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  • Overall a good Camry. Still need improvment - 2016 Toyota Camry
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    We'll, it's a Camry. Most of the charateristic are the same. I really want to focus on suggestion and improvement.... 1. Road noise a major issue. Some wind and engine noise as well. Need better sound damping. 2. Interior layout seem outdated. The shift handle should be move way from center 3. Ugly front grill. Don't know what they were thinking with the grill. 4. Did I mention ugly front grill. Any suggestion on what I can do to hide the lower part of the grill would be appreciated.

  • Review of 2016 Camry xse - 2016 Toyota Camry
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    Originally went to purchase special edition Camry but found the blue way too cartoonish and bright. Then had my sight on the white and prepared to start the bargaining process. After talking to the salesman we noticed a black xse model in the showroom. Although the xse had less features than se (hands free charge, moonroof, push start) and was $2k more, we just fell in love with the black suede/leather interior. Ended up getting $5k off msrp and getting full value for trade in, (Nissan wanted $2k less) 3.9%, lifetime power train, 2 years maintenance free. Over all the car rides well behaved and adequate for a 4 banger. You also can't beat the fact that it has 6sp automatic and not the cvt most manufactures are going to. Very spacious in the front/back with plenty of trunk space. My only complaint with the car is the infotainment display. It is a little laggy but I think most cars are probably going to be on the same par. I like what Toyota did by integrating the navigation on your phone onto the screen. Which eliminates the need of purchasing one with navigation.

  • Worst decision I've ever made in my life - 2016 Toyota Camry
    By -

    The wind noise from passenger side window in the this car is overwhelming at anything over 30 mph. When I took it into my dealership (Clearwater Toyota in Florida), their Service Advisor's advice to me was to "play heavy metal music at loud volumes" to drown out the noise. Nice. This was my first (and will be my VERY LAST) Toyota purchase. Complete garbage. Will be selling this piece of junk at my earliest convience. Avoid this car like the plague, especially at Clearwater Toyota in Clearwater, FL.

  • Great car - 2016 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Very happy so far.

  • 2016 Camry SE - 2016 Toyota Camry
    By -

    I've been a Toyota Camry owner for over 16 years. I recently retired my 1999 Camry for the new 2016 model. I can't begin to tell you how disappointed i am with my new Camry. I love the exterior styling but the interior is just meh. My two biggest issues are the incredibly uncomfortable seats which cause my leg to go numb while driving and the bouncing of the car. I seriously thought there was something wrong with my car when i first experienced the bouncing, especially pronounced when driving on the highway. I brought my car back to the dealer several times but was told it was a common issue and that i should put some weight in my trunk. I wound up putting 40lbs of birdseed in the trunk and that mostly solves the problem but you can still feel every bump in the road. Not something you want in the pothole capital of the US. Some of the interior trim is cheap feeling and forget the infotainment system - bluetooth works intermittently and the voice commands don't work at all. Though it will read your text messages to you, there is no way to reply by voice command which is frustrating. As someone who loves long road trips this car will never be the car for that. Much too uncomfortable with those seats. I commute an hour each way every day and I'm constantly thinking about what I'm going to do with this car - keep it or trade it for something more comfortable. It's really disappointing given i loved the 2014 seats. Have no idea why they changed them. I'm really questioning my loyalty to Toyota at this point but then I remember its the reliability.

  • Frustrated with NY Camry - 2016 Toyota Camry
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    I have climate control issues that two dealerships have been unable to remedy. The AC only works on the top two settings. One dealership told me there wasn't a problem, another dealer said $650.00 would replace a component. The car has 44,000.00 miles. Now the dealer says I need to get an alignment. My first and last Toyota.

  • Happy Camper! - 2016 Toyota Camry
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  • 2016 Toyota Camry SE - 2016 Toyota Camry
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    We bought the car for my wife but we both love it. Since we have only had it a few weeks I couldn't say on reliability but if first impressions are worth anything reliability won't be an issue. The 2016 Camry SE looks greet inside and out. Smooth quiet ride, and very comfortable to drive or ride in. Really very happy with this vehicle!

  • Upgraded from 2013 - 2016 Toyota Camry
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    This car has been upgraded with a more comfortable, quieter, and smoother ride. The upgrade are not flashy but the effectiveness during the ride can't be denied.

  • Size does matter - 2016 Toyota Camry
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    It's lower to the ground compared to vehicles I've rented. This makes it difficult getting out, not so much in getting in.

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