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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Volkswagen GTI gets new LED daytime running lights and minor feature-availability revisions, but otherwise carries on unchanged.

  • Good fuel economy.
  • Supple ride
  • Hatchback versatility
  • Interior sophistication
  • Lack of interior storage.
  • Competitors are quicker and handle better

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  • 1-yr Review - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    I bought my 2012 6MT shadow blue GTI 1 year ago today. Here is my 1 Year Review. After 365 days of owning a brand new GTI, my first VW, I can say it has been great. But along with the good, I've had to accept some problems. My fuel injector failed at 20k miles and left me on the side of the road. This is a common weakness of the GTI. If you want reliable and dependable, buy a Honda. If you want German and high performance, expect to have some issues with this car. Some people have zero problems. You may get lucky. But plan on not being so lucky. I love driving this car, but don't know if I will keep it once the warranty is over. Expect to have problems, but it is a wonderful car.

  • Be Careful - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    I just bought the 2012 GTI last week. So far: non-linear acceleration i.e. the pedal has about two inches of dead travel before the car reacts and then it engages and the car shoots forward, which makes it very dicey in traffic. Over rough pavement the dash and the A pillars buzz like a hornet. I couldn't have a bigger case of buyer's remorse. Will VW fix this? Maybe they will surprise me; if not I'll follow every nuance of the Ohio Lemon Law and they can buy it back.

  • My Third GTi ... - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    Owned a 1996 GTi (4 cyl), 2004 GTi (VR6) and now a new "left over" 2012 GTi 4-door with the DSG automatic and moonroof and nav package. A really solid, well put-together car with a great mix of style, sportiness, economy, and utility. After two cars with maual transmissions I opted for the DSG this time with no regrets. Really like the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Lots of fun. Couldn't deal with the cost of an all-wheel-drive Golf R, so I "settled" for the GTi. No regrets.

  • Wow! What a blast! - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    Great car... fun to drive, well made, roomy and comfortable. Great MPG and performance too! Recently returned from a trip from Eureka, CA to Palm Springs. Returned via Santa Barbara, then up the coast on Hwy 1. Great drive. 29MPG average for whole trip... was better until the leg up Hwy 1.

  • Amazed - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    I absolutely love this car. As my daily driver, it's fun, convenient, and unique. It's extremely versatile, and surprisingly roomy. I can't get over how well this car is made either. The materials and fit and finish feel like it belongs inside a far more expensive vehicle. Normally a car has weak points, and I find them quickly. This is the first car I've EVER owned that I haven't found at least 1 thing I don't like. If you're on the fence, hop off and buy it! In summary, it's well made, handles and performs excellently and is very affordable. Can't beat it

  • 2nd Mark 6 GTI for me - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    Owned a first gen GTI from '83 to '95 and decided in '10 that it was time to go back. Manual, cloth). Lease up in 7 months so contacted my excellent dealer who hooked me up with a "can't say no" deal on a new '12, full boat GTI. Well, I liked my '10 and I have to say that I like the '12 even more. I've been driving manuals for 35 years now and thought I'd never give the nod to a non-manual. But the DSG, dual clutch deal in the GTI is amazing. Telematics is way improved over '10. Interior with leather is classier. Mileage is super. Just a total win.

  • 2012 MK6 GTI - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    The car is just amazing, very fun to drive. very nice exhaust system sound. excellent dual clutch gear box. the sporty steering wheel and the sporty seats gives you all the feeling of the sport car. loved it and recommend it for as a daily, mid-sporty use car.

  • Awesome and fun little hatchback - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    Got my red manual GTI last week. Put in 420 miles in 6 days. I love this car! It will give you power when you need it with no torque steer - considering it's turbo with front wheel drive! Car is beautiful in and out. The interior is just beautiful with the interlagos seats - reminds me of burberry. Fuel consumption is also excellent. I averaged 28 mpg. 25% stop and go driving; and 75% freeway driving with speeds from 65 to 70 mph (trying to break in the car and haven't gone over 70 mph). Handling is a hoot!!! Only complain is the ride - it can get uncomfortable on imperfect freeways but it's a sport car!

  • Driver's car - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    Because I drive so little (4000 miles/yr), I wanted something sporty, stylish, and most of all fun! So after trying several other cars the past 2 years, I found exactly what I wanted in a GTI. It has the perfect balance of sport, economy, and adult-styling. It is quick, but not gas-wasting fast. It is nicely outfitted on the inside, has a wonderful exhaust/turbo sound, and looks sharp from the outside. This car is a bit pricey new, but I found mine one year used with 6000 miles for an awesome price. Got the model with navigation which also has the attractive and functional bi-xenon/LED lights. I'm sure there are longer lasting, more reliable cars, but life's too short not to enjoy your car.

  • A ride above the rest! - 2012 Volkswagen GTI
    By -

    This is my first VW and it's been great! I bought my fully loaded 2012 gti in July 2012 and now have almost 12K on it (7400 Miles) and have had no issues. I have even taken it on a road trip from Alberta Canada to California and back (5600 km) and no issues whatsoever. This is a great car and fun to drive. I have no rattles or issues with this car so far. Love this car! Very few dislikes. I would recommend this car as a daily fun commuter car. I have the DSG and love it! Sport mode revs too high though. The car is a little light on the front end. Spin the tires often.

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