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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Toyota Corolla receives minor feature revisions, including standard power accessories for the base model and a new sound system for the higher trim levels.

  • Comfortable ride
  • Quiet cabin.
  • Simple controls
  • Disconnected driving experience.
  • Mediocre acceleration and fuel economy
  • Some increasingly common luxury features are unavailable
  • Unimpressive cabin quality

User Reviews:

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  • Beautiful Simplicity! - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    We have long been a Ford family however our last Fusion did not meet our expectations due to a lot of mechanical issues and poor fuel economy. After test drives of the Ford Focus, Mazda 3 and Mazda 6, the Corolla was by far my favorite and has been a great car, both in performance and build quality. So far we've averaged around 33 MPG in mostly city driving conditions which helps a lot with higher fuel prices! This car looks great both inside and out and is fun to drive as well. I look forward to giving this car to my son in about six years when he gets his license!

  • Corolla is still a leader - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    The Corolla still beats the competition. Quality is superb; reliability is well documented. At 34 MPG on the road, figuring $4.25 per gallon, the loss of savings in gas compared to a 40 MPG car is $1,200 over 100,000 miles. The competition is charging thousands more than the Corolla; you will never really save money! The brakes work great, the ride is great; the performance with the automatic transmission is fully acceptable. My Ford and Chrysler cars failed me miserably. I will stay with Toyota. Join me and 100,000 miles from now you will be glad you did too. The "bells and whistles" the competition have will not be much comfort when their car breaks down. Toyota still rules.

  • Radio Lost Volume - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    My 2012 Toyota Corolla S lost sound three weeks ago and suddenly. Noting works - radio, CD, or connecting Iphone to the system. The center console is working fine - I can navigate, change FM channels, insert disc - but there is no sound. Took it to the Toyota dealer in Boston (car is being driven in Boston since last November). I was told that that radio has to be replaced at materiel + labor cost of $700. I did ask how can it happen - answer was that it may be due to the heat. Boston has been facing temperature of 92F for the last couple of weeks. I did point out that my other cars in Atlanta - Honda Pilot and VW CC Executive have not faced the same problem though the Atlanta temperature has been 98F and above for the last months. The gentleman did not have any answer. I just walked out without committing to the repair. If that is true, then I will really urge consumers to rethink about buying Toyota Corolla. This problem is widely reported on the internet. One pays lower price compared to the Honda cars with similar engine. But, if the repair cost is going to be like this for Toyota as opposed to Honda, then it is better one buys Honda car. At least it gives you a peace of mind. One does not have to deal with this kind of repair, leave your work and take care of it

  • Worst car to drive in my life - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    The design isn't my favorite. I guess the Toyota designers are the first to built the very first ugliest car in the world. I hope the reliability remains the same as in the past. But comparing my former Corolla '96 to the 2012...I can say the old one was much more better. I regret to not taking the time to repair my old Toyota (very friendly drive and also much more confortable) and getting the newest (awfull) version.

  • Average - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    The car replaced my 25 year old car that was starting to have some expensive issues. I got a really good deal on a lease for this car, but I have found myself wishing for my older car back. the quality of this car is inferior to my older car. It's appearance is average. There is velcro visible on either side of the dashboard. The doors are block with styrofoam painted black. You can not only hear the road as clear as day, but you can feel every bump. I am also very disappointed in the gas mileage. It is not a great improvement over my older car. The check up was a quick thing and they didn't replace the dollar store windshield wipers that came with the car. Can't really recommend it.

  • TYPE S AND LOVING IT. - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    This is my fourth Toyota product and I love it. My fuel economy, sleek design , and spoiler , and blutooth tech are amazing. Funny story my girlfriend also has a type s a year newer than mine and she also loves it. We live in the city a mile apart from each other and we both love the car. We both plan on keep our type S's for a long time. You can't go wrong with a car like this.

  • Gas milage - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    Gas milage nowhere near advertised. I started out getting 30 in town, now have about 700 miles and milage now at 24mpg. Check of highway milage only 31. also the warning buzzer is so weak I cant hear it at all if car running, barley when car shut off. Maint said there was nothing they could do about the buzzer. If milage what you are looking forget this car.

  • nothing boring about this car - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I was in the market for a new sedan as a second car to our family's minivan. I never liked the corolla before and had Jettas and Civics in the past. This time we decided to test drive every comparable model (Corolla, Jetta, Mazda 3, Sentra, Civic, Cruize, Accent and Rio). All very nice, similar prices, sizes and specs. The Corolla was the last one we tested, as soon as I got behind the wheel I felt at Home, yes maybe an outdated dashboard but after the ones from the Civic, Cruize, Mazda and Accent (they all reminded me of Video Game Consoles), this one just felt right. It is the most quite of them all on the road, simply said it is a Lexus and I am very happy. Power is excellent

  • 6500 mile 7 month old corolla made me stranded on the HWY - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I can't believe this. I have been royal toyota customer, I always trusted toyota's reliability until now. I have 1999 toyota sienna and I had 94 corolla and those cars have been wonderful even though they are old and high mileage on them. So I purchased another corolla. Yesterday, I went to another city (about 80 miles away from my home town) and this 7 month old 6500 miles corolla just quit on the express way. Check engine and trac off light on and no response from gas pedal. I was almost killed by other car. I had to tow 80 miles. And this morning toyota care towing car came and made big mess on my interior with lots of dirty oil mark all over the door. Big disappointment!

  • 2012 corolla best deal around! - 2012 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    Bought this corolla for 0 percent financing for 5 yrs! Plus edmunds.com gave me a $750 check for buying this on top of any and all deals!!! out the door for @$14k with auto and air/ pw/locks/cd,ect...Now I got 7000 miles on it and get 33.4 mpg ave. I drive 80 miles a day up a mountain road and this car flys. I put aftermarket wheels and tires on it and that really improved the handling. Go up to 225/16/65 size and it really makes difference. Engine is smooth, car is a delight, nice and quiet, but will scoot is you rev up to 4 grand.

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