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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Toyota Prius gets slightly different styling cues along with additional standard infotainment features and the availability of power front seats and Toyota's Entune suite of smartphone and Internet integration features. A new Plus Performance accessory package lends the Prius sharper handling and a sportier, more aerodynamic exterior.

  • Strong safety scores.
  • Comfortable ride
  • Abundant backseat room
  • Available high-tech luxury goodies
  • Superior fuel economy
  • Spacious cargo area
  • Excessive road noise
  • Awkward driving position
  • Overly busy gauge cluster.
  • Disappointing interior materials

User Reviews:

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  • Great smart stylish choice - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    options..look for the solar panel and rearview camera...maybe satellite radio as well

  • Be Realistic, Unbelievable Value - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    We traded our loaded 2007 Lexus RX350 for the 2012 Prius, I knew it was smart for us but worried we'd be too sensitive to the luxury adjustment-we weren't, the Prius is a much nicer car than most people think. Barcelona Red Metallic over Tan is a great color combo! Smooth & quiet, I drive for Uber & Lyft and passengers are always pleasantly surprised at the space and road manners. Swap the OEM Goodyear tires for Michelins and all is complete. We are getting between 48 and 59 MPG varying on speed/road conditions/passenger Weight. No regrets, won't drive anything but a Hybrid, we save so much money and sacrifice nothing on comfort. It's sad that the Prius is often spoken of so negatively

  • Getting to know you..all about you - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    I've had the Prius Three for about a month and it is the first hybrid car I've owned. There's been a bit of a learning curve as to how the unit operates, what works in driving it and what doesn't. While not a sports car, I think the handling of the Prius is under rated. It's not glued to the rails so to speak but handles far better than many other cars from my past, especially the crossovers and SUVs. The vision outward is a bit of a challenge, especially in the early days but I've since gotten used to the sharp angles and have come to rely on the side view mirrors more than on most any other car I've owned. So far, so good. The joystick gear changer is OK but too 'cute'.

  • Be sure this is what you want - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    Run the numbers before making your decision. 50 mpg is impressive, but the Prius costs several thousand dollars more than a comparably equipped gas-only vehicle (think Corolla). If you drive 15,000 miles per year, the difference in annual fuel costs between a car that gets 30mpg and a car that gets 50mpg is only $600/year @ $3/gallon, or $800/year at $4/gallon. You may never make up the cost difference. Power is acceptable (not great) when you punch "Power Mode", otherwise it is a road hazard. I always punch that button when driving from a stoplight or getting on the highway, and turn it off when I am up to speed.

  • 2012 Prius III - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    This is my first Hybrid. The Prius is a comfortable good performing car for everyday driving. Two things to remember the Prius is neither a luxury car or a sports car. Once you drive it for a while the gas mileage will make you forget whatever other issues you have with the car.

  • Love 'em so much we own 2! - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    We love our priuii :) and will probably not buy anything else again. We AVERAGE 50 mpg in cars that are very comfortable. Cargo space is pretty amazing, too - We have had several occasions when the home improvement store worker helping load has said, "No way!" and we replied - "You'll be surprised!" We have a 2012 and a 2015 Prius 3. Love 'em both! The 2012 has almost 100,000 miles on it. We would not hesitate to drive this car across the country. The ONLY negative things are the headlights have an abrupt view line on low beam and there is a really bad blind spot. Mirror placement helps.

  • I Expected More from Toyota - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    I have really enjoyed my Toyota Prius... until yesterday. At 32,526 miles, I heard an odd sound under the hood. The dealership told me that my AC compressor had seized and would cost $2,600 to fix!!! They also informed me that, though I was under the 36,000 mile limit of my warranty, I was 20 days past the 3 year limit. I thought, " Surely Toyota will honor the warranty and take care of this repair". When I owned a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu, I was in a similar situation with my alternator. Chevy stepped up and took care of the issue at no charge to me. Surely, Toyota would do the same.... No. They were unwilling to even help with the cost, despite the diagnosis being that the compressor was faulty.

  • Be sure this is what you want - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    I was pretty excited when we first bought this car. Now that the hybrid novelty has worn off I realize what this is really is -- it's a decent family car that gets really good gas mileage. It is essentially the mini-van for small families. So be sure this is what you want. It's pretty boring to drive, and the cheap seats (in the base model) are not all that comfortable for long trips. The engine gets loud on hills, the the noise on poorly maintained roads at high speeds can be unbearable.

  • Great bang for the buck!!! Love it - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    You can't beat the gas mileage and it's fun to drive.... Plus you can park it anywhere :)

  • Great Car for if You Want MPG - 2012 Toyota Prius
    By -

    I got the 2012 Prius IV after trading in my fully loaded 2005 Prius with 200,000 miles. The 2005 still drove like new and was a solid vehicle. I'm a little disappointed with the 2012. It feels and sounds less well built than the 2005 and I miss the little storage areas and layout of the interior on the 2005. But I bought the Prius for good MPG and that's where it satisfies. I drive about 95% highway miles carrying about 100 pounds of cargo and I'm getting actual calculated mileage just shy of 49 after 17,000 miles. My 2005 averaged just under 44 but that included several Wisconsin winters that cuts into the MPG. Overall I'm satisfied. It does just fine for what I expect.

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