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  • What a piece of junk! - 1992 Chevrolet Beretta
    By -

    Where do I start...horrible ergonomics (GM couldnt even be bothered to make the drivers seat line up with the steering wheel), sub-Happy Meal-quality interior trim, interior and exterior parts fell off at random, crappy 3 speed auto sucked out every last iota of performance the 3100 V6 had in it (which wasnt much to begin with), leaked water in the rain, transmission was toast at 70K miles. Unless someone is paying you to take one of these cars, you dont want one.

  • Its OK, not great - 1995 Chevrolet Beretta
    By -

    Now, Ive had mine for about 4 months and compared to my first car and my second car the Beretta is a family car, yes, even the z26. All my other cars are faster off the line and down the track. The only good thing I can say about the Beretta is that it does get good mileage for a V6 and it does get me from point a to point b with out any problems. I would get this car for a young driver but not for the thrill seeker

  • Stressed - 1996 Chevrolet Beretta
    By -

    This car was awful. Problems with the headlights. The alternator went out three times while I had it. The ABS system, continued to have problems squeaking, and grabbing. The road noise so bad, I was glad when I reached my destination just for the silence. Issues, issues, issues. I was so very stressed waiting for that moment I knew was coming, she died in an intersection, with me by her side, glad shes gone

  • Junk - 1990 Chevrolet Beretta
    By -

    Biggest piece of junk I owned. I will just list a few of the things I replaced that I can think of off the top of my head. Ball joints, radiator, 4 injectors, 3 wheel barings, 2+ CV joints, muffler, leaks oil, digital dash goes in and out, clutch, window motor, blower motor, AC compressor, brakes, brake pistons, transmission mount. Ill stop there but I am sure there were more things. Heck all of those things were replaced between 4/98-10/00 then I gave the thing away free because I hated the thing so much! There was a radio station where I lived that said "Crank up the volume so you dont hear that funny noise your car is making" and that is exactly what i always did with that junker!

  • I wouldnt buy one. - 1992 Chevrolet Beretta
    By -

    Hi, about one month ago I went and bought my first car went out and bought a 92 Chevy Beretta GT black with the teal pinstripe and teal and crome wheels looks perfect never seen a car look so good with its age. The car has just a little over 76000 miles on it and i bought it on its looks. I have done more work to this car then i knew could be done had to have regular work done yeah ok but i had to replace the head because it was cracked the started struts radiator and who knows what next my recommendation is not to buy one i am already ready to sell it.

  • dont waste your time - 1990 Chevrolet Beretta
    By -

    i have never seen so many problems with a car within 3 years! i have had the brakes changed(pads and rotors) fuel pump, 4 of the 6 fuel injectors had to be changed, the altenator, and the transmission 2x. i finally got rid of the piece of junk when the thing wouldnt pass the emmissions test. it also just started getting transmission problems again. do a favor and look into foreign cars. HONDA. i disliked them at first(only because i was all for american) but now am a total believer in them.

  • Unreliable vehicle - 1995 Chevrolet Beretta
    By -

    Nothing but problems from the beginning when pruchased NEW! Brake problems constantly, ABS problems, cloth seat covers not holding up at all, "plastic" console cracked, replaced and cracked again! The elastic on the visors wore out in no time. Door lock broken. Hood latch cable broken. Gas gauge works intermittenly. Defroster vents on dash board loose. A/C lost its cool! Original tires lasted 30,000 miles.

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