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  • Good Value - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
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    I bought the Tiguan because I wanted a small SUV that could get out of its own way and have good handling. It does both of those things very well. The gas mileage has been better than advertised. I get 20 mpg around town and have got 31 mpg on the highway. The downside is I use 93 octane which VW recommends for best performance. All in all the Tiguan handles very well, and it feels like a sedan except in extreme cases of cornering or maneuvering. Cons: My 2 complaints about the Tiguan is first, the engine sounds like a diesel on acceleration. The dealership told me that it is the injectors that make the noise. The dealer let me drive another one, and it made the same engine noise. My second complaint is the automatic transmission. It shifts slow whether in sport mode or manually shifting because it isn't a dual clutch. Even with those two complaints, I am glad I bought the Tiguan because it is fun to drive, and it feels more expensive than it is. The quality of the materials and the fit and finish is flawless. The rain sensing windshield wipers and heated seats are fantastic. The lumbar support in the driver's seat makes long trips enjoyable. I would recommend it to friends.

  • Love and Hate. - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
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    I bought the 2016 Tiguan S fwd in November 2015 (9months ago) as my first brand new car loved it at first but now I'm just okay with it. A few problems I've ran into is strictly with the dealership. When purchasing the base model we was told we could upgrade our stereo system to have navigation and XM radio added, after purchasing the car we took it back to have the upgrades service told us that it's not compatible? Another issue, my anti lock brakes are activating for no reason making it hard to stop its happened 3 or 4 times since I've owned it on smooth dry roads. Brought it to the closest dealership 30miles away for them to tell me they can't pull my warranty information I had to take it to the dealership I bought it from 50miles away. Why?? I've had it in the dealership 3times now for the antilock brakes and service says it's not throwing a code nothing is wrong with it bring it back when it happens again.. Some pro's about the Tiguan I really like how the car handles and the fwd does excellent in snow. MPG is great! I average about 29mpg combined (better than advertised).I like that the base models comes loaded. Heated leatherette seats, heated mirrors, push button start, kessy, auto headlights, rain sensing wipers, Bluetooth and back up camera. Con's, turning radius isn't all that great and the transmission shift points are a bit sloppy, mirrors are really small, anti lock brakes activating is concerning... The support from the dealership is terrible. I'm developing a bad taste for VW

  • Good pick for its class - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
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    The Tiguan S can be had for a reasonable 24k and you get what you pay for, average all around but a superior driving experience compared to the competition. The CRV and RAV4 are more reliable and get better gas mileage but the VW almost feels like a GTI on stilts. The finishes are fine, the seats are comfortable, the turbo 4 gets you into traffic or into the fast lane if that's where you're headed. The headrests create blind spots but overall visibility is average and far better than American competition. Gas mileage fluctuates at 25-26 mpg using mid grade and commuting around DC. Not luxury but not cheap. Decent little commuter if you're sick of a sedan but don't need the utility of a bigger vehicle.

  • BMW light - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
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    As much space, comfort, and technology as the BMW, Audi, and Mercedes in its class, but with a significantly reduced price. We prefer German engineering, but it doesn't feel like we moved out of a luxury car class.

  • 2016 VW Tiguan is Teriffic! - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
    By -

    This is a small German SUV. It is also the basis for other VW family models. Wonderful German feel and luxury while not breaking the bank. The 2016 model has many features standard that were available on high end models before. While the Tiguan doesn't have many gadgets it is a very capable vehicle. We looked at others and it came down to the Mazda CX-5 and Tiguan. We bought the Tiguan and are thrilled with it. We have owned a Nissan Rogue but I would say the VW is a better vehicle for the same money. The vehicle has a lot of value and should be explored especially for those people not looking for what everyone else is driving.

  • More than the Reviews would tell you - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
    By -

    I have always driven either a sedan or a hatch all my life. Except for the higher seats, it pretty much drives like a sedan. So when I really needed to buy an SUV for the longer drives and tougher terrain, I did a lot of research. Sure enough, you will get all the tech you want on all of the other brands (moon-roof, better infotainment, GPS navigation). For that, I drove the Subaru Crosstrek and even the Mazda CX5 prior to the purchase. But at the price point of the VW Tiguan, it just had the qualities I really wanted in an SUV. Stronger than the average engine, solid and premium driving performance, AWD, and being more like a compact SUV were all that made me decide. I initially had thoughts if I made the right decision because of all the bad reviews. But day after day of driving it makes me think that I made the right decision. It just grows on me everyday. In the end, it just depends on what you want in your SUV.

  • Great Ride - But Typical VW - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
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    Now had 2+ months with SUV. Nice SUV, handles well, accelerates well, amazing breaks and nice handling. But in typical VW fashion, all the technological gadgets fall well short of expectations. The car is equipped with Apple Play, which is supposed to integrate with I-Phone. Well, it does, but then starts glitching when switching between phone/texts and transitioning back to radio which sometimes just stops working altogether. Sometimes (often) when connecting the i-phone through USB, the connection fails. Its frustrating and I prefer to not use this feature altogether. Sound system is poor, sound distribution not designed well the sound is poor. Although the gas mileage is acceptable for an SUV - the gas tank appears to be small and if you do any type of regular driving, you'd have to refuel every other day.

  • Welcome to the family Tiggy - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
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    We presently own two NMS Passat TDI's. We'll turn in our SE and keep the SEL due to Dieselgate. Allow me to make a fair comparison... Tiguan is a different vehicle than Passat but very much the same in many ways. Tiguan is smaller than the NMS and the gas engine doesn't readily compare with the TDI. That said, Tiguan is a VERY nice, though pricey, vehicle. Interior room is fairly small, but anyone complaining should have noted this before buying. Over the road economy seems to hover at about 26 mpg while our TDI's push well over 40 mpg. Tiguan has less bells and whistles than the competition and compares favorably with the NMS SEL.. Not a bad thing really as most of the lauded innovations on other vehicles are more of a distraction than of benefit. Comfort, handling, and overall quality is superior to the competition in my opinion. So far 1600 miles without a single complaint. Bang for the buck? Probably NOT a bargain if you like Toyota, Kia, Ford, or Honda and others. On the other hand a real bargain when compared to the Audi or MB offerings which really aren't that much nicer than Tiguan. Bottom line? My wife saw it and the hunt was over. I think the Panther Gray put it over the top.

  • 2016 S - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
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    I've been leading a 2016 Tiguan S for about a month and so far I am very happy with it. The stock stereo is great, it rides and drives like a Golf, the interior is well thought out and feels much higher quality than its price would imply. Not sure if VW rates their engines at the wheels but every FWD model I've seen dyno results on matches VW's power output claim, so in reality the engine is likely putting out 230+hp and 240+lb-ft, and it feels like it. I'm coming from a modified, 400hp Taurus SHO so I was expecting a huge let down. I'm quite happy with the getup and go this car has. I'm also averaging 20.5 mpg in the city (actual city) and 28 on the highway with cruise at 75. Now for my complaints: no satellite radio on the base model. Seriously? Almost everyone else has that. As a satellite radio subscriber this let me down, but not enough to outshine the merits of the rest of the car Trunk is small. Very small. Like can't fit my collie mix comfortably in the back with the rear seats fully reclined. Fortunately this can be overcome by sliding or angling the seats forward. All things considered I think this is the most underrated small SUV on the market

  • Not too big, not too small - 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan
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    We have had our 2016 Tiguan for a month. Prior to that a trouble free 2012 Passat. Overall the reviews are dead on. For us, cargo room doesn't factor into the selection but interior passenger room, comfort and features factor in greatly. The Tiguan will not disappoint in that area. Performance is more than adequate ride and handling are almost the same as the Passat. There is some hint of body roll which is expected. Not to be forgotten is this is not a shoddy Mexican VW but imported from Germany. While the design is not the latest trendy angular design, it is a classic styling exercise which wears well. Pros: First Rate audio system with MIB II. Great connectivity and better control layout than prior versions, Performance, Ride and Handling all above average. Cons: Older design with 3 stars in offset front end impacts. Less than average fuel economy and no SiriusXM on S model. In conclusion, if you purchase this vehicle it is because the positives matter to you and the negatives are overlooked. In short, stand out in the crowd and laugh that no one else has figured out what a great all around vehicle this is for $24k

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