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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Toyota Camry is fully redesigned.

  • Comfortable and spacious backseat
  • Strong and fuel-efficient engines
  • User-friendly and high-tech electronics
  • Top safety scores.
  • Numb steering and mushy handling in all models but SE
  • No manual transmission available.

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  • Expected More - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Have 4000 miles on the car. In general its a good car to drive. On the highway the car handles well. I have always bought Toyotas for quiet rides but this car has a higher level of road noise than I expected on the highway. Good mileage but difficult to get rated 35 gpm at 70 mph. Car came with Low Rolling Resistance, LRR, tires with a wear rating of only 260. I probably wont get 30000 miles on a set of tires. Entune display system monitors tire pressure on all four tires. The only problem it doesnt show the location of the tire whose pressure is low. Only that one is low. You have to check each tire using tire gauge to find the low tire if not visibly low.

  • 2012 Toyota Camry Highway Perfection - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    I leased my 2012 Camry because I drive over 20k miles per year all highway. It has the base 4cyl engine and what a sweet thing it is! Easily does 34 MPG on the highway while traveling a brisk 78 to 85 MPH. No weird noises, no hesitations. Transmission and engine are quick to respond and are plenty fast. The driving dynamics on curvy roads is not so good. Car tends to 'push', which is normal for this segment. I didn't buy it to carve beautiful back roads in. I bought is because I'm 6'3" and need something comfortable, reliable and efficient with gas. Job well done... This Camry is perfect at those things. Love the Bluetooth - it's the best system yet. Crystal clear on both ends.

  • Camry SE V6 wins in very tough segment - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Fantastic motor, it feels effortless and with a combined(city and highway) reduction of only 3 mpg it was a no-brainer decision to get the SE V6. Another factor which pushed me to the SE V6 were some of the other features that are standard with the V6 but are costly options on the 4cy SE like the display audio with Nav/entune, smart key system, SofTex powered driver’s seat with lumbar, acoustic windshield and also the great 18” wheels which are only available with the V6. The redesigned interior is very nice, a huge improvement over the previous model and nicer than the competition. After considering the Kia Optima(nicest looking), Hyundai Sonata(ghastly looking), Passat TDI(very intriguing), and Fusion(too bad I was not getting a car next year) I found that the Camry SE V6 provided the best of the bunch.

  • 2012 camry Se 2.5 4 cylinder - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    I just traded in a 2008 Corolla S on a 2012 Se Camry. I did not go to purchase a Camry, I was looking for another Corolla S. When I got to the dealer there were no Corolla S's to be found. So I looked at the row of Camry's and was very surprized to find out they were having a end of the month May sale. Low & behold the prices of the SE Camry's were not all that much more than the Corollas. After a test drive I was blown away at the ride, room, comfort, electronics and the 10 air bags that came with this car. I was even more impressed of the quiet ride and smooth shifting of the 6 speed tranny.

  • I won't buy a used one of these again... - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    I purchased my Camry used, approximately 2 years ago (so it was only 2 years old) - and while it was obviously abused by the prior owners, I have had nothing but increasing issues with "non-abuse" areas of this car. Rattling (something in the rear - I think a heat protection piece by the exhaust), the front end scrapes badly (not sure what's up with that, I think a bolt fell out), plastic parts falling apart, horrible upholstery... not my favorite car by a long shot. I had to put a dash cover on to prevent glare (it was nearly blinding), and there is WAY too much plastic. I know that's the going "thing" these days (less expensive, etc), but for the price of this car, even used, I expect more. It is comfortable, and has good amenities, but that doesn't make up for the overall poor workmanship otherwise. I am going back to Scion and hoping that they didn't screw that line up like they did this one.

  • Can't beat it - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Simply amazing automobile. Ride is quiet and smooth, engine quieter amd more powerful than 03 Camry, much improved interior over last generation. I think I'll take boring quality over exciting driver any day.

  • great so far! - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    I was not planning on buying a Camry. I looked at several cars; the Sonata, Equinox, Pilot, Optima.. My brother has a Toyota and talked me into going to the dealer. Photos of the car don't do it justice. In person it is much nicer and the interior has a classier look to it than several of the other cars I have seen. After I saw it I knew it was the car I wanted. I purchased the SE a week ago and I'm still on the same tank of gas. Drives very smooth!! I love the steering..a million times better than the Volvo I used to drive. I am very happy with this purchase.

  • Camry SE 2012 - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Recently bought the new 2012 Camry SE. We love this car! We were looking at 2011 Camry SE mid September when the dealer told us the new redesigned 2012's were coming out in October. I got online and researched them as much as possible and decided to wait for the 2012's to be released and am so glad we waited. The car rides so smoothly and quiet ride. We are averaging 25 mpg in the city. Can't find many negitives on this car. Camry fans will love this new 2012 model. We purchased the car with: the Convenience Pkg, Carpeted Floor Mats, Display Audio with Navigation & Entune Pkg, Leather Pkg, and Power Moonroof Pkg, and Rear Bumper Applique for $28, 395.00 OTD (including taxes, license, etc.)

  • 2012 SE 2.5 after 35k mi - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Pros: The looks have grown on me (like the wedge) the interior is well designed and worn well (no wear) the mpg avg is 28-29, 65% highway, no breakdowns, should have good resale. Cons: have 1 second VVTi cold start rattle start at approx 15k, will need new cam, etc. Toyota will replace no charge-but factory sealed motor no more-we'll see. Tranny needed re-flash for slow speed shudder which wasn't too bad-about 45mph did some intermittent slight shudder -gearing too tall for mpg improvement? I would argue todays car is getting overly complicated because of the pressure to get MPGs!! Also, don't even touch the new direct injected or CVT trannys most offer now (read forums)

  • Poor Quality - 2012 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Paint chips all over car. Swirls in black paint. Seats are made of poor material. Noisy on highway. Tires had to be replaced after 27,000 miles. Very well maintained but you would never know it. Will not buy another Toyota and this is my third. Very disappointed.

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