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The Acura RDX is a small luxury crossover SUV with two rows of seats. The RDX has never been a bona fide class leader in performance or luxury, but like many Acuras, it's a well-rounded vehicle with numerous strengths. In reviews, we've praised various RDX models for their quick acceleration, confident highway cruising demeanor and composed handling. We've found the RDX's cabin to be both well-constructed and reasonably spacious, with exceptionally supportive front seats to boot. The RDX also enjoys a strong reputation for overall quality and reliability.

If you're shopping for an RDX, you'll find early models with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, standard all-wheel drive and unusually sporty handling. Later versions of the Acura RDX stand out for their added refinement, power and interior space, and there's also a front-wheel-drive version aimed at buyers in milder climates. Unlike some rivals, the RDX keeps shoppers' lives simple with a generously equipped base model and a straightforward, package-based options structure.

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  • Love my RDX - 2007 Acura RDX
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  • Japanese quality, German performance - 2007 Acura RDX
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    The 2007 model drives and handles like a 5 series BMW. The seats hold you securely on spirited curves. Later models were softened up and "family car" dumbed down. If you want fun, get a 2007. If you want a polite quality family car, get a later model.

  • Significantly Less Value Than Expected - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    First off the technology package is a waste of money and a sad trick Acura has played on buyers. The NAV system is near worthless when programming at a standstill, it is completely worthless once you are moving down the road and the "Technology Package" takes you into voice mode. The voice mode makes you spell out destinations one letter at a time and then, for each letter, goes through a long (10 second) dialog on how to choose the next letter (?). This is really a poor joke on the consumer. The voice recognition system operates with about a 50% accuracy and by the time you get the address entered, you have spent your entire trip arguing with the "Technology Package". Simple fix purchase a $100 Garmin and put it in front of the useless NAV screen. The road noise, harshness, and vibration is horrible the Honda CR-V has a much improved ride over the more expensive Acura. Handling the body roll is annoying and feels downright unstable on twisty roads. Fuel economy, throttle response, and acceleration are dismal on the "Multi-Point/Low Pressure Fuel Injection" compared to "Direct Injection" engines found on other similar and lower priced vehicles of the same vintage and category. The controls and displays are awkward at best and are not at all intuitive. Compared to earlier model Acura vehicles, these "technology" systems have taken a huge step backward. Oh, unlike the cheap Honda CR-V base model, this Acura does not include a rear cargo area floor mat. Imagine that! What can I say about the car that I like... it looks good, the leather feels nice, everything works (albeit its a new car). Ive been a Honda customer over the past 10 years, Honda makes a solid no-frills, trouble free, turn key vehicle. This was my first Acura and this will be my last Acura unless Acura gets serious about building a car to help a driver get from one place to another efficiently, easily, and with minimal frustration. Thank God I only took out a 3 year lease on this buggy Ill be happy to hand the keys back and tell the dealer they can find another Acura customer. Make sure to test drive this vehicle thoroughly (like for several hours and over bumpy twisty roads) before signing on the dotted line.

  • Pearl white gem of a car - 2011 Acura RDX
    By -

    Owned 4 Acuras-Loved them all but this one is the best. Great pickup (turbo), good gas mileage and, like all Acuras, complete dependability.

  • Sensible Luxury at an Affordale Price - 2013 Acura RDX
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    Drive the RDX -- it handles well and is appointed like cars costing much more... and it hold sits value as well. We have enjoyed driving it.

  • 225K and going strong - 2007 Acura RDX
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    Ive had no maintenance or repair problems with my RDX. All maintenance at Acura dealership. No repairs beyond scheduled service. Drive 25K/yr in Northern and Central Valley California. Most miles on I-5 at 70 mph. Also into Sierra foothills in light snow. Acceleration is great entering highway and passing on 2 lane roads. Only negative comments - suspension is very tight. Wonderful for cornering but bothersome on poor roadways at highway speed. I still prefer it to my wifes 2007 MDX. Premium fuel required but knew this when I bought it. Interior is great except center console armrest is thin vinyl that began to wear and tear after 4 years. Mentioned to dealer and they acknowledged that other owners had same complaint. Overall great car, hoping to get 50K more on it waiting for Tesla Model 3.

  • Nice ride - 2015 Acura RDX
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    Reliability of a Honda, better interior, really a great ride. The reliability of the Audi and Volvo scared me away. The move to the 4 cylinder engines have poor performance and depending on where you live, are not that safe to drive. The twin turbo/supercharged engines will obviously have thier issues in time, so this feels like the right choice. However, the BMW, cruises on the open road a bit nicer. This starts pushing the rpms at about 75, while the bmw will cruise up to 100 without breaking a sweat. There are minor advantages to each. Overall, I went with the reliability of the Honda brand. At 13K miles, it has been a great decision.

  • Acura RDX Rules !!!!! - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    I purchased a 2015 RDX, AWD Technology Package in May 2015. As time goes by I love the car even more. It has a smooth, quiet ride, great handling, excellent performance and great fuel economy (23.5 mpg avg). It also has an excellent sound system. The neighbors must wonder why I dont always get out of the car right away when I get home (because I am still listening to the stereo).

  • Worth the Money - 2015 Acura RDX
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    This car gets mpg as advertised. I do mostly highway/suburbia driving and Im at 26 mpg. You can get 30 mpg with all highway if youre light on the gas. I read some suspension complaints, and I understand why theyre here. The back axle is pretty rigid and clunks over rough bumps. Its the only real problem with the car Ive seen so far, but its tolerable. The car handles great and has a smooth, linear power delivery with more than adequate acceleration. The transmission also shifts smoothly. The steering is a bit loose at slow speeds, but picks up heft with speed. Overall, this is a great car for the money.

  • BUY A LEXUS INSTEAD! - 2013 Acura RDX
    By -

    I have owned this car for 1 1/2 years. Soon after purchasing had to have the back shocks replaced (under warranty). The dealer claimed to know nothing about shock problems but the other 4 people that I personally know that have this car have had to have their shocks replaced as well, some more than once. Recently my A/C quit working without incidence or warning. When I called the dealer where I purchased the car I was told "maybe a pebble jumped up and put a hole in your condenser". I dismissed this as very unlikely as I had never heard of such a thing in my 40 years of driving nor did I hear, see or run over anything. Well he was right and since caused by road debris would not honor the warranty. Repair $750. I researched this issue and found that Honda/ Acura had a previous class action suit settled in 2010 for 38.5 Million FOR THE EXACT SAME PROBLEMS!!!!!! Suit claimed placed where road debris can hit it easily and thin metal was used. Said "Parts that fail and they know it". My husband called Acura Customer Service which is apparently a joke. Explained we owned a Honda Pilot and CRV previously and purchased the RDX and TSX to upgrade to a premium car. Again a joke. They refused to fix under warranty or even discount the repair at all. Apparently no concern that we have purchased 4 vehicles. NOT ANYMORE!!!! They apparently are still having A/C condenser failing issues. Any of you Attorneys want a class action?

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