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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the GTI outfitted with the Convenience and Sunroof package gets different wheels, but otherwise the lineup carries over unchanged.

  • Compliant ride
  • Upscale interior
  • Hatchback versatility
  • Lively engine
  • Good fuel economy
  • Lacks adequate interior storage
  • Competitors are quicker and handle better

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  • Thunder Bunny - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    Simply amazing car... the 2.0 Turbo is quick. It is strong all through the rev range, very little turbo lag. I drive a considerable distance on the interstate, and it revs high at 75-80 mph (turning over 3000 rpm). As such, I have to work to get 30 mpg out of it, although at 60 it gets mid-30's easy. It has an Audi-grade interior and fit/finish, love the plaid seats and they are very comfortable (and heated!). The gauges light up white/grey/red and match the upholstory well. This is the only car on the planet that I prefer the automatic over a stick; the DSG is brilliant! My car also has the Pirelli tires as opposed to the Dunlops. The GTI is a ball to drive, but civilized, too.

  • Early Impressions - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    I've had my GTI for about 2 weeks now, and overall, I'm very impressed. Plenty of power, good gas mileage, firm (but not punishing ride). It feels very solid and well put together. Seats are comfortable and supportive. Just took it on an 800 mile trip, and it was a joy to drive. I kind of wish I had gotten the manual, but with a long commute to work the DSG made more sense. It shifts very quickly, and I've only noticed a very slight delay at launch. Nothing major, as I've read on some other reviews. The GPS graphics are a little cheesy, and the map data is very outdated, despite VW telling me I have the latest version in it. But it's easy to use and pretty quick with calculations.

  • Not so happy, happy, happy - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    Purchased brand new, great deal on price at $1050 under invoice. No cost tint and other extras. Sales process excellent. But am very disappointed. Took car out for first drive still using the "free" gas provided at delivery. After driving just over 100 miles out town in southern Arizona heat, the car stalled. Happened five times. Engine malfunction light came on steady amber. Four times the engine stalled in stop and go traffic. One time it turned itself off on the highway at 55mph! Car has 242 original miles on it. Got it back to the dealer where they are checking it out. Have to say that I do not trust this new car at all. So far, the dealer has been very responsive, will provide updates!

  • 2013 VW GTI Autobahn - 4DR - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    I bought this car because it is sporty, has nice styling and has nice, quick, responsive performance. My previous car was a 2003 Nissan 350z. I really like the handling, design, power and looks out of the box. I also added a software upgrade from the dealer that boosted my HP considerably making it even quicker. The car has been on 3 5k road trips and for the most part performed well. One thing I like about it on road trips is that it has nice performance but is not flashy...I drive into diverse areas and the last thing I want to do is draw attention that you would get with an Audi, MB, BMW, etc Beware of signature water pump and intake manifold issues with the 2.0 liter engine.

  • Great Car for under $25k - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    Had my 4-door GTI for 2 months & about 2k miles. What really puts this car over the edge are the little things that make you realize the designers put extra thought into the car: the front doors have three different stops, allowing you to open them at up to a 90 degree angle; the foot-wells are lit at night; the ambient lighting around the center console at night; there is fabric lining the cubbys in the doors and the glovebox; the red stitching throughout the cabin. In many cars, these extra touches aren't there and you don't miss them. But this car was designed for driving pleasure by car people, not by the bean counters. At around $25k, this car is a bargain.

  • A Near Perfect Compromise - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    Time came to replace a much loved Mazda RX8 with a vehicle my wife could be induced to drive in place of our SUV. The RX8 was a delightful sports car but 17-19mpg around town and 20-22 mpg on the highway was no better than the SUV. And though "do-able" for two adults, an eight year old kid and big dog, it was hardly convenient. And for traffic a six speed manual could be torture (my wife says.) Considered a MINI and a TSX SportWagon but the MINI was too small (with 2 doors) and the TSX too long for the garage space. The GTI is perfect. Fun to drive. The DSG can match a very good MT. Solid, quiet, fast (and quick). For all but ski trips, it nearly equals the convenience of our Sorento.

  • Excellent All-Around Vehicle - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    This car does everything well. Interior and exterior fit and finish are excellent. The car has plenty of power and delivers it uniformly with almost no turbo lag. The gearbox shifts easily and quickly and clutch update is very smooth. Handling is precise with just a bit of understeer which can be corrected with a little extra gas. With 18" wheels, the ride is firm but not punishing. I might consider switching to 17" wheels when it's time for new tires. Fuel economy matches the EPA estimate around town and it's easy to exceed the 31 MPG rating on the highway. It's a pleasure to drive this car anywhere under any conditions.

  • Great to drive not so good on quality - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    I have owned my GTI for 3 years and it has been a pleasure to drive, grips the road beautifully and is very comfortable on long trips. The interior materials, fit and finish are excellent. However, I'm starting to seriously doubt the quality of this car. At 13K miles the cooling pump failed, it was quickly fixed under warranty. In the last month, at 30K miles (mostly highway), my clutch completely failed and was replaced under warranty. I have been driving manual transmissions for the past 20 years and have never had one fail on me, clearly a manufacturing failure. To top it off, last week the cooling pump failed again!!! My dealer charges $750.00 to replace the cooling pump, fortunately it is still under warranty, but an expense likely to be incurred in the future. I have mixed feelings on recommending the GTI. If you can overlook the maintenance and having the car at the shop often, the GTI is an great driving experience. But, if you are looking for something reliable, there are probably better options out there. I will likely trade it for something else.

  • Great design, suprisingly not as well made - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    I've had my 2013 GTI for nearly one year. Love driving the car, performance, economy, styling, are all excellent. My car went in for a 10K Service at the Dealership and came away with a clean bill of health. Then 6 weeks later, the coolant light came on. Dealership diagnosed as a fault with a new water pump part on 2013 models. Significant work removing and reinstalling engine bay parts to repair. While it was at dealership, they identified an additional fault - apparently through engine diagnostics - and it required a replacement intake manifold. More engine bay parts removed and reinstalled. I am now very concerned about the long-term reliability proposition for this vehicle.

  • Fun Driving and Simplicity - 2013 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    I struggled with the decision of which car I would be buying. I wanting something safe, practical (for my soon to be growing family) and fun to drive. The GTI has exceeded all of my expectations. I decided to purchase the DSG Autobahn model and it is stunning. It is a smooth drive and has just enough "get-up" for me to navigate around Houston drivers. My two golden retrievers fit in the back with the seats laid down

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