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  • Acura TLX Better Than Lexus ES 350! - 2015 Acura TLX
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    Drove a Lexus ES-350, Mercedes C-300 and the Acura TLX V-6 Advance. The Acura was more spacious inside, it is wider and there is more headroom. Very quiet interior and the car seems to float over the road. Too much road noise in the Lexus. I really like the Acuras separate screen for the navigation and one for the sound system. The ELS 10 speaker system with surround is wonderful. The car has good acceleration and gas mileage. There are more technology features than other similar luxury cars. Plus it is priced lower than the Lexus and Mercedes C-300 (which is a small car). I highly recommend the Acura TLX. You get much more for the money. Test drive one, youll be convinced like me.

  • My Wifes Car - 2015 Acura TLX
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    Absolutely love driving this car! Its my wifes car but I make sure to drive it any chance I get! Interior is amazingly quite! Handling is superb and transmission shifts like a champ! The 2.4l is zippy and fun to drive despite only having 201hp. Maybe its because my daily driver is a pickup truck, but I love this car and would consider buying a second TLX.

  • If you dont love this car, shame on you. - 2015 Acura TLX
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    The negative opinions and reviews on here truly amaze me. Why on earth did you buy, or even lease this car if you dont love it? There are so many sedans to choose from, and I can think of five or six that are pretty close to the TLX in many ways. You could have gotten a Maxima, a Passat, a Lexus ES, an Accord V6, a Malibu, an Infiniti, a Hyundai, a Kia, a Camry, etc., etc. If you didnt choose the TLX because its such a great blend of technology, performance, reliability, and value then Im sorry, but youre blew it. This car isnt perfect but guess what..none of the cars I listed are perfect either. No car in this price range does everything exactly right. A couple of years ago I took a two year break from Acura (Ive had ten Acuras) and leased a Lexus GS350. It was a fine automobile, and nicer than any Acura Ive owned, but I had to reduce my debt to income ratio in order to buy a home, so the Lexus went back before the lease was up. I managed to lease a 2015 TLX AWD TECH this month, for 24 months, with 15K miles per year, and with zero money down I got the car for $439 per month with tax included. There was no better deal on ANY comparable luxury sedan. Period. If you didnt get a great deal too, thats your fault. If you found out later that you dont like the nine speed tranny, or the lane departure system, or the fact that theres not USB charger in the back seat, or that the car cant be rolled in neutral if the batter dies, ITS ALL YOUR FAULT! Its a car people. Its not supposed to be perfect. Nothing in life is perfect. Get over it. I love Acura. I love that its not a BMW or Mercedes or Audi because I think those cars are too expensive, and too prone to have problems, and I dont care about the perceived status people who drive them feel about THEMSELVES. Guess what....nobody is impressed with your German car anymore. They are ubiquitous nowadays. I love that my Acuras make me happy, that their ELS stereos sound great, that I can drive them without any effort, and that they never actually need to be rolled in neutral! Happy motoring everyone!

  • I was shocked! - 2015 Acura TLX
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    It took a while for me to get over no spare tire with this car or you can buy one for about $300.00 - 400.00 but we had a problem, the battery went completely and couldnt be jump started. We then found out that with the awful new transmission they forgot one cant put the car in neutral to push it unless it starts. Roadside assistance came out and they had no idea, I called the dealer and they said the only way to move the car is to jack up the car and put rollers under the tires. So I wrote Acura and this is what they had to say "We value you as an Acura client and we appreciate the opportunity of responding to your concern. On behalf of Acura, we offer our sincere apologies for the circumstances which prompted you to reach us. We assure you of our interest in your feedback and we thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. Upon further research, the information provided by your dealership is correct and we apologize for any convenience this may have caused. It is our pleasure to note your valuable feedback as Acura strives to produce vehicles which exceed our clients expectations and your insight assists us in fully understanding consumer perspective." Do with it what you may but I think its clearly a case of engineers not thinking about the consumer. Its just like when they reasoned no spare tire saying it increased the fuel mileage...I found that funny. Acura is losing site of you and me. My 4th Acura and surely my last.

  • Outdated tech package makes the TLX a near miss - 2015 Acura TLX
    By -

    There are many things that I expect from a mid-level luxury car and the TLX is a miss on half of them. The climate control system when set to auto seems to set the fan speed on the higher settings which are extremely noisy and doesnt seem to hold temperature very well. The lane keeping system is a dangerous miss it disengages often and for no apparent reason with an almost inaudible chirp, and sometimes doesnt indicate that it has disengaged at all. The navigation system is awful The trip planning doesnt take into account traffic when calculating route times and therefore you will often get the worst routes. There is no option to send route information or addresses from your phone/online to your cars nav. The transmission is smooth in normal mode but the economy mode is a little herky-jerky. Shifting from park into reverse on a slight incline (think driveway) results in a gut-wrenching noise. The sport mode and sport+ modes are fun in winding mountain roads, but the lack of any acceleration limits their fun factor. Braking is mushy. The seating is spacious and comfortable in both back and front. The seating controls are intuitive and easy to reach. The two driver settings are tied to the keys which is a nice touch. The trunk is also large and easy to access. If the lane keeping system and nav performed as expected this would be the perfect touring car , but like I said its a near miss

  • Love this car! - 2015 Acura TLX
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    I’ve had my eye on the Acura TL since it first came out years ago. When I finally had an excuse to get a new car, I made sure to test drive it, only this time the newer model is TLX. I test drove a variety of cars - sedans/sporty cars/SUVs, like from Subaru, Mazda, Ford, and finally the Acura ILX and TLX, not really sure which car I wanted, but I did know that I wanted something that combined elegance, sportiness and reliability, bonus for comfort, spaciousness, fuel efficiency, and if it came in crimson. I didn’t get that last one, but I definitely got everything else with the TLX! Pros: — Great bang for the buck! I didn’t set out to buy a luxury car, though Acura touts it as such, and it’s cheaper than their competitors. I just wanted something that has most of the things I mentioned above, and I got a great deal for them. — LOVE the Brake Hold feature. When it’s on, simply tap on the brake pedal, let go, and the car stays stopped. Step on the gas and off you go. Very handy! — It’s QUIET! I love whatever noise cancellation Acura incorporated. Whether talking on the car speaker phone system, listening to music or to silence, you get the most out of it. — Other pluses are the soft leathers, wood-like paneling on the door handles, a dim light that laminates the door handle so you can easily see it in the dark. The lights on auto adjust depending on how light or dark it is outside, so if I’m in a dark garage building, it’ll go brighter. The windshield wipers on auto can be adjusted depending on how wet it is. The trunk cargo - you can lift up the bottom flap and find extra cubby holes. — AWS rocks! Great handling, steering is stable and braking is responsive. I’ve driven it in light and heavy rain and had no problems. — Though 2.4L doesn’t have turbo, it’s still quite nimble and zippy. — Love the 8-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. It comes with 4 modes: Econ, Normal, Sport, Sport+ (this uses the paddle shifters). In traffic I switch to Economy, but by default I use Sport mode for the higher revs and faster acceleration. The paddle shifters can only be fun for so long, and not so fun when you’re trying to turn the wheel so you can’t easily paddle-shift up or down. Sport/Sport+ mode gives me the feeling of manual shifting, only smoother and without the stick. If they came out with a stick shift version, I would really love it more, but for an automatic, I think it’s pretty awesome! — Fuel economy - my daily commute involves a lot of stop-and-go freeway traffic, but so far I’m getting 25.4 mpg. — Suspension - this is such a comfortable ride! It’s rigid enough to be sporty, but you hardly feel the bumps on the road. Best of both worlds to me. — Infotainment: Generally easy to use. It’s strange at first that there are 2 screens. The upper one can display navigation or music playlist (easier to look at for line of sight, the lower one is a touch screen to control things like settings, climate, music (closer to access by hand). — Except for the front (see cons), I love the look. It’s classy, sleek, sporty. Fantastic wheels even at base model. I get a lot of compliments from my coworkers when they see me driving in. — I opted out of the tech package since I didn’t want to spend an extra $4K, nor an extra $10K for AWD and V6 engine, but if you can afford either, go for it. Very nice to have. Cons: — Infotainment: Slow response for bluetooth and could be more intuitive. It takes longer for the system to detect my device phone or tablet. When I skip a song or go back one, there’s a few seconds delay. It’s annoying, but I can live with it. What does annoy me quite a bit, though thankfully I don’t do much of, is that while driving and trying to switch to my phone that I just connected via bluetooth, if the mode is not already on bluetooth (like it’s on XM), instead of the Infotainment switching automatically to bluetooth and displaying my music from my phone, I have to tap on the bluetooth button. This is an unnecessary extra step. — Sporty, but not that fun on windy roads. This is probably due to the AWS, which keeps the car VERY stable, which means you don’t get the sensation of possibly slipping or tipping over, ha. — Front is a little conservative (it’s growing on me, though). I prefer the sportier look on the front of ILX, but over all I think I got more bang for my buck with TLX, so I don’t mind so much. — Not a gripe, but you should expect this in case you plan to have 4 other people ride with you on a more regular basis: the 4th person who will be sitting in the middle of the back seat will not be so comfortable, I’m told. Definitely not for a tall person, that seat. Make sure when you test drive that you have someone try out that seat.

  • Smooth Operator - 2015 Acura TLX
    By -

    Reading some of the negative reviews on edmunds, I was very surprised. My 6-cyl TLX with Tech package is one of the smoothest cars I have ever owned. This is my third Acura (05 RL, 12 TL with SH-AWD) and it is by far the best. Didnt need the SH-AWD in this vehicle, and Ive really enjoyed the precision steering - I dont miss the SH-AWD at all (and my dad has the SH-AWD with Advance Package - also a great car, but more than what I needed). The size is comfortable, the transmission is much much smoother than the 2012 TL I owned, and the interior quality rivals any other Japanese luxury standard. If you are surprised that there is no gearshift, or that the badge doesnt have three letters in it, well seriously: why are you surprised or disappointed? You should know what you are buying: a comfortable and engaging sedan, with plenty of room, and excellent mileage (around 27 mpg in a mixed traffic for me) and the rock-solid reliability that keeps me from considering German competitors. I didnt buy this car to impress anyone I bought it for me - and its been a great choice so far. Changing the selection from Economy to Sport to Sport + is like changing cars. Its all there, with tightened suspension and a completely different feel. I looked at Lexus, and I drive everything in the rental car fleet, but this car is on par with the smoothness and comfort of Lexus sedans (and I really appreciate the luxury feel in the TLX - much much better than the jerky, muscle-car-wannabe transmission in the 12 TL). Yet this car manages to still inspire with engaging driving dynamics and all-around dimensions that add up to a perfect fit for me. Dont expect this car to be another brand, drive it for what it is: a whole lot of car for the money.

  • Great Value, Great Fun - 2015 Acura TLX
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    I traded in a 2013 BMW 328x drive. I love the new TLX with the technology package. The stereo is outstanding. The car is super quiet and no squeaky dashboard like the BMW. The power delivery is very linear and not punch like the BMW. I really dont see any difference in the handling between the two cars - both are great. The drivers side leg space is very big - especially right leg room. My right leg always leaned against the console of the 328, but I have lots of room in the TLX. I read many reviews that dissed the dual screen infotainment system. I dont find it any less difficult to navigate than BMWs I-drive. I like the Siri-integration. The headlights are outstanding, even more so that they come standard. I upgraded the headlights in the BMW and they still didnt come close to the clarity and visibility of the jewel-eyed TLX. I priced out a similarly equipped 3 series at over 50K. The TLX was priced at 32,000 for the year end clearance. I feel very happy with my purchase.

  • Its Not a Thrill - 2015 Acura TLX
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    Acura advertises that the TLX is "Some kind of Thrill." A better descriptor is "Some kind of Numb." My previous Acura was a TSX V6. The TLX is also a V6. Nothing about the TLXs performance connotes sportiness or performance. At worst, its a souped up Accord or its the best Oldsmobile ever made. It has no feeling of connectivity to the road. This is due to the poor steering, suspension, and tire combination. Rubbery describes it best. All wheel steer creates an odd feeling and a feature to coverup engineering design flaws. The brakes are average. The pushbutton 9 speed transmission is silly, slow to engage, and has lots of travel when placed into park. The touch screen infotainment is abysmal. Its a design copout. The engine is Honda quality. Strong and gets great gas mileage on the highway. Its quiet. The headlights work well. Acura took 6 years to release the TLX. Its supposed to be smaller than the prior TL except it sits on the same wheel base. Park next to an Accord and its hard to distinguish the two. Thats why the TLX suffers. Nothing about it makes it a distinctive sports sedan ready to fight the German competition. If you want a fancier Accord at Honda value, this is the car for you. Otherwise, look carefully at the alternatives.

  • Love this car from the outside - 2015 Acura TLX
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    Once you get in, and drive - particularly at NIGHT is when you really cant stand it. The lights are so very dim - we live in an area with no street lights. Test drive was on a highway - and didnt notice how DARK the car is. When you come to an intersection and need to turn - you see an absolute BLACK HOLE on the sides of the car - no visibility whatsoever. Cant see a deer, dog, bear, bicycle rider, pedestrian - zip nada nothing! You have to use the high beams the entire ride - and my 2006 Acura had great lights. Loved the look of these LED from the outside, but the brightness is very short distance ahead. Makes you very unsure around the next bend. I have to look into some type of fog lights being added, because my husband and I recognize we could well be killed driving this vehicle at night. The transmission is quirky - especially around 40-45 MPH, does this zooming up thing while you are coasting. Should you take your foot off the gas to approach either a hill or railroad tracks - the car comes to life and speeds itself up! Craziest thing. Absolutely HATE electronics all on the screen. Simple function like adjusting fan speed cant be accomplished because of the glare on the screen. Just give me a dial! Why does the car rock repeatedly every time I brake - no matter how gently? I feel that someone went way too far with the electronics, and over engineered what ought to be simple tasks. Headlights are DANGEROUS and I foresee a recall in the near future - as was the case with the shiny ac vents reflecting off the mirror - which were replaced with black matte ones. BTW - Still havent found the odometer??? 6 Weeks of ownership.

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