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This Year's Model Updates:

The Toyota Camry receives a thorough overhaul for 2015, a mere three years after a complete redesign. Highlights include all-new exterior styling, improved handling and a revised interior with more equipment and better materials.

  • Good visibility
  • User-friendly interior controls.
  • Distinct luxury and sport trim levels
  • Comfortable and spacious interior with above-average rear seat space
  • Competitors are more engaging to drive yet still comfortable.

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  • Meh, it's okay - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    I was looking at the Honda Accord EX-L and the Camry XLE, I went with the Camry as I liked the integration with the Navigation better. I think the accord was more fun to drive, and the blind spot camera was better, but I liked the overall look and feel of the Camry better. I have found that my suburban driving only gets 20 MPG, and I drive with a light foot. Also, this car only tells you your MPG after your park your car. Honda Accord tells you all the time and re-settable; I haven't figure out how to get this information in this car.

  • I love my Camry - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Just Bought a new2015 Camry SE and I love the thing. Great ride and Toyota Care covers my oil changes and rotations for 2 years. Great Value.

  • Poor MPG's and uncomfortable seat - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Two year/26,000 mile review: Rattle can with wheels. Took it to the dealer and told them the noise was from my passenger seat, yet they took my headliner and door panel off. I gave up and live with the rattling. Dashboard constantly pops with temperature change. Front seats lack butt cushion. I can feel the actual structure of the seat when I am sitting. After about an hour my butt and back hurts. I love the size of the arm rest/center console and that it slides forward, but it has already broke. Accelerates ok, but is definitely behind in performance compared to other competitors. The transmission downshifts too much, causing me to have to constantly re-accelerate. Excessive body roll. Terrible brakes. Good back-up camera. Side mirrors are badly positioned; I have to constantly adjust the mirror so I can see the curb when I park. Excessive wind noise on the highway. #1 complaint: Terrible MPG's! I cannot believe how far off the actual mpg's are from the EPA estimate. I am lucky to get 30 mpg on the highway. I average 27 on the highway and 22-24 city. This is going by the gauge in the car, which I have found to be off by 1-2 mpg's. This car has soured my taste for Toyota and I don't see myself buying one again in the future (except for maybe a supra).

  • Very poor Audio/Speakers & Leather seats - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Absolutely hate the audio system on this 2016 XSE camry! Took it to the dealer today just to check it out, but they found out that it's functioning normally. There's not pure/rich sound, it's very basic, and when the volume is up, it's pretty much loud noise! I drove a 2014 rental camry and it had an amazing stereo system, but the sound on this 2016 isn't even close to it, not sure why that is! The leather seats are not comfortable at all, I keep adjusting the seat every time I get in the car, ...made in the USA by a buch of rednecks, what can I say!

  • 2015 RED HOT CAMRY ROCKS! - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

  • 2015 toyota camry le - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    purchased new in December 2015. Car is the base model LE in attitude black with the Black tinted windows. Car is roomy and super comfy. The ride is very smooth and quiet. The 2.5 liter is strong but certainly not fast. It is quiet and we have averaged about 29 mpg. The base entune audio is more than adequate but do miss the low end sound only a sub can reproduce. Wind noise at hiway speeds on drivers side was unexpected but it is apparent. Thats my only complaint thus far.

  • Navigation sucks!!! - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Before you buy this vehicle, be sure that your cell phone is compatible with the Camry XLE 2015 . My husband purchased this vehicle for me is a birthday gift in June 2015, right off the showroom floor with only 10 miles on it. Before I even got 8K miles on it, I noticed the navigational system kept rebooting, going back to the Toyota welcome screen while I was driving the car. Toyota has had my car 3 times since we purchased it, so they finally figured out that my cell phone is not compatible ( Samsung Galaxy Note 5) with the car. We told Toyota corporation that should have been disclosed by their sales person before we made the purchase, so they said they will be doing an update to the entune app in March, but I think there's a defect in my navigation system. I will never ever purchase another Toyota vehicle, also the car has no get up in it, and the gas mileage is horrible. So before you buy a Camry XLE, be sure to do your homework first. Very disappointed Toyota Customer

  • JBL Premium Audio System with 10 speakers - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    The Toyota Entune JBL Premium Stereo System with the 10- Greenleaf speakers is terrible! Absolutely no bass whatsoever, no matter what you do to try an achieve it. When you fade all of the volume to the rear of the car, there is barely any volume. When you look in the trunk, you will see that Toyota left the passenger side large speaker housing empty. For a car that stickers for around 35K, you would think you would get a stereo that would be impressive. This is definitely not the case. I get so frustrated, I just turn it off. Toyota needs to fix this for their owners!!

  • Quiet, reliable and efficient - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    I bought a very gently used 2015 LE a few months ago. As of this moment, it has 8000 miles on it. I've not had to do anything except fill gas and change the oil. The automatic transmission is very smooth and efficient , in fact I might say it hunts too much for efficiency. When you are at 60 mph and you floor the pedal, it's a little hesitant to downshift and give you an acceleration boost. I suspect this is because the transmission wants to hold a higher gear for as long as possible. In any case for the vast majority of the time the transmission is fine. When I do 75-80 mph I consistently get 31-32 mpg. When I drop down to 70 mph I see 33-34. And if i do between 50 to 60 mph mpg goes to 35+. I think this mpg is extremely good for a car this size and weight. When compared to the 2007-2011 models this car is quiet, engine noise is reduced. There is some road noise on rough pavement - I measured it at 63 db at 65mph. The LE ride is not as firm as the SE but the car still does not roll. It feels tight and good. The seats on the 2007-2011 model I think are better and softer than this LE. But only by a little bit. The interior could do with fewer hard plastics. I wish the LE came with side mirror defoggers. If anything is terrible in this car, it has to be the audio system. There is no bass at all. If the audio system were not integrated with the camera, I would change it in a heart beat. I have no clue how Toyota put this audio system in here. I am going to drive this for the next 5 years at least and hope it will be as reliable as the previous gen cars.

  • Great Car - Except for the Stereo - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    This is my 4th Camry and like the others it is very satisfying, except for the stereo. This is by far the worst sounding factory stereo I have ever had, regardless or the brand. It has a surround sound setting that is worthless - it sounds like a tissue filter on all speakers. And speaking of speakers, there is supposedly a sub-woofer in the car. It must be disconnected because I have to increase the bass settings, which I never do on other systems. And there are up to 36 presets but no band or other means to categorize the presets. Just a terrible product on an otherwise outstanding car.

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