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  • My Toyota Highlander - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    I really love the SUV, it handles like a nice sedan rather than a truck. I only wish Toyota would put "Leather seats" in more of their models. I have had those seats in all my vehicles for over 20 yrs and I miss that.

  • Love this car!!! - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    Have been a loyal Honda consumer since 1992 and this is my first Toyota. Perfect transition from a 2007 Honda Odyssey to the Highlander. Pros: Comfort, ride, minimal road noise, interior room, back up camera, blind spot monitoring, audio options, iPhone interface. Cons: With 3rd row up, limited cargo space; gas mileage generally 19-20 mpg. I was so reluctant to give up my van after 16 years' of Honda Odyssey's, but time to move on from the minivans. Other vehicles we considered were: Honda Pilot, Acura MDX, Ford Explorer and Infiniti QX60. Glad we did not spend the extra money for the Acura and Infiniti.

  • HEAR ME NOW...NOW...HOW ABOUT NOW? - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    The Voice Recognition is very poor. Tried to teach the system my voice many times. I have had other cars that learn my speech without any problem. NOT THIS CAR.... TOYOTA NEEDS TO FIX THIS!!! Also... nice to have a small storage compartment at the bottom left side of the steering wheel. But, remember to close it before exiting the car... or you will feel it....

  • Just one Quirk - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    Great SUV, fantastic to drive, insulates you from the road and traffic noise. Just one concerning trait, heard this strange buzzing noise coming from underneath the rear end about 5 hours after it was turned off and parked in the garage. No idea what it was so Googled it; "This is the sound of a fuel evaporation leakage check and, it does not indicate a malfunction" was the answer in several searches. Sure enough it is in the Owner's manual as well. Would have been nice if the dealership would have pointed this out when they were explaining the other features at time of purchase.

  • Love my Toyota Highlander!!! - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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  • 2016 Highlander is too high - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    Sitting in the car is like sitting on a high chair. The front view above car hood is fine, but the side view is poor. It is very difficult to see the road before the hood since the car is too tall. You can't see if there is a dog or a two years old toddler in front of your car like a Camry. The back camera is great help and it should have a front camera. Parallel parking is be difficult as I had experienced in DC. Braking seems slow to react. Gas consumption is 20 mpg, kind of high. No compass on the car like my Camry, so I can't tell direction easily.

  • I used to be a Honda girl - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    I never thought I would buy a Toyota, but so far, I only have 2000 mile, I love this car. It's luxury for me, the comfort, beefy look and power are fantastic. I hope it keeps me happy for many years. More than I wanted to spend, mpg could be better.

  • Good vehicle for a growing family - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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  • Highlander Limited - First 4K Miles - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    Above average mechanical performance with excellent fit and finish inside and out. One of the best AWD vehicles I have driven in rain or snow and it tows my light kayak trailer (less than 750 lbs.) extremely well. Toyota finally got it right on the steering wheel feel. You now have decent feedback versus the numb, vague or non-existent feel of the past. However, the seats are uncomfortable for front and rear passengers as they are somewhat narrow and short. The driver's seat has a lot of adjustment options where the bottom can be extended and the seatback has an excellent lumbar adjustment which makes it a decent seat. If the same adjustments were available on the front passenger seat, there would be less complaints from my fellow passengers. The third row seat is only useful for very small children. The Limited should only offer second row captain's seats as an option as is the case for lower trims. Likewise, the 19 inch wheels that come standard on this trim should be an option as they do not contribute to ride quality. In case you did not know, Chrome-tech means plastic. So those upgraded 19 inch wheels have plastic hub caps bonded to them and are not true alloy wheels. The same material is used on the roof rails. This was a quite disappointing discovery to be made on a vehicle that lists for almost $45K even if there may be some advantages to using this material. However, the bottom line is that this vehicle offers very good value at its price point and is a viable option compared to an Acura MDX AWD Tech as the interior dimensions are quiet similar.

  • 2016 Highlander - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    We purchased the Highlander XLE and realized after driving it for a couple of weeks that it did not have some of the safety features that we really wanted. We traded up to the Highlander Limited AWD after 3 weeks of driving the XLE. And, we love it! The Limited has blind-spot monitoring, a back-up camera with alarms and several different traction modes. This is a great family vehicle although, the third seat is tight. I would not recommend the third seat for older kids for any long trips. The ride is quiet, the interior is comfortable and the exterior is a classy!

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