickle and dime me to death the moonroof breaking and soggy floors (from the doors not moon roof) was the last straw. Bottom line is I appreciate the A4, but it lacks the getup and go of the 3-series, granted the 325xi BMW was a 3.0L-5 speed manual. I commute about 70 mi. per day mostly on the interstate, the A4 with sport suspension gives a decent ride and is extremely comfortable for a 35 minute commute with an aver. 24.7 MPG but it lags substantually off the line until you get to about 2500+ RPM, however, at hyway speeds it kicks into passing mode just fine and youll be going 90 before you know it. Ive driven it 6500 miles and havent had any maintenance issues yet however Ive broken the latch to the storage area in the armrest and broke the hook that holds the sun visor. Ive read these are common complaints I dont think Ive been overly hard on it. The A4 has been good for me by softening my somewhat agressive driving style. If your looking for a nice comfortable ride with some sportiness the A4 is right up your alley.

  • Fun to drive, but not worth it in the long run. - 2010 Audi A4
    By -

    I bought my A4 used at ~38k miles. Its a comfortable, fun car to drive. Great on gas, accelerates quite quickly, and with snow tires, its a champ in the Michigan winters. However, its been a maintenance nightmare. Shortly after I bought it, the water pump started leaking. Thankfully, that was replaced under warranty. Next, the blower for the front defroster went out. Then it started burning oil badly. Turns out this is a common problem, and the fix was basically rebuilding the engine and replacing all of the pistons. Again, covered under warranty. But, while doing that work, they discovered that the timing chain was in need of replacing as well, which was not covered under warranty. And now, not more than 2 weeks after having that work done, the motor controlling the locks on the drivers door stopped working so I cant lock my car. This has been my first Audi, and it will also be my last.

  • Budget Luxury! - 2007 Audi A4
    By -

    Im rating this a 4.3 out of 5 Stars. This little car has been a joy since the day I bought it. I bought the car from ASE Auto inc in Studio City, CA earlier this month. The first thing I noticed about the car was how zippy and smooth it was. Everything seemed to be fine until I encountered a problem with reverse. I drive the automatic version of the car and they can develop some issues around 90-100k miles. The problem consisted of the car disengaging the gear if the RPMs went up too fast. (Almost as thought he car slips into Neutral). My mechanic spoke to Sam at ASE Auto and he is fixing it for free. Other than that, there have been no issues with the car. As some of the other reviews say, the car does burn oil. You may notice some blue smoke from the exhaust when you first start it but its nothing to be concerned about. I carry a quart of oil with me just in case and I top off the oil every 1000 miles or so. All problems aside, this car is nothing short of luxurious. Mine has wood trim that accents the dashboard, leather seats that have very good seat warmers, a steering wheel that feels great in my hand and a very smooth ride overall. The rear is a bit cramped with little leg room if the front seats are back more than half way and but the hatchback gives you a lot of cargo space. The cars technology is a bit dated but not obsolete. There is no aux jack or bluetooth but the sound system is just fine and the radio is very easy to use. The steering wheel also has a small dial that lets you raise and lower the volume with your right thumb and another one that lets you change the station with your left thumb. A big plus for me was not only Sport Mode but also Manual mode. The steering wheel has paddle shifters which are fun to use and good for keeping the car in a high gear when on a road trip (to save gas). There is a bit of a lag when using the paddles to change the gear but thats normal for a car of that age. Gas milage is not bad for a German V6. I average 16 city and 23 highway but the car does need Premium gas so shes an expensive date. She makes up for it in safety with a 9.6 out of 10 safety rating and airbags all around. The All-Wheel-Drive is also a bonus and keeps the car planted, even in very heavy rain. This car also shares many of its parts with Volkswagen so most parts will be very cheap. Overall, this car is definitely a good buy if you want a sporty and luxurious car thats safe, reliable and relatively cheap.

  • First Luxury Sedan--Value Decision - 2015 Audi A4
    By -

    I am a practical individual and conservative to a fault but I also love style. The 2015 Quattro A4 sedan fits me perfectly. The 2015 styling is retro 2009 but has held its own over the intervening six years. After comparing this sedan with the other two primary competitors, the BMW 3 series, and the Mercedes C class, I found the A4 standard features exceeded both. Sure I could pay another four thousand dollars for a sun roof, leather seats and hands-free bluetooth but why? The C-class had the best interior but the A4 tipped the scales over the BMW. The ride comfort and road noise were subdued compared to the BMW but not as good as the Mercedes. After comparing the total acquisition cost, I would have paid another eight thousand dollars for the C300 with similar options. I ended up adding Nav and heated seats to the other standard features to my A4. I am very satisfied with my decision and look forward to every drive I take in timeless, efficient luxury.

  • Excellent car - 2002 Audi A4
    By -

    02 audi a4 1.8t quattro manual speed. I owned it for a very long time and now has 225000 miles on it with still original head gasket, starter, turbo, alternator. No engine leaks and performs fantastic. No issue on shifting or anything else. Just a regular maintenance. AMS oil every 4000 miles, and 93 octane and it goes. I love it. Always Audi owner.

  • Great car but not reliable. - 2009 Audi A4
    By -

    In three years of owning a CPO Audi A4, I have had seven trips to the dealership with the check engine light. On four separate occasions, I have had to return to a dealership after a repair when the repair was not properly completed. It is a great car, but the reliability issue overshadows other issues.

  • Love hate relationship - 2004 Audi A4
    By -

    I love the thought of this car, it gets good gas mileage, its comfortable and looks nice with the top down and its great at high speeds. What I dont like... The maintenance! Its very expensive, in just two months I had an oil leak, coolent leak, transmission speed sensor failure, a whole new ac, the gear shifter peace spilt apart, the car starts funny, etc. This car also isnt fast enough for me. I should have got the V6 Quattro but thats probably just me. I want to keep the car but on the other hand I could lease a brand new one for the same price as the maintenance on this one.

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