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  • Good vehicle for a growing family - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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  • Love my Highlander! - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    I traded in my Toyota Sienna for the Highlander XLE AWD. I was concerned about losing too much space, but I didn't. I do miss the sliding doors. It was nice not to have doors in the way when you're loading and unloading kids. If you've had a mini man, you will understand that. Drives so smooth. Far less road noise. With my radio going, I feel like I'm in my own little world. The broadcast radio doesn't sound super, but when you play from bluetooth or XM, it sounds great! I opted for the black leather interior. it's stitched with brown thread and there's also some brown leather accents on the doors and dash. Super stylish, manly enough for my husband, but still very chic for me. Love the screen! Wish I was able to add my own apps to the entune suite (like Spotify) since I already subscribe. You cannot access any of the entune apps without subscription. Bummer. Back up camera is nice has a wide angle. Something very important to me since I've have had two cervical fusions and my neck does not crank around easily to back up. This is a nice helper and makes me more at ease. Think we got a decent deal and I love it. If I were to change things, they'd be very minor. Happy with my purchase!!

  • Just bought a new 2016 Highlander - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    We just bought a new 2016 Toyota Highlander Limited. The design and technology of the 2016 Highlander are dramatically improved from the 2011 Highlander we traded in. We love the new look and significant improvements included with the new technology package. I was also surprised at the great trade in price we received for 2011 Highlander.

  • gds - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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  • 4Runner for Highlander - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    I needed to replace my 2007 4Runner Trail with a new vehicle that would get me, passengers, the dog, and goods, through the snow, the mud, and the dust to my camp in central Maine. I also needed a safe car that I could maneuver on the highways up and down the East Coast, get decent mileage, and have a solid array of safety features. Unfortunately the new 4Runner does not have adaptive cruise control, blind spot/cross lane warnings, crash avoidance systems, etc. I refused to pay an extra $10,000 for the Lexus. So I ended up with the AWD Highlander Platinum Limited and its extensive array of safety features. Obviously, there is a big difference between driving a truck-based and a car based SUV, such as the Highlander. In this respect, I don't miss the 4Runner Trail. We'll see when I'm stuck in high snow whether I miss the 4WD. But for now, I'm thrilled driving the Highlander. While the interior looks massive, it isn't a big car. While I thought about the Ford Explorer for a couple of days, as I liked the parking assist and the safety features involving the front of the car, I opted for the Toyota because of quality assurance and the cheaper price. I have driven it for two months, including nine-hour trips up and down the East Coast. I have stopped worrying about changing lanes because of the safety features. I was able to carry more goods than the 4Runner. And on the last trip North during a cold winter's day, I averaged over 25 mpg...with only 1500 miles on the odometer. Who knows what I'll get during the summer after it has been broken in. My personal list of likes besides all the safety items: a comfortable seat, a decent sounding audio system, a nice interior design, especially the shelf in the front to carry wallets, phones, etc., the flip-up back window, the car handling, the automatic headlights/bright beams, and the automatic windshield wipers. I only wish they had included front parking radar. I am one of the last to have a Windows phone, which doesn't quite mesh with the Entune system...but it works. While I miss the rugged 4Runner capability, but I now have AWD and all types of safety mechanisms that will keep me safe. So far, it exceeds expectations.

  • Highlander Limited Platinum, Very Luxurious - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    Everything you could imagine you would want or need in a vehicle is here. You don't have to get a Lexus for luxury.

  • Learning experience - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    Toyota is the most expensive brand out there based on their internal "agreements" they have with dealerships. You get a lot more car for your money looking at other brands. Too much money for the quality of their cars. Materials are borderline cheap and finishes are poor. Interior design is small and not. As comfortable as other brands.

  • Love my new Highlander - 2016 Toyota Highlander
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    I was driving a Toyota Sienna so I was used to more cargo space and a different console setup between the front seats. The console in this car is so big and tall that you could put a baby in it. It is hard to get to the seat belt latches next to it, which means wide people should not buy this car because you will find using the seat belt difficult. I am an average size person and I have to get my hand squeezed down beside the console to unlatch the seat belt. My audio system LCD also seems to have a bug in it when it is cold. It is non-responsive for up to 15 minutes of driving. You can only change the volume until it warms up--nothing else, no radio station changes etc. None of the buttons beside the panel work either. When it does wake it, sometimes it doesn't beep, but most of the time it beeps and often changes the station to the one at the bottom of the list. Then it might decide to go into Search Station mode. It may beep a number of times and you have to try to stop the Search so it won't replace all of your stations. Of course, it wasn't cold when I took it to the dealer and they couldn't help me. Every morning and evening is different in how it acts when it "wakes up". It drives beautifully and handles well on snow and ice here in Michigan for the month I have owned it. The third seat will do for kids or small people for a short ride. It is a big step up to get back there.

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