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The Acura MDX is a midsize luxury SUV with a carlike unibody platform and three rows of seats. The original MDX bowed in 2001, at a time when most competitors still featured body-on-frame construction and the term "crossover" was but a glimmer in some marketer's eye. Since then, Acura has maintained the MDX's family-friendly packaging, including standard seven-passenger seating, while spicing up the recipe with various styling, performance and handling enhancements. In typical Acura fashion, every MDX comes well equipped, with options generally limited to a few choice features bundled into packages.

New or used, the Acura MDX stands out for its comfort, versatility and refinement. It's one of our top recommendations for a family-oriented luxury crossover SUV. In reviews, we've found the MDX to be a polished performer, as it remains one of the more engaging luxury crossovers to drive and also provides a commendably supple ride. Weak points include cramped third-row accommodations for adults and less sumptuous interior appointments than in some rivals, though the MDX's strong resale value offers ample compensation.

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  • Great SUV. - 2006 Acura MDX
    By -

    if you are thinking about purchasing the SUV just do it. I just bought mine and its 10 years old. This vehicle runs like a 2016. Smooth ride, quiet cabin and plenty of leg room.

  • 210K miles - going strong - paid for itself - 2001 Acura MDX
    By -

    Bought this brand new when it first came out in 2001 when my daughter was born so we had space to change baby diapers in the back and was safe for the whole family. It was a fantastic new car on the scene. Well, 15 years later, my daughter is 15 now and learning to drive and she will inherit the MDX as her first car to drive around. It has 210K miles on it. Its mostly been trouble free. Transmission went at 129K so was out of any warranty. (Apparently the early models, including mine, used a GM transmission as Acura had not quiet gotten their transmission ready for the car, later models used Acura transmission). The transmission rebuild cost $4500 but included a special attachment to the radiator to resolve the heating problem that these transmission had. On this second transmission, the car is now at 210K miles and it looks like it would probably do another 20K-40K without much problems. Changed battery 4 times (we live mostly in hot climate). Changed Tires 4-5 times. Changed brakes twice. Three timing belt jobs. One 100K tune up. Countless air filter and oil changes. Leak in power steering fixed (twice). A/C hose replaced. Engine mounts replaced under warranty. Catalytic converter went at 160K miles...feel I have spend $6-7K on all the repairs and normal maintenance over the years including wear and tear items like Battery, Tire, Brakes , Wipers etc....that works out to less than $500 per year which is not bad at all. I feel part of the issue with car trouble is crooked dealers who try to get you to replace items which dont need immediate replacement. Unless its an obvious problem impacting safety and drivability dont replace the item unless you are convinced it needs replacing. Car still looks new after 15 years. Amazing paint job. And guess what, didnt like the look of the new 2014 MDX so bought a nice new Range Rover - very fancy - but after 2 years and numerous problems, I traded it in for an UGLY but hopefully much more reliable 2016 MDX. New 2001 MDX touring bought for $37K in California in 2001. New 2016 MDX Base model bought for $39K in Texas in 2016...which was $5K off the MSRP due to up coming model change over.

  • Good choice for a used vehicle - 2008 Acura MDX
    By -

    This car has a lot of nice features that are not normally considered when looking for a new vehicle: handle grips for getting in and out, sunglasses holder above the mirror, hidden storage area inside the shifter console. I bought mine used, have had it for four years, and am very pleased with its comfort and performance. Dealership maintenance can be expensive but a good local shop can keep it running at an affordable cost. Head turning quotient is excellent.

  • Transmission failed at 45000 miles - 2010 Acura MDX
    By -

    I am the original owner and bought it in April 2010. The car was awesome to drive at beginning. It had pulling issue and grinding noise at low speed when turning the car right after leaving dealer. Both these issues got TSB from Acura later on. The grinding noise was not fixed since TSB came after warranty expired. After 2 years, the MPG went bad from 1 tank for 300 miles down to 200 miles locally and we need to down shift to passed another car. At 45000 miles or 5 1/2 years, the transmission failed. MPG went back to 300 miles for 1 tank of gas but the transmission is shifting so slow now. I bought it since I love its performance and handling. My next SUV will be Lexus RX 350 since I bought lexus gs 350 and it changed me. I have been honda acura brand fan for 15 years and it is over now except Formula 1 Honda LoL

  • Great Car - But be aware - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    Car is great overall! Be sure to check for covered recalls and ensure the electronic transmission has been evaluated.

  • looking for another newer one. - 2005 Acura MDX
    By -

    This car is good looking not trendy, dependable, strong and luxurious. What else could you want.

  • Overall -Best car Ive owned - 2011 Acura MDX
    By -

    In 5 years and 80k miles the repair bills have been $0, outside of routine maintenance. New tires & brakes last month, 79,000miles each and still had wear to go ( not much). Terrible nav system, Acura is UN-responsive and so is the supplier. Gets lost-cant even find the local hospital. Entertainment system is good but not worth the money. the Tech Package is a rip off. HVAC has some quirks but OK. Backup lights are weak - buy some LED "reflector" type bulbs from Amazon $20. gas milage is poor 18-20. ACC - adaptive cruise control is FANTASTIC. cant wait for lane holding etc. Super luxury it is not -but a nice car that always runs (so far) and doesnt break you wallet.

  • A little old ladies darling - 2002 Acura MDX
    By -

    I wouldnt even consider selling it accept for wanting all the new safety equipment that is now available. No issues with repairs other than scheduled maintenance. We liked it so much that we purchased a second one just like it accept it is a 2005 model. I dont like that you must use premium fuel in it.

  • You wont be disappointed! Great handling SUV! - 2009 Acura MDX
    By -

    Best SUV Ive ever driven and owned. Take a test drive and see for yourself. Bought it used with noisy directional tread tires, replaced them with Acura OEM tires ... wow, what a difference.

  • Another great Acura MDX - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

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