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This Year's Model Updates:

Toyota adds an XLE Touring Sport model to the Avalon's 2015 lineup, while also upgrading the Entune infotainment system, making paddle shifters standard on all models and adding blind spot monitoring to the Touring models.

  • Large trunk
  • Quiet and upscale interior with roomy seating front and rear
  • Above average fuel economy.
  • Ride quality might be too firm for traditional Avalon buyers.

User Reviews:

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  • terrific car that is let down by poor service - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    This car is the poor man's Lexus for sure. The ride and handling and power are excellent. The interior is nice but could be better. Research the price... my car was $40K and I walked out with it selling for $36K. Be sure and do your research....

  • too early to give accurate review - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    have the car about 1 month- i believe most people will be satisfied- i think it looks good, has a nice interior for its class and was reasonably priced- it seems to me it is truly a car that is really not a luxury car but is also a step up from the ordinary

  • Dad Got His Way! - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    I've owned two Mercedes (Purchased new_ and two Caddies (purchased new) and this car compares very well with both of at less cost and certainly no sacrifice in looks.

  • So great I did it again! - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    The comfort and quiet plust new features make me glad I bought my 2nd Avalon.

  • Luxury and quality for less - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    I just got the 2015 limited in year end clearance; I got the best price for the best car. I test BMW 3 series, Cadillac ATS, Buick Regal and Lacrosse. I found Avalon limited on the top line in term of luxury, tech, stylish, smooth and quiet on free way on par with Lacrosse but better tech, gas mileage, expect more reliable than Lacrosse. But I was disappointed a bid on free way, I don't much wind but tire sound with the road on the 18' wheel. The Avalon has plenty of power though it has only 268 hp and 248 torque compared to 3 series, regal, lacrosse, ATS are more power and torque but I did not feel much different. The ATS, Regal, and 3 Series are good for quick move and corner but more windy on freeway when Lacrosse on the to ride on freeway-- smooth, quiet, and balance due to its heavy weight 4000lb vs Avalon 3560lb but 18city/28 hwy vs 21city/31 hwy. Quality, luxury, stylish, and bargain price at the end of the year make me to pick Avalon limited over the rest.

  • Lower Your Expectations - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    We purchased a 2015 Avalon in July. It was a nice vehicle but the more I drove it, the more I realized it did not meet my expectations. Due to it's reputation, I expected the "flotation" ride of a luxury car. I also had issues with wind noise and bumping my head getting in and out. (Not a vehicle for people who have any difficulty getting in and out of a car). To say I was extremely disappointed is an understatement. The dealership could do nothing about the wind noise....... we even tested one straight off the lot when I came to pick mine up from Service. It did the same thing. My aunt had purchased a 2015 Av Hybrid around the same time. When I spoke with her, she said that she had not realized now noisy her 2015 Avalon was until they went on a trip in a friend's Ford F150. Now that's sad that a pickup was quieter than a luxury car!!! I traded in a 2013 Kia Soul that I just loved other than the ride. It had zero wind noise!!!!!! Complained to Toyota's Houston division but since it is not a safety hazard, they deemed nothing was wrong with the car or it's design and offered no alternatives in terms of helping me purchase a different vehicle. My only recourse was to go back to the dealership and trade it in. I now own a 2016 4Runner and LOVE it. Yes, it is not sound proof, but it rides better and is more comfortable than my LAST purchase of a "luxury" vehicle. I use the term "luxury" loosely and sarcastically. BCS

  • Duck! - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    The ride is sporty. . .not luxury. Stiffer ride with 17" wheels. Getting into the driver's seat requires you to be a contortionist. Once inside. . .it's great. Comfortable seats. . .responsive, easy steering. . .good acceleration. My wife likes the car. . .I can't deal with the contortion required to get into the driver's seat. There is also some wind noise that is greater than it should be. I would prefer wheels that provide more of a cushion. My reason to trade is the issue with getting into the vehicle. I can't do that day after day.

  • Great Great Car! - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    This is my 3rd Toyota, I have had a 2005 Toyota Solara, a 2012 Toyota Camry and now a 2015 Toyota Avalon XLE Touring! I completely love this car! I am in my 30's and this car is awesome! Definitely not a old persons car anymore. It is just beautiful, and rides nicely. I really do not have any complaints, but the fuel cost are so low for a V6 and you can use regular gasoline. I feel like I am driving a Lexus.

  • Toyota Avalon-not just for the silver set anymore - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    We have had exceptional luck with our Toyota cars, as they've lasted 300k+ miles. We started looking at Camrys for our 21 year old daughter. But once she saw the inside of an Avalon, there was no other choice for her. She LOVES the styling, and there are all sorts of tech features that she can't live without. According to her, few people over age 55 could take advantage of all the technology (but they can still drive it!). As a marketing and animation major, she has a real eye for design, and this car won hands down over many others.

  • A stylish hybrid sedan - 2015 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    Very comfortable fuel efficient and nice design

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