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This Year's Model Updates:

Front-wheel-drive Volvo XC60 trims get new engines for 2015 along with the moniker "Drive-E." The T5 Drive-E has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, while the T6 Drive-E has a novel turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder. These engines are paired to an equally new eight-speed automatic transmission. The "2015.5" XC60s (models produced after June 2014) receive Volvo's updated telematics systems (On Call and Sensus Connect) and some changes to standard and optional equipment. Finally, the 3.2-liter engine in the XC60 3.2 AWD will be replaced midyear by a turbocharged five-cylinder engine (and renamed the T5 AWD) on 2015.5 models.

  • Superb crash scores
  • Supportive seats
  • Generous cargo space.
  • Distinctive cabin design
  • Energetic and efficient four-cylinder engines
  • Well-balanced ride and handling
  • Sluggish 3.2 AWD model
  • Rear seat doesn't recline.

User Reviews:

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  • Throttle lag - 2015 Volvo XC60
    By -

    My car has an unsafe throttle lag when starting up from a rolling or very slow speed. I've almost been hit several times trying to get into heavy traffic. Dealer has had the car for 15 days over 3 visits. Fault codes say nothing is wrong and car is performing as designed. They will do nothing more. The car is unsafe and I want it fixed but dealer and factory says it's ok. I say it is broken. I love all other aspects of the car. Problem started when the car was driven out of the dealer lot brand new. Service manager recognizes something is wrong but without computer proof can do nothing.

  • Ed's Survey - 2015 Volvo XC60
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  • First and Definitely Last Volvo - 2015 Volvo XC60
    By -

    Safety features are outstanding, but after driving car for 2 months, each day is as frustrating as the last in how poorly designed the interior is. Virtually no place to store things. In order to reach something easily (while driving), it has to be in one of the two cup holders. Bluetooth and iPod functionality is unintuitive. I have had to memorize exactly what will work when, which has relieved some of that frustration. Lots of reviewers praise the comfort; it has been more comfortable than Toyota Highlander, but not by much. Most frustrating : the poor service of ONLY Volvo dealer in my area. Not having a choice for service has been a major mistake.

  • So far so good - 2015 Volvo XC60
    By -

    looked at everything in the $35K price range, saw this Volvo Used with 14K miles for $35,300. Beat out Edge and Murano, way less than Audi or X3. Drives very smooth, amazing seats, great acceleration. Didn't like Volvo's newer 4cyl engines, too raspy and sounded like they were working way too hard. Went for the 6 cyl. So far very glad. WE are averaging 24 MPG combined for the 30 days.

  • Second Volvo and Even Happier - 2015 Volvo XC60
    By -

    This is my second Volvo and I traded in my Volvo S60 to buy the XC60. I was looking for more space without sacrificing good looks and performance. I love the XC60. Volvo makes a great quality product for a good price. And since the car takes 87 octane and 5 years free maintenance, the cost of ownership is really good. Also the service department at the dealership that I purchased both my Volvos from is phenomenal. The service staff is very professional and always helpful. I would encourage anyone in the market for a car to take a look at the Volvo.

  • All-around Family SUV - 2015 Volvo XC60
    By -

    iI never regret to buy this car. There is nothing I disliked about this car! Engine is powerful, handling is more than enough from me (don't usually drive on the rural roads, so don't do sharp turns). Fuel Economy is not a strong suit, but it is well above 22mpg for mine, which is not bad at all for a turbocharged V6 engine. Interior design is elegant, I got black dash with creme leather, also a contrast color steering wheel which I love, the infotainment system is well designed, no stupid touch screen, and I love buttons, it's just so easy to use! Also, there are many little features that make you happy about this car, such as the interior lighting while driving and a lot more.

  • Love My Car - 2015 Volvo XC60
    By -

    I bought the 2015 Volvo XC60 as a demo with low miles about six weeks ago and I really like it. The ride is smooth and fast, and stereo system is crisp. I love the rain sensor, and I really appreciate all the safety features (parking assist, BLIS, rear camera). There are a few things I would change about the interior design though. For example, the design of space for storage between the front seats is not very practical. The cup holders are also positioned so that can they interfere with the gearshift. The navigation/sensor software is functional but not very intuitive, especially compared to systems in other luxury brands. Overall though, I am happy with my purchase.

  • Good for family with only 1 child - 2015 Volvo XC60
    By -

    I purchased a 2016 XC60 this past December since I had a brand new baby and felt we needed a SUV for safety. The SUV is overall very safe im sure but the accessibility of the backseat is ridiculous. I cannot tell you how many times ive hit my head trying to maneuver my sons car seat into the middle seat. The only way you can easily get a car seat in the backseat is if you move either the driver seat or the passenger seat forward almost completely. My husband is 6'1" so if he is driving you may as well count the driver side of the car out in terms of being able to put a baby into the back. For the amount of money we paid for the vehicle i assumed the backseat would be comfortable which it is not for an adult. I am only 5'4" and am incredibly uncomfortable when i sit in the backseat with my son, to the point where you have to sit sideways because your legs have practically no room. I feel this is a HUGE design flaw on Volvo's part! If you only have 1 child and don't count on having any more then this is the car for you. However if you plan on having more kids good luck to them being comfortable in the back seat! I cannot wait until it is time to buy a new vehicle which is unfortunate because I heard such great things about Volvo's but probably will never buy another one again!

  • My last Volvo - 2015 Volvo XC60
    By -

    While this car drives well it's given me a ton of problems, generating a lot of repair costs and frustration. While under warranty I had lots of little problems, and the check engine light came on so regularly I ended up having to buy a code checker to avoid constant trips to the dealership or somewhere like autozone to have it read. One of the reasons it kept going off was the gas tank was visible machined poorly, so no matter how well I attached the cap the check engine light for emissions would come on. It also burned through oil on a few occasions. I took it to the dealership immediately, but they couldn't ever find anything wrong. Other problems were generally small issues like sensors or spark plugs going bad. These were an inconvenience, but they weren't major and were covered by the warranty so I didn't care too much at the time . At about 55,000 miles the car suddenly started emitting a very high pitched squeal. I made plans to take it to the dealership the next morning. In the morning the check engine light was on, and it also started revving uncontrollably when stopped at stop lights. Eventually they informed me the bearings in both cam shafts went bad, and the thermostat needed replaced. This was about a $3000 repair cost, and they said it would take about a week because they had to order the parts. It took the dealer 7 WEEKS to repair my car. They seemed incapable of ordering the right parts or ordering all the parts they need. They did not keep me informed at all, and I constantly had to call and check in. Half the time they weren't able to provide me a time estimate at all, and they other half of the time they said it would only be another couple days. I spoke to Volvo corporate, left messages for the manager, etc, all to no avail. Finally they called and said it would be ready the next day, only for them to discover something else wrong with the car. When they finally finished all the repairs I picked up the car, and immediately noticed how heavy the steering felt. I thought it was just because I'd been driving a different loaner vehicle for the past 7 weeks (Honestly it had been so long I kept reaching for the wrong controls in my car once I got it back). However, after a couple more days it became clear something is now wrong with the power steering. Now I have to decide whether to take it back to the same dealership and see if they will fix it for no/reduced cost since it was likely the result of something they did, or take it to a different dealership which might provide better service. Either way this is definitely my last Volvo ever. We were thinking about an XC90 for my wife, but now there is no way we'll even consider it. About the only thing positive I have to say about the car is that it averaged about 28-30mpg for me, but the savings isn't worth the other costs and frustrations.

  • Best seats ever, buy this SUV for the seats alone - 2015 Volvo XC60
    By -

    Go on one good long drive in this Volvo and you'll see why this car is a great deal, being cheaper than luxury cars, but a step up from your standard choices. The seats aren't noticeably different from other cars until you get up after a long drive and realize how much better you feel than if you were sitting in a normal car that long. I bought an R-Design for the looks and it has a ridiculous amount of power. I have also driven non-R-design versions and they are also quite good and much cheaper. Note that you do get the occasional false alarm from the forward collision warning system, but I'd rather have one or two false alarms then get in a collision.

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