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This Year's Model Updates:

All 2015 Venzas come with the same 6.1-inch touchscreen interface (albeit with split-screen, navigation and mobile-app functionality reserved for XLE and Limited), and a rearview camera is also standard across the lineup. Additionally, the towing package is standard on all V6 models, the entry-level LE is now four-cylinder only, and a simplified equipment roster limits options to a single package on the XLE.

  • Easy ingress and egress.
  • Roomy cabin
  • Superb optional V6 engine
  • Missing some of the latest safety features
  • Disappointing fuel economy with base four-cylinder engine
  • Spotty interior quality.

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  • Versatile Reliability - 2015 Toyota Venza
    By -

    I recently purchased a 2015 Toyota Venza after searching in its class and comparing it to the Nissan Murano, Subaru Forester & Outback and finally the Honda CRV. I first considered 4 cylinders against 6. I went with 6 as I have driven fours since my twenties I'm now middle aged. I found value wise the cars mentioned with the exception of the Murano to be all in the same price range equipped with leather, nav and 8 speaker stereo no accessories. I test drove all and found the Venza to have the most comfortable ride. Crossover suv milage is comparable between models in V6. It has a Toyota Camry engine which lets me sleep nights. I find it fits my needs more car than truck.

  • Love the look and the ride feels secure - 2015 Toyota Venza
    By -

    Very happy with my new Venza. I don't get why discontinued in US. I highly recommend and think it beats the competition in both looks and performance. I test drove lots of other crossovers and SUV's and this was by far the nicest one. Firm steering and good acceleration.

  • Love The Venza but..... - 2015 Toyota Venza
    By -

    I love this car for the body style, roomy, cargo space, it takes regular gas and handles like a car. While the 20” tires look good it gives a hard ride over bumps but smooth on smooth surfaces. The price is high for the interior quality and features compared to other Toyota products like the Camry or Highlander. Toyota says it’s due to keeping the vehicle light weight for better gas mileage. Makes sense. The front dash could be designed better with a larger screen and more features; the dash is big and wide enough to support it. @@@HERE IS MY MAJOR COMPLAINT: THE DUAL AUTOMATIC CLIMATE CONTROLS – SUCK@@@. I’ve owned 2010, 2013 and now a 2015. Toyota has done something to the DUAL AUTOMATIC CLIMATE CONTROL and it does not maintain the cabin (inside car) temperature. It did in my previous cars. I would set the temperature at 72 degrees and it kept me very comfortable without any other actions required. On the 2015 Venza when I set the DUAL AUTOMATIC CLIMATE CONTROL to AUTO and temperature to 72 degrees everything is fine for a few minutes and then it starts to blow cool and then cold air from the front vents and it does the same thing as I increase the temperature until it gets about 88 degrees or higher. If I select the recirculate air button (the car with the “U” shape vertical arrow) the air only gets colder. When I put it on manual it still blew cold until it set it around 80 degrees and then it would get so hot that my eyes would burn and start tearing and my feet felt like they were on fire. Also with the recirculate air button I would get all kind of smells like a musty odor, one time like engine fumes another time like something burning. I’ve had my 2015 Venza since January 29, 2016 and it been in the shop more than I have driven it. They have duplicated and experience the problem but no one knows how to fix it. For a price tag of 41K I expect to set the temperature and for it to be maintained not to blow cold air on me to maintain the temperature. If I had known this I would have kept my older vehicle.

  • Best Car Ever - 2015 Toyota Venza
    By -

    I can't believe the quality of this car, but then it IS a Toyota. The ride is quiet and sound. The engine and drive-train perform flawlessly. Its tough to remark on how positive this car is as its tough to find any deficiencies. The only trouble we have it that it does so much. We are always going to the manual to find out "How do I ...". But this is something most modern cars and owners face. This is the best car we've ever owned and actually, ridden in.

  • Had high hopes but disappointed in the Venza. - 2015 Toyota Venza
    By -

    We test drove a 2013 Venza Limited AWD. 24k miles. The LED daytime running lights looked great as did the hid headlights. Old style tail lights not so much. The seats were wide but lacked support. I could not get comfortable in them. The 3.5L had plenty of power, was relatively quiet but there was pronounced wind noise from the puny teardrop shaped mirrors. Very little tire noise despite being 20" Goodyear RSAs with 24,000 miles. Ride was not overly harsh as some reviews have stated. A big disappoint was the artificially weighted power steering. It felt dull and heavy. The interior was a mixed bag. The 2 best features were the panoramic sunroof and the JBL sound system. The dash looked really low rent with varying textures made of hard plastic. The fake wood could not have looked any chintzier. We intended to trade our 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring on this car due to the need of an AWD vehicle since I sold my Toyota Tundra 4WD. It's hard to believe the Venza was a $43k car when new. We drove a new $43k Toyota Highlander Limited and the difference is night and day. I can see why Toyota discontinued production. The Venza seemed to be an overpriced afterthought. Although better looking than a Honda Crosstour it does not stack up well as far as quality of materials and driving dynamics and getting back in our Accord Hybrid Touring removed any doubts that we made the right decision in not trading for the Venza. On the other hand, we were so impressed with the 2014 and newer Highlanders that we are currently looking for a pre owned Certified XLE or Limited. 1/14/16 Update: We found the perfect car for our needs. We purchased a Certified 2014 Lexus GS 350 F Sport AWD with 19k miles. Absolutely awesome vehicle! It's sporty, powerful, gets 29mpg on the hwy. and is a beast in the snow. It was a $60,000 car when new and we bought it for $39,300...... $4,000 less than the MSRP of a new Venza AWD Limited.......and there is no comparison between the 2. It is the highest quality car we have ever owned. And we have owned a previous Lexus, several Acuras and an Infiniti, along with many Toyotas and Hondas since the 1980s. Nothing we have owned compares to this great car.

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