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The big news for the 2014 Jetta is its new 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine, which replaces the underwhelming five-cylinder that powered the Jetta for many years. There's also a handful of equipment updates, including a standard independent rear suspension, an available rearview camera and VW Car-Net telematics.

  • Smooth ride quality
  • Good fuel economy and performance from turbocharged engines.
  • Spacious interior and trunk
  • Weak, inefficient base engine
  • High price of diesel-powered TDI
  • Spotty interior quality.

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  • Fatiguing to drive long distances - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    Seats are and well shaped and comfortable for about 15 minutes, then you realize they are too hard and fatigue and soreness begins to set in. Road noise is prominent so between the noise and hard seats, the car is not one you look forward to driving long distances. The 2013 Corolla is considerably better for longer trips. I have not driven the resigned 2014 Corolla to see if it is still comfortable on long trips. Another undesirable feature of the Jetta is that the effort required to activate the power windows is very high. I've never experienced that in an American or Asian car.

  • Vw 2014 jetta - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    I bought it brand new it has 12000 miles now start leaking after 2000 miles and has electronic problems not recommend to any person pooring car

  • Lots of vroom - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    I like the car but find the electric assist steering annoying and not in keeping with the relatively sporty feel of the car otherwise. Front seats comfortabke and lots of adjustment for somone greater than 6'2", Rear room is great, lots of room for 6"+ individuals and a huge trunk but at the expense of rear visibility. My girlfriend is short and she can't see anything out the back window. Stereo is OK but meet iPhone to hook up to it. Still haven't figured out how to use the trip counter. Ride is good. Performance is good, great fuel economy and I never feel short of power. I can get over 40 mpg highway if I'm careful...although I am trusting the VW computer for that and we know how the tdi's were fixed... So its a great car with nagging suspissions that the manufacturer is cheating on the mileage and/or emissions...I understand I could just calculate mileage for myself but shouldn't have to, shame on VW. Would not have bought it if I had known company is dishonest.

  • After 18,000 miles continues to impress - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    I can't imagine somebody test driving cars in the $20K price range and not settling on the Jetta. It's so refined and crisp to drive, it's amazing that its price point is with a Ford Focus or Kia Forte...etc. It's drives like it should cost $10K more than it does. I haven't had a single issue in nearly 18K miles. Engine is powerful and silky smooth. Transmission shifts are quick and precise. Handling and ride quality are terrific as is the gas mileage. And the seats are simply awesome and the interior is roomy. The interior isn't techno-gimmick filled or very colorful. But I could care less about that stuff. This is a driver's car and it's always fun and engaging. Zero regrets.

  • Safe in an accident - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    Another car ran a red light, we hit them going 45 mph. The air bags and seat belts work fantastic.We never felt the collision.Though the front end of our car was totaled my wife and I had only minor injuries.

  • 8000 miles/9 month update - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    My SE with the 1.8L turbo has been sublime so far. Anyone who bothers with the way underpowered 115hp 2.0 base Jetta should check themselves into a mental hospital. Don't go near it. Head straight for the 1.8 in the SE for only a 2-3K more. This car is so fun and engaging to drive. The 1.8 really performs and it's even better once its broken in. Never at a loss for power and the ride/handling/comfort are stellar. This car was a steal for what I paid for it (under $20K with discounts). And love the v-tex leatherette heated seats, soft leather steering wheel..etc. Yes the dash is kind of no frills but who cares. It's the driving that it's all about and this car delivers it comfortably.

  • great car for the Price - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    Bought this car as a come on from newspaper ad. $13599 0% financing. It is exactly what I wanted and got. Underpowered? Yes! Bells & whistles? No. Basic affordable transportation? Yes! If you want more upgrade!!! HWY mpg 41 @ 75mph in town 27 mpg. Don't dog this car you can't make it faster, it is what it is. I love it. No problems great dealer and service department.

  • Waaaay better than previous vehicle (Honda Insight) - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    I used to own a 2010 Jetta SE 2.5 5-cylinder & a 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid, & this car has certainly been the best of both worlds. VW has fixed the previous issues that I had with the remodelled Jetta (most importantly, the IRS) & this car gets the advertised mpg that the TDi claims (42 us hwy mpg is almost dead-on from our 2000+ mile road trip up and down the west coast.) It is such a great road trip car. It has all the power you need to go up hills that our Insight pathetically would cry about and it has great interior/trunk space. The DSG has been the best shifting transmission I've had. A must buy if you are looking for inexpensive/fun to drive/fuel economy. Interior also easy to clean.

  • Test Drive Jetta SE with 1.8 TSI - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    I leased my 2014 Jetta SE with Connectivity in November 2013. I was a long time Toyota Customer and was always happy. I was previously in a 2011 Toyota Camry, but wanted to reduce payment & insurance cost. I also wanted increase gas mileage without sac. room. Toy. gave a high lease price for 2014 Corolla.This caused me to look elsewhere.After test driving much of the compact segment,this Jetta Blew me away.I leased during the "sign then drive event" so I was able to get into to this vehicle which was a much higher equipped vehicle then all others I test drove.(IE.Cruze,Corolla.)For a lower lease price. The 170 HP TSI and 6 spd.Trans. are fantastic!Great Gas mileage 2.You'll Love it!-SE&above

  • Gets the job done - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    By -

    I bought this car brand new due to the year end sales and 0% financing. I wanted a smaller sedan that would get great fuel economy and do its job. This car accomplishes all that and then some. This car went for 700+ miles on a tank of diesel. Currently averages around 550 per tank and costs just under $40 to fill up. Its a great little commuter car. On the down side, the diesel lag is very very obvious in this car. Anyone who says otherwise is still in the honeymoon phase. Accelerating from a stop is very annoying. Either you get the obvious lag or you burn out your tires every-single-time. However, I'm not a speed racer so I can deal with that, but just know to expect it despite what a few are saying here to the contrary. Also, for a 2014, I feel VW should be embarrassed that this car doesnt come with a standard USB plug. Rather, it comes with an ungodly VW specific plug that only uses VW cables that you can only get from VW stores and they are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. The car charger cables that the car comes with are a laughable 6" in length, which leaves your phone dangling from arm rest as they're too short for your phone to rest on anything. It is such a massive fail on VW's part. I'll keep the car because it does its job, but hopefully VW gets its act together on the new models.

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