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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Toyota Avalon sees no changes other than a minor shuffling of standard and optional features.

  • Large trunk
  • Quiet and upscale interior with roomy seating front and rear
  • Above-average fuel economy.
  • Ride quality might be too firm for traditional Avalon buyers
  • Cumbersome setup process for Entune.

User Reviews:

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  • Good mechanical, bad comfort ! - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    Pros: 33 mpg in city ( i have hybrid model) and 36 mpg in highway, Interior (except sun visor and head liner) looks nice. Steering is like by my bmw Z3. Not a real soft drive. You will feel the road. Cons: 1) Never got the advertised mpg (40/39). I tried different driving styles. No way. Also did fuel system cleaning and engine additives as advised by the service advisor. No difference. 2) Head liner and sun visor made with cheap cloth. <2014 models were much better. Seems Toyota tried to save some money here. 3) Real bad seat cushion. You are almost sitting on the metal frame. Dealer WILL never fix it with usual reply "designed like that / cant reproduce". Even my colleague's 2017 model is same with seat and head liner/sun visor. Areas of improvement: Fix the damn seat first. Then fix the cheap cloth for headliner. Then it is a good car which got the bad reputation by using cheap materials on the interior. You will get tired by sitting on metal seats. If you have a new car, wait some time like 2-3 years and see how good the seat cushions are. Simple google search will show on how to fix this by putting a nice form ($10) which dealer will refuse to admit /do.

  • Very pleased - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    This car is everything as advertised. Runs great, quiet, great radio, navigation system is excellent. Gas mileage is true at 26-28mpg Highway and 21-23 mpg in town. If I could change one thing it would be the back up camera’s vision from Navigation screen. In bright sunny situations it is difficult to see.

  • Ava-lux! - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    If you like a touch of class, style, performance and panache from an automobile, this is the one for you. Several weeks ago I purchased a used 2014 Toyota Avalon. Having recently moved south from the Midwest, I wanted to shed my 4-wheel drive for something smaller. Initially I went looking for a gently used Lexus ES350. My reasons were simple: I’m getting closer to 40 and my automobile needs are starting to bend more toward function and less form. This meant arguing my ego down from the thought that I needed to ‘sit high’ or that I need 3 rows for the few times a year we use the 3rd row. So on to the car; I initially drove 3 or 4 ES’s and on one return test drive I ended up parking next to an Avalon. “What’s this?” I asked the salesman. He responded ‘the Avalon’ and proceeded to tell me of how the car rides a variation of the same platform as the ES. Really? Also that the engine and powertrain were virtually Identical. Really?? So I gave this car –which I had never even glanced at, much less considered before- a good once over. Lowered front end profile w/quadra-beam headlights, Aston-Marton inspired lower intakes flanked by chrome enveloped fog lamps. A clean and handsome profile with a slightly ‘windswept’ greenhouse profile and a beautiful tail end w/LED lights and dual, trapezoidal exhaust…. “Hmm, will you get the keys for this”??? I asked. Got inside. ‘Whoa, seriously, nice! A 6 inch touch screen w/digital readouts for the HVAC just below. Mine has the lighter interior w/contrasting taupe, chocolate brown and black color scheme. It’s a very rich look accented by liberal swaths or chrome. On to the drive; the ride was the final deal cincher. The engine is buttery-smooth with plenty of power for passing. In fact, I had to learn how to properly finesse the engine when I am passing because stepping down too hard gives way more power than you probably were looking for. I want to address the ride quality itself though. Many have written that the car clunks or crashes over bumps. Honestly, I hadn’t noticed it at all. I think the ride is quite appropriate and I have to believe those that don’t care for it are exactly the buyers Toyota is getting away from. The geriatric set. The only place I have to give the car less than stellar marks is the sound system. The base unit’s graphics seem a generation behind the two vehicles I have most recently owned. Also, the basic sound system is very thin and has very little bass. They are merely adequate and I have been accustomed to far better utility. (the unit doesn’t even show album artwork for ipod songs) All told, this car is a serious sleeper that most likely are unaware of how good it is. After spending days if not weeks looking for the perfect gently used Lexus ES, I finally found it. Just so happened that it wears a Toyota badge and prefers to be called Avalon.

  • Loving My 2014 Toyota Avalon - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    It's an awesome car that I plan to have around for a long time!

  • You have to read this before you buy - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    The biggest issue for me is that the whole interior (meaning door panels, dashboard in my car especially rear doors and behind passenger seats) squeaks which is unacceptable for this type of car. Barely noticeable during the day, because of the outside ambient noise, with occasional louder squeaks here and there. But at night it is impossible to drive without music on- it drive me crazy! Suspension: you feel all the bumps, but the car is soft and has no handling power. My 9 speaker sounds system almost like in dodge neon. It sounds like all the sound coming out of one dashboard speaker. Telescopic Steering wheel doesn't pull out far enough. If you 6' and over, your hands will be straight.

  • Face Palms and Happy Days - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    I should have known that things were going to go downhill when a) the salesperson gave me the wrong trim package (I pointed to the Limited on the lot and he prepped the base XLE) and b) they gave me a car with an entirely different VIN from the number on the contract. However, after that second faux pas was straightened out, I am proud to say that I really, really like this car. I like it so much, that I can't decide whether to turn it in when the lease is up (April 2017), or go ahead and buy it outright. I would LOVE to finally get an XLE Premium or a Limited with some of the added safety features - blind spot detection, upgraded sound system - in addition to the excellent gas mileage, but only if I can get it at a payment similar to what I'm dishing out right now. Another "problem" is that the car wasn't driven as much as I thought it would be and so I would be perfectly happy with the 2014 model. I haven't had a peep of trouble out of it and the dealer makes it very easy to keep up with the basic maintenance schedule. It has a lot of get-up-and-go and is comfortable for driver and passengers. On the downside (decision-wise), there isn't much difference that I can see between the 2014 and 2017 Avalon, so that sort of sends me back to buying the current car. So, aside from my #FirstWorldProblem about what to do in the coming months, I will say it again: I like this car a lot and I'm grateful that the folks at another brand's dealership (rhymes with "KIA") essentially ignored me when I was ready to sign on the dotted line.

  • Disapointed - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    If you want a go cart ride this is the car for you. At 15,000 miles one OEM tire required replacement. I replaced all with best Michlen tires and ride a little better. The amount of air in tire has a lot to do with it but very bad ride on rough roads. You have to stop the car to select anything on the AC control panel. No feel and you touch the wrong thing. The back up screen is barely visible in sunlight. The rs rear view mirror blocks the forward view of the rider. The rider seat does not lift to see over. The mirrors stick out so far they hit the garage door frame (lucky the left side pivots). The steering wheel blocks the messages on the dash. I did not trade my 2001 Avalon which still runs great at 160000 miles. I still have my 2001 Avalon, a much better car even with 160,000 miles. I would not buy another like 2014.

  • What a let down! - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    I went from a 2008 Solara sport to this 2014 Avalon, What a let down! The good, Lots of snap/HP. Nice materials used. Nicer styling. For the bad... the list is long!! Poor headlight illumination Blind spot mont.system over agressive during passing. you can not wash the car with the keys in your pocket, the car constantly locks and unlocks. There is poor storage area, and push button start makes it worse with more stuff Keys)to set somewhere! the certer armrest storage is horrible, no where to have a pen handy, Ok seats, super hard!!! no comfortable at all. Im always trying to readjust to relax my butt. the tilt wheel does not tilt down far enough, and does not telescope far enough. plus both are controlled by only one lever. so the tilt up upon exit usually retracts the telescope as well, so constant adjusting. I had to put the seat much closer to the dash than I like do to steering position issues. the window controls are wrong. when the arm is on the panel, my fingers are on top of the mirror controls, kinda not where then need to be! I dislike the radio controls. as you change presets your actually going down on the wheel, yet your preset stations are going up in sequence. very confusing. I guess setting up the presets backward will help. The materials on the radio controls are cheap. also, the HD is constantly going in and out, making radio loud, then quiet. Ill turn it off, but as soon as you change the station, its active again. The screen on the radio and climate are slanted at a poor angle, the sun hits them and you cant see anything!! they need to perhaps be tiltable so as to avoid sun glare. OK the car is automatic, always wandering for a gear, and has sport shift option and!!! paddle shifter! really? why waste that much mony on 3 shifting options in an AVALON? The a/c vents are horrible!!! you can cool the body from the chest up, or from knees down, but there are NO vents to cool your mid section. the "auto" to cool the car, does not work well, it activates vents only, not the floor vents, and it doesnt turn on high, you have to adjust it. some of the controls are just touch and some are PUSH, so wierd trying to remember what ones you have to push hard. The review camera has not helped me at all. I do like that the mirrors tilt down upon reverse though. the brakes kinda suck, it feels like they are going to warp if I push hard. I am a single guy 35, drive the car in eco all the time trying to be gentle. This car is neither luxury as I thought, or sport as they are trying. its simply a glorified Maxima, that is a let down on all fronts. Update as of 7-13-2016 I still dislike the car with 4200 miles. I would NOT buy it again.

  • A smelly car - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    This is my third Avalon and there is a definite design flaw. The car smells.

  • Don't leave home without your garmin gps - 2014 Toyota Avalon
    By -

    First - I traded in a 2011 Avalon Limited and would give anything to have it back. I assumed I was buying the same same. WRONG Cramped driver's seat. Low profile tires give you a terrible ride. Road noise is bad. GPS is a joke and I was to get it updated will cost you around $300.00. Thinking of going back to a Buick as soon as I can.

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