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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, the Toyota Tacoma drops the regular cab body style -- now it's just the extended cab (Access Cab) and the crew cab (Double Cab). Also, the off-road-equipped TRD TX Baja version of the Tacoma has been replaced by the TRD Pro package.

  • Choice of four-cylinder or V6 power
  • Strong resale value.
  • Good four-cylinder fuel economy
  • Convenient size
  • Standard touchscreen
  • Serious off-road prowess
  • Overly soft brake pedal feel.
  • Flat, low-mounted seats aren't ideal for comfort
  • Engines get raucous when pushed

User Reviews:

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  • 2015 Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 Off Road - 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I purchased this vehicle about a month ago and really enjoy it. The 4.0L v6 isnt going to win any races but gets you moving at a good pace and will last forever. The four wheel drive system works very well and has helped me conquer quite a few steep hills, wet grass, and light mud. As for fuel economy my first tank was 16.8 miles to the gallon with 50/50 non aggressive driving but every tank since has been between 18-19 with 60 percent highway but also with me taking it off road and doing quick starts which is pretty remarkable. It is comfortable and drives like a truck. I don't feel that the seat is too low nor are the breaks sponge like as some have claimed.

  • What a truck - 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    2015 TRD Sport - This is my first ever brand new vehicle. I looked at several vehicles and this truck was the best bang for the buck. It was the most expensive out of all the trucks I looked at, but I felt that this will last me as Toyotas have always been dependable and the resale is great.

  • Could do better... - 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    Ok, I'm comparing this to my 2010 Ford Focus. It may not make sense, but in this case I'm just comparing technology, because a newer vehicle should have newer/better technology right? My Focus had automatic locking doors over 15MPH, a display of MPG, how many miles till empty, which door was left ajar, and which tire was under deflated, an almost fully lit door controls panel to include lock/unlock and all four windows, outside temperature, and a compass. I'll tell you what my 2015 Tacoma has out of all of those items. None of them. As soon as my eyes turn away from the center touch screen (only really needed for the backup camera) all I see is a cheap design. Awesome, great, there's a light that tells me my headlights are on. Why do I need that when the headlights shut off automatically anyway? If you don't have an HD radio your screwed from outside temperature. If you need to make a quick change on your route and need an idea of what direction you're going, you can't know that either. Finally, the truck bed doesn't lock. Are you joking? I'd rather know what's going on with my vehicle than have a TV attached, and, you know, be able to keep things safe in the bed... As you can see from the bubble fill in review, this is my only complaint. And a side note, SYNC by Microsoft is a better voice recognition/command program.

  • Sound System - 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    The ETune system might sound better if they didn't remove the rear Access door speakers. I have owned five [5] other Tacomas and this is by far the worst sounding radio I have had in any of them. They took out the rear [Access] door speakers and replaced them with two tweeters in the headliner over your head. There is very little bass when you fade to the rear you need to turn up the volume all the way to even here them. I showed this to the dealer and they are helping me with Toyota to see if they will exchange the inside door panels from an older model, which will fit, that have the perforations for the speaker sound to enter the cab. I will take care of putting in the speakers.

  • Great first truck - 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    Compared to the 2012 Ford Focus SEL, decked out in leather etc, I traded in, I find this truck (2015 TRD Sport, double cab) much more comfortable and has a much less "plasticy" interior that the so-called upscale Focus. Everything appears extremely solid, down to the turn signal stick. Plus, coming from a small car, I don't get Edmunds "weakness" of low-mounted seats - these seat are mounted higher/less reclined than Focus, or our 2012 Honda CRV. The engine can get a little noisy when pushed, but no worse than any other car I've driven. More room for carseats in the backseat too than the Focus. Overall wind and tire noise are surprisingly subdued. A very nice ride!

  • great little truck - 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I've been driving both ford and chevy trucks and both have been ok except for gas mileage.So I decided to look at a new toyota tacoma and went for a test drive.The vehicle handed well with plenty of acceleration,has 4liter v6.And plenty options.So I purchased the vehicle the price was equal to both ford and chevy.So not long after the purchase we put the little truck on the highway,for 2500 hundred miles pulling an 18 foot travel trailer.This was an excellent trip,the vehicle was great ,no problems,flat land,hills ,mountains just great. The fuel economy was good I didn't expect it to be,but it was good. I'm very pleased.

  • I4 Tacoma2015 4by4 - 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    Great truck and fun to drive on and even better off roading. The dependability of this truck is the best in its class. This truck is great due to its simplicity of design. They sale more and last longer for a reason. If you want a truck with more interior gadgets then look at ford or chevy. If you want a serious offroad truck that is above the rest in dependability buy a tacoma. You will be glad you did in the short and diffenatially in the long term. This truck is funtional for off roading and on. This truck will easily go 250000 plus mile with normal care. Ask yourself how tacomas you see that have been on the road used and heavily still going with normal maintenace.

  • Awesome truck! - 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I shopped around before buying the Toyota Tacoma. But, everything in my research pointed to this being the best choice for me.

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