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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Toyota Camry is unchanged apart from the addition of another trim level to the lineup, the SE Sport. This model adds bigger wheels, a sunroof and a power driver seat to the four-cylinder SE's equipment list. Later in the model year, Toyota slightly revised the Camry's standard equipment. For the "2014.5" Camry, a rearview camera became standard across the board, while the upper trims picked up some enhanced audio features. These later Camry models also have slightly better crash test scores.

  • Better-than-average outward visibility.
  • Fuel-efficient engines
  • Comfortable and spacious interior with above-average rear-seat accommodations
  • Numb steering and mushy handling on all models but SE
  • Usefulness of available upgraded Entune system is diminished by cumbersome setup process.

User Reviews:

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  • vibration in gear - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    When i bought the car thier was no vibration at all with the car in gear at a stop with the a/c on or off. At 11,000 miles like flicking on a switch. out of no where the vibration started. I know this because it was actually bothering my stomach. I brought in and at first i got the run around, told me it was the nature of the model. Then i insisted they find the problem. I spoke with the mechanic personally and he said he cleaned the throttle body, injectors and realigned the motor and wishbone. Seems to be better but not gone. Very earitating with a/c on. I suggested to the mechanic could it be a faulty a/c compressor clutch or something. He said that couldn't be it. I tried to gently powerbrake it just enough to bring it up about 50 RPM. Flelt much better. Im thinking the computer my not be bringing the rpm's up high enough at idle. Anybody else out there with these same issues?

  • Great standard transportation. - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Does what they advertise.....great gas mileage, smooth ride, and good handling.

  • Front seats are a pain in the you know what! - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    I have owned this SE since June 2014. Mostly used for commuting to work and weekend duties (two HS athletes to follow). On a few occasions I have driven the car to the Carolina coast (from Ohio). The main issue I have with the car is the horribly uncomfortable front seats. I can't drive in the car more than two hours without needing to stop and stretch. I never experienced sciatic pain until I owned this car. I think it's a combination of the low seat position and the thickness of the seating materials. Toyota probably had to thin the lower seat to accommodate the power seat mechanicals. Another issue is if I adjust the seat upward to achieve a more comfortable seating position, I bump my head getting in and out of the car. I'm not very tall (5'10") but this has been an issue as well. I suggest renting this car for a weekend if you are planning on buying one. A 10-15 minute test drive with the salesman doesn't reflect the true character of this car.

  • The Best Camry of them All. The 2014 SE - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    This is my third Camry, 2014, 2001 and 1995. And without question the Best Camry of them all. This car has Speed, Comfort and Supreme handling. The three major components as well as interior and exterior styling. The car is fast for a 4 cylinder and provides great mileage. Its comfortable with its basic seats. The handling is superb in the corners and at high speed. The gauges are large and easy to see. The bluetooth and the rear view camera are the best features I have seen in a car and they all came standard. I chose no options and this car has more than enough features. The Michelins tires are a bit noisy on the highway and I think the Bridgestone will be a better replacement.

  • love my toyota - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Have owned two Toyota's. The first one was a cresita (not sure if spelled right) which was not too comfortable but a great built car. My second one is a 2014 XLE with the 4 cylinder. It now has 12500 miles and have had no problems with it. I find it very comfortable and love to take it on trips. I drove the 6 cylinder which had more power then I needed. The four cylinder has plenty power even in the mountains of Colorado. I really like the manual automatic which I use a lot. I was really surprised how good it does on gas. The lowest I ever got was 32mpg and the best was 45mpg. But it consistently gets about 38mpg. I would recommend this car to anyone

  • Outstanding car - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Traded 2006 Camry XLE V6 and this 4 cylinder LE blows it away. Great ride, very quiet cabin, beautiful inside and out. Feels like you are in a Lexus. At age 79 I have owned a lot of cars but never one as nice as this. Everything you see or touch oozes quality, very reasonably priced also. No need to waste money on a V6 ... 4 cylinder does a great job. Drove Malibu, Altima, no comparison. Buy the Camry, you won't regret it.

  • ...bought this car in '12 & again in April '15 !!! - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    ...I dislike the 'new' exterior more than I like the 'new' interior - that said - this car rocks!!! It always exceeds my expectations - My other car is a '15 Chevy SS sports sedan & I gotta say the Camry SE-v6 is 85% of that car when I was expecting much less - With a rim & tire change that saved 7lbs per wheel & upgraded the rubber to all season 'Y' rated tires the car has more grip, poise, & pep than the attractive but fuel economy tuned original equipment - From NYC to Durham NC w/the spouse taking our kid to a summer session & collage, we didn't have any extra room but - all were in comfort - the cooler was on the nicely finished folded seat back - our travel & our collage kids stuff fit snugly in the trunk - fully loaded the car had pep to pass, at will even @ 70 mph speed limits; while the suspension still had the agility to avoid, or the travel to absorb road imperfections, it still felt light on its feet - The brakes are ok, adequate, not as special as the go-power so be careful -

  • Best car ever for this class! - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    So here is my story...I am a home health nurse and do LOTS of driving. Had a 2012 Fusion used with less than 30,000 miles on it. What a piece of junk! Had transmission problems that they can't seem to fix in the Fusions. So I traded it in for a Camry. Wow! What a difference! I LOVE my Camry. I test drove the Camry LE and XLE and did not like them at all, felt underpowered and boring. I test drove the SE and fell in love. The power in this 4 cylinder is remarkable, I thought I was driving a 6 cylinder! I am getting 29 mpg in mixed driving, upwards of 40 + mpg on highway. This is one solid car and just quality built. You just can't beat a Toyota!!!

  • The Shudder Monster - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Look it up. Most of these cars are defective with a torque converter shudder under light throttle, heck...I've been through TWO torque converters and now a new transmission. Still shudders. I wish this was 90s Toyota when their cars were actually good. Nope, this is cost cutting Toyota. Transmission doesn't even have a dipstick. Trading! Two words.....Call Honda

  • Love My Camry - 2014 Toyota Camry
    By -

    This is the 2nd Camry that I have bought and I love the power and feel of the vehicle. I am now a Proud owner of 2 Camry LE's!!!

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