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  • A Safe, Comfortable, Practical Luxury Car - 2016 Volvo XC60
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    My vehicle priorities have included safety, comfort, durability/fuel economy, and carrying capacity (cargo, dogs etc.), in about that order. This is our 4th Volvo since 1990. The other 3 were wagons (a 240 and 2 V70s). The last one we bought now is about 12 years old with over 220K miles; until this past month it has required little more than routine maintenance but now it is starting to show its age. Good price incentives in July encouraged me to buy new. I chose the XC60 over another 70 series mostly for the styling and extra ground clearance in the XC60, and because cargo capacity isn't as big a priority for us anymore. The XC60 is a very comfortable car with supportive front seats and enough leg, shoulder and head room for my above average male body size. The drive-e engine delivers surprisingly good fuel economy for a car this heavy, yet acceleration also is more than adequate for my needs. The leather seats are beautiful, although I would have preferred the cloth upholstery that has held up so well in my old V70 for 12 years. Another thing I miss is the fold-flat front passenger seat in the V70, which allowed me occasionally to carry long items such as lumber (but then, I wouldn't want to do that in a car this nice). The infotainment system keeps me entertained and informed with more choices than I really need. It's a little more complicated than I would have preferred and I'm afraid it will seem dated within a few years. The "premier" version is nicely equipped as-is, without adding expensive options. If you're comparing alternatives, Subaru is another (less expensive) make I'd consider, especially if you want AWD. Volvo prices seem to run lower than you'd pay for most Lexus, Audi, BMW or Mercedes models (unless you get into the bigger, more expensive 90 series, which would've been more than we need).

  • Great Vehicle - 2016 Volvo XC60
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    Great car with a lot of features. The 6cyl turbo has awesome power and gets this up and going quick, unfortunately they replaced it an eco engine for the newer models.

  • Love my new Volvo - 2016 Volvo XC60
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  • Loving it! - 2016 Volvo XC60
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    My R design with E drive is very economical, easy on gas...but accelerates like a rocket, great performance. Super comfortable interior, and a super solid Volvo design as I would expect. No flimsy feeling doors on a Volvo! I highly recommend

  • A bumpy ride - 2016 Volvo XC60
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    Paid about 47K for the Platinum package and in general pretty nice car. It's my wife's driver and she's very happy with it. This car is way too rough on bumps etc. My 37K new Honda Pilot is a plush ride comparatively. The XC is peppy and really kicks it, but I'm very disappointed with the joltiness of the ride. The tech package is OK, but lacks walk away locking and you pay a monthly extra for remote start. The driver/passenger heat/ac lacks synching which has become fairly common.

  • 2016 T6 - 2016 Volvo XC60
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    This car is definitely one of the best when comparing price, luxury brands, as-well-as performance. Leased a 2016 Volvo XC 60 T-6 AWD for my company and it definitely doesn't lack in performance. The shifting is smooth, no lag in power, & fast is definitely the way to describe it, around 6.5 sec from 0-60. The interior has a lot of room for all the passengers and gear, especially for going out of town. Handling can use a little bit of work, but for the size & height of the vehicle it meets my expectations. Compared to my previous Audi Q5 & Mercedes ML the Volvo is an Excellent car.

  • Best of Europe - 2016 Volvo XC60
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    This is my second Volvo and the first one I had went over 100,000 miles with no service calls outside of general maintenance. Volvo is known for safety but I bought it for comfort and the quality of the interior. I think Volvo gives you a better product than it's German competitors.

  • Love the Drive-E T6 - 2016 Volvo XC60
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    I just leased a new XC 60 AWD with the new Drive-E T6 engine with the turbo and supercharger with the 8 speed transmission. Am coming from a 2009 X3 3.0si with stick shift. This is the first automatic transmission I have owned in years and I am REALLY impressed with the engine/transmission combination. Drove 200 miles on 2 lane roads the last couple of days and did lots of passing. Shift into sport mode and stomp on it and the acceleration is instant. No hunting for gears at all and in sport mode the transmission really holds a gear. Even in regular mode I've been impressed with the transmission. Well worth the extra couple of grand for the Drive-E T6 engine. Ride quality is very nice, better than the BMW. Handling isn't quite as good as the X3 but is fine for the kind of driving I usually do. I'm very happy with my choice, having looked at the X3 and Q5 too. Much better value for the money than the X3 and wanted the extra room of the XC60 compared to the Q5.

  • Great car for a long commute - 2016 Volvo XC60
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    I bought a 2016 XC60 T5 Premier in Flamenco Red with the Soft Beige leather interior. The only option is the BLIS package. I drive 160 miles a day, mostly on interstate. The XC60 is great on the highway: Smooth, fast enough, quiet, stable, and big enough to inspire confidence. I get about 28 MPG on the highway using regular gas. I generally cruise between 75 and 80 mph, and the XC60 is a fun, satisfying, soothing car to get home in. And while it’s not a sports car, the XC60 is also fun and comfortable on twisty back roads. It’s small enough to feel nimble and pointable—not at all trucky. I can’t compare it to an X3 or Q5, but it compares favorably to my previous Mazda3, especially given the Volvo’s different mission in life. Good steering feel, balance, grip, and braking. The seats are great once you get them right. That took some doing but now I have a great position saved in memory. The leather and other materials seem nice now, but a year-old used one I looked at had not held up well. It had done time in New Mexico—I’m hoping the heat was a factor. The only feature I would change is the start-stop system. It’s an interesting idea and sometimes works well, but more often is an annoyance. It should be permanently defeatable, instead of having to be turned off every time. I also think a back-up camera should be standard, especially from a company known for safety. And it’s a little more rattly than the Japanese cars I’ve owned, but I kind of expected that. Overall this is a great car for me right now. Comfortable, classy, fuel-efficient, satisfying to drive, and, as long as it’s reliable, I’m looking forward to my three daughters using up whatever’s left of it when I’m done.

  • Safety and comfort - 2016 Volvo XC60
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    Review for Volvo Volvo has been around for decades and have been setting the safety standard for years. Not only are volvos safe, but there also comfortable, stylish/perform well, dependable, and affordable. I am a very picky person when it comes to cars and it takes a lot for me to consider a car. When I look at buying a car I look at the overall styling of it, if it is comfortable or not, if it is dependable, but above all I look at how safe it is and in my opinion volvo blows all of these categories out of proportion. SAFETY- As I said before Volvo has been setting the safety standard for years; they have come out with everything from the three point seat belt or pedestrian detection with full auto brake to auto pilot system on cars. Volvo cares deeply about the safety of their buyers and unlike other car brands that put luxury first or convenience they put safety first. All Volvos come standard with a pre-collision system called city safety. In my opinion volvo cars are the safest cars on the road today. COMFORTABLE- Volvo also cares about how comfortable its passengers are. Volvo has gone as far to have special seats designed by orthopedic surgeons to make the ride of a volvo more comfortable. They use very nice soft to the touch materials in their cars that its passenger appreciate. STYLING AND PERFORMANCE- Volvo has sleek designs that set them apart from other auto maker from there Thor Hammer headlights to their distinctive long LED taillights. When you see a Volvo on the road (especially the new ones) you can tell it's a Volvo because of the sleek styling of it.I think that Volvo does a great job of making their cars head turners. For years Volvo did an ok job in the performance, but in the last decade they have really been improving the performance of their cars. All their cars come standard with turbocharge engines, but for those who want a little more of a driving experience like me, you can get a special line of Volvo called the R-Design. The R-designs come with special turbo engines tuned by the Swedish racing company Polestar (Polestar also tunes the suspension of the car). I own a Volvo XC60 R-Design which is a crossover and it feels like I’m driving a sports car like the Lexus IS or BMW 3 Series. Dependability- Volvos are very reliable I have never had a major issue with mine and neither have my family members who have one. There a little more expensive to work on but they’re worth it. AFFORDABILITY- Volvos have a long range of price tags, but for what they are there very reasonably priced. There prices range from lower $30,000-well over $90,000 in the U.S., but you can get a year old volvo in the 20's.

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