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  • Love my CL Type S - 2003 Acura CL
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  • 246 K - 1999 Acura CL
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    After 246K oil leak so I found a low miles motor rebuilt trans now good for 150 K more I am not the best at maintenance. This car has guts and classy too.

  • Long Live the Acura CL - 1998 Acura CL
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    Absolutely loved this car. The way it drove, handled, the comfort, and everything! Strongly reliable and its so quiet in the cab. For a small car it also had some kick. Also this car still has some style if kept in good condition. Would definitely recommend this vehicle for anybody. I had to sell mine due to an expanding family and Im still wishing I kept it!

  • 300,000 plus - 1999 Acura CL
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    I havent. Had trans issue I got the car in 2012 with 181,000 replace starter ,battery ,

  • Like a old pair of worn out boots - 2001 Acura CL
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    2001 CL type-S Aesthetically it is terrible. The clear coat is really thin so the paints fades in spots and on the edges. The fake "wood" trim peels off everywhere in the interior. The interior hardware is really sturdy other than the trim and the cover for the front cup holders. The tranny had issues with the torque converter which was a recall but Honda took care of that. The trainsmission slipped rarely for a few years after that but works ok 7 years later. The Engine is a diamond. It wont die on me even though I wanted it too so the wife would let me get a new car. I really dont treat the engine the respect it deserves. The O2 sensors quit on me 8 years ago and I use nothing but regular gas. Oil change 3 to 4 times a year with regular oil. The car runs rich due to my negligence but passes emissions every time. I get between 16.8 and 17.2 mpg city driving. My assessment...the car is like a pair of old work boots that gets uglier in time but wont wear out. Its dependable

  • Perfect Combination of Sport and Luxury - 2003 Acura CL
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    I am really enjoying driving this car! It blends sport and luxury perfectly. You have all the luxury features you would expect out of an Acura such as leather seats, memory seats, climate control, heated seats, Bose stereo, Xenon headlights, etc. But with the CL-S you get the quicker 260 hp/232 lb-tq engine and the 6-speed manual makes it a thrill to drive. It handles great but the suspension isnt too rough for daily driving. The Honda-made J32 engine is extremely reliable and should last for many more years to come. I cant think of too many other cars that combine all of this in one package. If you can find one with the 6-speed, buy it now!

  • My beloved CL 3.0 - 1997 Acura CL
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    I sold my Acura CL 3.0 in March of 2015 to buy the new more practical Honda CRV EX-L. I bought this car new in 1997 and didnt realize how much I loved it, until it was gone. At 198,500 miles and 18+ years it was time because I felt it was becoming less dependable, and much bigger repair bills were on the way. The day I bought it I walked into Acura to buy the 4 cylinder 2.2 CL with cloth seats, and drove away with the much more powerful six cylinder 3.0 CL, with heated leather seats, lots of other goodies, and the super cool alloy wheels. It was a blast, and Im so glad I did it. Best looking interior I have ever seen in a car. Even now! Great job Acura &Honda. As of May 2016, I still see this car around town from time to time. They guy who bought it from my mechanic loves it, but he doesnt take care of it like I did. The last time saw it parked on the street, I had never seen it so dirty. Today I am still glad that went out and bought the new 2015 Honda CRV. It makes a lot more sense for me in this time of my life. BUT.......... if then I had extra parking space the old Acura it would probably be sitting in it, right next to my new Honda CRV. I hope I never miss another car like I did this one!

  • Love this car - 2003 Acura CL
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    Bought a 2003 acura 3.2 cl 2 years ago from a friend of mine who owns a mechanic shop, and I must say that this car is an amazing car, the engine sounds great and at times I would just turn the radio off just to listen to the engine purr as it has a distinct sound to it that sounds so good, the only issue Ive had so far is with the power steering making a whining noise which turns out to be the power steering pump, but otherwise this is a great car, I updated the deck to a double din screen, hooked up a back up camera to it and installed an amplifier with an 18 inch sub woofer and now my wife is driving in style lol....I will buy another cl for myself.

  • Best vehicle Ive ever owned/driven - 1997 Acura CL
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    I bough this car with 160K on it, its now at 173K. The previous owner abused this car and Im currently in the process of getting it back to its former glory. Fun to drive, absolutely amazing sound system, decent on gas, decently quick, theres just so much to this car. But my favorite thing I discovered today. I was in an accident. A reckless driver rear ended me, I was at a stop, he was doing about 40mph. I drove away in that car. Theres very little damage, more damage was done to his 2012 accord. The doctor at the ER said I should be in much worse shape but Im fine. I dont know what that cars made of, but I fell in love all over again. Thank you, my little acura, for saving me today.

  • Just Be Cautious - 2001 Acura CL
    By -

    My uncle got the car new in 2001. He gave it to me 3 years ago with 93,000mi on it (nothing for a Honda) within the first 3 months of having it at 96,000mi the transmission died. This was the first of my problems. The side motor mount as well as front, were worn out so much they were not holding the engine in place anymore. At 123,867mi when I HAD to give it up because of the enormity of problems it was having Acura quoted me at $4,895 for all the repairs. List of items that needed replacement: All four rotors, brake pads(normal), All four struts with the coils because they were "weak", both front CV axels, and the front passenger brake caliper. Maybe I just had bad luck but just be weary.

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