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  • Sing a song of Sixpence - 2016 Toyota Prius
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    I leased this car and plan to re-lease in three years. Bought it for the mpg and crash test ratings. I like the ease of the shifting selector. I like the "glide" factor when underway. I think the Dunlop tires wont last the 3 years. Cargo space is good for 2 people. Love the dash display info. Because it's lower to the ground than my 2002 Highlander - I've had to adjust getting in and out of the car. There are blind spots with the side mirrors. I removed the back seat head rests for a better rear view. The middle storage/cup consul is adequate. Like the 4 windows automatic up/down. Bought the Toyota brand rear cargo tray. There is a driver side door/window air noise. I have to buy after market sun visor extenders because it only covers half the window. Edmunds.com was helpful with negotiating the price.

  • A Definite Upgrade! - 2016 Toyota Prius
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    I purchased a 2013 Prius Three for work a few years back, which I really enjoyed. Traded that one last year and missed it, so I purchased a 2016 Prius Four in March, 2016. Wow! Loving this car. My 2013 was not super comfortable, especially on long-haul trips (which I did on a weekly basis). I purchased my 2016 (black exterior, white interior) about 10 hours from home and had a very comfortable drive back - the vehicle feels stable on the road, and the seats are more comfortable. Add the safety sense package into the mix and my long drive was downright enjoyable; I love the adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist and would definitely recommend splurging on it if you can. I also got the upgraded JBL audio system, which sounds 1000% better than my last Prius (some may not care, but it's important to me). Another improvement is the touchscreen - In my 2013 Prius and 2015 Tundra, the touch screen does not do well in sunlight - I would always have to shade the screen to see. This is not an issue on the 2016 Prius. I have only a few gripes to date. 1) The sun visor - it does not extend, so when the sun is hitting you from the side it is quite annoying. I will be ordering an attachment on Amazon to fix this problem. 2) Not enough front seat storage. My 2013 had a larger middle console and glove compartment; 2016 model is lacking in these areas.

  • Good car - 2016 Toyota Prius
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    Its really a very well designed Beautiful car, its hard to See thought the rear mirror sometimes because of the hatchback but can adjust. The technology is amazing and easy to use

  • I bought two of these for taxis, beware people - 2016 Toyota Prius
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    I bought two of these a 2011 and 2012 and put them in to service as yellow cabs in San Diego. So for the two colors have gone through two hybrid batteries and three engines My total repair bills on the two cars of been $17,000 EachHybrid battery was around 3500 Each hybrid battery blew out at about 150000 to 190,000 miles Blew the head gasket at 200,000 miles Replace the heads then blew them out a month later regular driving nothing crazy I was in the car and the block cracked Replaced the engine with a junkyard engine and blew it out a month later Had to order any engine from Canada remanufactured but the real me almost $3000 and my taxi was out of service for almost a month because of that. The dealerships treated me like garbage and did not give me any leeway considering the fact that I had bought two of these cars All of my friends that own taxis in San Diego are blowing through the engines especially in the heavier V model at about 170 to 250,000 miles you can expect to blow through your engine and guaranteed you'll blow through your hybrid battery before 200,000 miles. Keep in mind that even at a junkyard these engines are going to cost you about $1500 on the low-end because they're in such short supply because of the engines blowing out The 1.8 L engine is too small for the weight of the heavy vehicle it's not a light vehicle by the way. Steer clear of this core or dump it before you get to 150,000 and you'll be OK also one thing to note I have been driving Taxis for 24 years 100 hours a week. The blind spots are terrible out of this car and it's terrible backing it up in a parking lot. Also you'll be slamming on the brakes a lot in traffic because you're sitting so low you can't see what's going on in front of you it's a very very dangerous car please do not buy one of these spare yourself the agony that I have gone through

  • 6 Stars Anyone? - 2016 Toyota Prius
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    If there was an option for 6 stars for this specific vehicle, I would be the first to check that. I am a very picky individual and my taste in choosing my vehicles are very unique, in my opinion. First off, I highly prefer vehicles fully manufactured in Japan. Guess what? The Prius is one of them. Most importantly, Toyota has truly made a huge leap with their redesign on the new Prius. Yes, the exterior design gets a lot of heat and negativity, but if you have the courage to look past that and focus on the essence and beauty of the vehicle, it truly is an engineering marvel. The L.E.D lights - front and back - are state of the art and look like laser lights, especially from the rear. The interior is like I've never seen before, and when I sit in, it feels so driver oriented - I'm thinking Toyota has taken ideas from their sports car - the 86. The road holding and balance is so incredibly tight and smooth. The steering has so much richness and it's very well weighted with an expensive feel. I opted for the version 3 since it seems to have the best value with its features - nav, L.E.D lights, lithium ion battery, 3 door smart entry, alloy wheels with two tone cover, Softex steering wheel, etc. The Prius is struggling to sell as of late - probably due to the low fuel prices, plus folks aren't comfortable with the polarizing looks and are taking their time to get used to the latest design which represents the future. And so I took advantage of Toyota's incentives to push these vehicles. Got a fair deal with their 0% financing along with over $3k off the purchase with no trade. I've owned nothing but sports cars in the past, and the latest Prius doesn't make me miss them whatsoever. It's packed with so much excitement if you know where to look and how to appreciate. It's only been 200 miles since my purchase, and this car is the very best one I've experienced - and trust me, I'm all about that experience.

  • Love our new Prius - 2016 Toyota Prius
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    Car is brand new but so far so great. Have owned a Prius C, a Matrix and a VW Golf and this is luxurious by comparison. MPG 54 on average in first 2000 mostly highway driving.

  • Three for Three - 2016 Toyota Prius
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    This is our 3rd new Prius. First was bought in 2005 and major concern was would it start sitting outside in cold weather. Would the battery work and last? Local dealers hadn't seen a hybrid car when we had the oil changed locally. Bought a 2010 Prius II. 110,000 miles later all we change are tires and oil. With every generation they have gotten better. We finally stepped up to the 2016 Prius IV because we wanted the blind spot indicator. The cabin and ride are all improved. The headlights are better than the 2010 which were better than the 2005. There are many great cars available today, but the cost per mile to purchase and drive keeps bringing us back to the Prius.

  • Blowing the gas mileage thru the roof! - 2016 Toyota Prius
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    So far after a week of ownership I am getting much better than listed MPG. Today I drove about 50 miles of in city driving with about 5 different locations that I stopped and parked the car I averaged over 70 MPG over the entire trip! Yep 73.1 to be exact (I figure a few mpg fudge by Toyota so lets just say 70)! I am thrilled with the miles per gallon, very impressed with the drive feeling, very secure feeling, decent acceleration, good handling. My only complaint would be the center console that the drivers right elbow sits on is made of some cheap seat material. It screams cheap cheap cheap. Feels cheap cheap cheap. You would think one person involved in the making of this car would have said hey lets make this better. Why not cover that with the fake leather looking stuff that's on the door handles? It would have made the interior much nicer... Update, going on second week, continuing to get 70+ around town. This weekend did first long distance round trip of 200 miles on highway, speed limit 65, averaged 63 miles per gallon over the trip. Still very happy with purchase.

  • Great Value, though quite annoying - 2016 Toyota Prius
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    This is a great car, it gives you fantastic mileage and it seems very reliable. Toyota's flagship hybrid car does what you expect it to do. Now, there are a few EXTREMELLY annoying features on this car that will make you think about it twice before buying it. Firstly, the beeping: You are going to have loud beeping for almost anything you do, being the most irritating the one when you hit reverse. It's piercing, loud and cannot be heard outside of the vehicle, which kind of seems kind of idiotic. Why would you want an annoying loud beep sound INSIDE of your vehicle when you are in reverse mode? To warn you that you are in reverse mode? but you are the one hitting reverse, so you know, and as you are going back, you still know you are going back, so why a beep? I still have no answer for that, but it makes parking very unpleasant and it CAN NOT BE SWITCHED OFF. I repeat: IT CANNOT BE SWITCHED ON, E.V.E.R.. Also, every time you open the drivers door, you also get a LOUD beep, and it CANNOT BE SWITCHED OFF. Guess what? You already know you are opening the front door, because you are the one doing it! So, why that loud beep? yep. Surprisingly, you can exit the car, close the doors with your remote still leaving the car on, and it will remind completely silent, even though that WILL FOR SURE HAPPEN to you at some point if you never owned a keyless car. I can guarantee you that. There is a nice screen that allows you to read text msgs from your phone and even play video and watch pictures. However, it will not do that unless you car is stopped (and I believe the engine is off). So even if the co-pilot decided to watch pictures in the larger screen from their phone or just use the screen during a long trip, they cant do it. This feature cannot be overridden either. The car basically treats you like you are 4yo and it's loud. I have been driving for 20 years, If I buy a car, I want a car, not a baby sitter with a loud piercing horn. Period. Another thing is the location of the mail panel. If you are tall or average height, your right knee will hit it. I get it, this is not a big car, still there are other ways to configure the inside so things don't get in the way. While that may not be a big deal as you drive test it on the dealer, it will became painful in a daily basis. I can also guarantee that. In conclusion, this is a great car, with a terrible computer built in computer. If we could just switch it off all together and just drive the damn thing, it would be a very valuable vehicle. But that's not the case.

  • New 2016 Prius is better then ever - 2016 Toyota Prius
    By -

    First, if you never have owned a Prius the 2016 is a great vehicle. If you are coming from an earlier edition the 2016 has many improvements. I would upgrade to a Model Four. My 2012 is a Model 2 and I think it is worth the extra money to get the options. Many improvements including build quality can be seen. The changes in the suspension do make a difference. The materials inside are greatly improved. I don't think they feel cheaply made. The only negative feedback I would give between the 2016 and the previous generation is drive sits lower in the car and the car feels lower in the from. Once you scrape the front end/ bumper you will understand. As a iPhone user the ability to charge an Android based phone is useless to me. The seats in the 2016 feel more supportive than those in my 2012. This car is for people are interested in getting good MPG's. I am a former Nissan Leaf (2013) and BMW I3 (2014) owner. So far I can say I am very happy with my purhase.

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