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This Year's Model Updates:

Following a full redesign last year, the 2015 Corolla adds a fold-down rear center armrest to all trim levels except the base L. The "Premium" sub-trims also receive the Driver Convenience package as standard.

  • Copious rear legroom
  • Impressive fuel economy
  • Generous standard equipment
  • User-friendly controls
  • Pleasant ride.
  • Modest acceleration
  • L trim's outdated four-speed automatic transmission.
  • Indifferent handling

User Reviews:

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  • As Expected - Reliable Vehicle - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    Bought my 2015 Carolla, December 2015. I had not purchased a vehicle in 10 years. Was looking for something reliable, updated, fuel efficient, fun to drive and looked good. The Carolla has come a long way since its inception. The styling and design is 21st Century. It's comfortable, drives smooth and looks good. It has everything I wanted in a new car. Was also very pleased with the Dealership I went to and their staff, very helpful. Was able to get what I wanted for the price I wanted!

  • Fun Little Commuter - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I bought this has a second vehicle for myself with the plan it would be passed onto my 11 year old when she turns 16. My main vehicle is a Toyota FJ Cruiser, but due to having to constantly drive the kids literally hundreds of miles a week for activities, I was putting too many miles on a vehicle I want to keep forever and one that cannot be replaced since they quit making them. Anyway, I shopped all around for vehicles in the Corolla's size category, but I just couldn't find one that matched Toyota's quality. I did own a 2008 Honda Civic Si for a short period, which looks very similar to this vehicle, but this Corolla is so much nicer and solid feeling than that Civic. I am very impressed with the ride, which is about as good as one can expect with the thinner tires on 17" wheels. The styling of this vehicle is very eye-catching, especially from the front. Acceleration is not going to win you any drag races, especially with the Continuously Variable Transmission, but after a short lag at first it will get up an go pretty good and I do not feel under powered on the interstate. Driving around town and doing a nice slow acceleration, you will not even feel a shift...it is so smooth! My favorite feature is the headlights. The S-Plus model came with LED lights for the low beam and they literally broadcast a intense wedge of light that totally wraps around the front of the vehicle. It almost looks like daylight! I need to get these for the FJ! I only have 450 miles on it thus far, but I am very happy with this purchase!

  • Good commuter car - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    The Toyota Corolla 2015 LE is a comfortable car for commuting long and short distances. It is a smooth ride at higher speeds on the freeways and has the power when you need it. It handles well but probably not sporty enough for most. You don't feel the bumps in the road like in most cars. It is certainly economical. It lets you know how much fuel you are using! The exterior of the car has a nice streamlined look. The interior is OK - looks a little outdated but has many convenient features like the Ensure media system. Bluetooth phone, voice activation, reverse camera, automatic climate control etc. There is plenty of room in the car and you head does not touch the ceiling.

  • poor gas milage - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I recently bought a 2015 corolla after a crazy person crashed into me and totaled my 2007 corolla. This is my 3rd corolla in a row and my second brand new one. I bough it because my other one was so good and i was planning on driving until it died. I wanted the "L" model because it had the same engine and transmission as my last one. My 2007 corolla went 135,000 miles without only very one very minor issue. my old corolla got between 31-33 MPG. My new corolla started out getting about 27MPG and has steadily decreased. I now get about 21MPG. I took it to the dealer(3000 miles on it) and they gave me some BS about winter gas and it still needed to break in. i will be trading for honda!

  • Built exclusively for short people! Worthless for average male. - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    You would think by now car manufacturers would know how to build a car to fit a body. I'm a tad under 5' 11 inches. My head hits the ceiling and you can't see crap out of the windshield. You will need to cut a hole in the roof if you plan on being able to see a traffic light. This bit of engineering stupidity ruins all of Toyota's hard work build a great brand and car. I have had many Corollas and expected to love this car. Unbelievable Toyota! Hello Nissan

  • Get up and go!! - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I LOVE MY LITTLE 4 Cylinder does everything I need it to do. Great gas mileage. ACCELERATION Is excellent. Sold my SUV for great gas mileage. 38 in town. I love driving no negatives for me. For the price and quality great buy.

  • unstable when driving - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    bad back vision. a lot of noise in the cabin. if its raining and with a little windy better stop the car.

  • Great Value - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I cross shopped the Corolla, Ford Focus, Mazda3 and Honda Civic. With incentives, the Corolla was the best value in a fully loaded compact. This is my eighth Toyota or Lexus product and the previous seven have been bullet proof mechanically.

  • Pluses and minuses - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    This is my third Corolla. All were bought new. The first, a 1990 that lasted about 200k. I have a 2006 that has nearly 160k, and runs super. The 2006 is my best drivingCorolla, after comparison. The 2006 tracks well. The 2015 doesn't. Is it because of thinner tires, or the wheel base? The 2006 body has a more solid feel. Thinner steel in the 2015? It could be just my impression. 2015 cabin and instrument panel blows 2006 away. Great improvement. I hate the CVT tranny. Engine over-revs. The 2006 takes off like a bullet. The 2015 is unresponsive. On a hill, the engine sounds like it's in neutral, over-revving. Blind spots over left shoulder, no camera to compensate. Rear-view mirror too small.

  • An Awesome Daily Driver - 2015 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    Note: I'm reviewing this car for what it is -- a compact sedan. I hadn't planned on buying a Toyota. I even told myself I wouldn't because of the experience my relative had with an 09 Corolla. However, in my frustrations with my year old Nissan, I went to a Toyota dealership just to look. Boy was I shocked. It seems to be built to last, but I suppose that's to be expected of a manufacturer with a track record of bulletproof reliability. The CVT is awesome, but more on that in a little bit. The sound system is nifty. It's gorgeous. I get a lot of complements on the looks of both the interior and exterior. I got it in Slate Grey Metallic. However, it has its cons.

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