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  • improvement needed - 2016 Tesla Model S
    By -

    no storage, 2 poorly placed cup holders, hard to understand controls, no real support on a 100k purchase.

  • Unavailable Repair Parts Tarnishes Tesla Image - 2016 Tesla Model S
    By -

    When I bought my new Tesla Model S in May 2016 and for months before I was proud to be part of “accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy.” I talked it up with my friends and family and even with strangers I met at Starbucks. I got 2 of my kids to pre-order the Model 3. Then I ran over a truck tire tread on the freeway, causing $6k of damage to the bumper and undercarriage. Since then, the car has been at Kniesl's Repair Shop in Roseville, CA, a Tesla-authorized repair shop. It has been there for 6 weeks now awaiting repair parts, with no ETA for those parts. In fact, Kniesl's tells me that they have 3 other Teslas in their shop in similar condition awaiting parts for as much as 3 months. After 4 weeks, I contacted Tesla using the form on their web site. No response. At all. If “the world's transition....” involves no repair parts, I want no part of it, and neither should you. If “the world's transition....” includes the inability to forecast a delivery date for repair parts, I am ashamed to be a part of it. If “the world's transition....” entails a complete lack of interest in post-sales customer service, I am afraid of it. What would you do if your car was unavailable for 6 weeks with no forecast for when it would be available again? Would you feel like you were accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy?

  • We own 2 of the orginal Tesla Model S - 2016 Tesla Model S
    By -

    We have 2 MS. The first one I ordered a smaller battery 60, with only 2 options, leather interior and pano roof. We received the car in May 2013. That car now has over 85k miles and has only been in the shop for one repair very early. Some guide clips on the Pano roof broke. It was quickly repaired and I was given a new MS to drive while the repair was being done. The car looks and runs like it did new and we have only lost 3 miles of range in the battery! We are told to charge the car 90% every night, and when new it totaled 185 miles and now it charges to 182 miles at 90%. My wife drives that car about 90 miles per day, round trip to work. I purchased a used one in Nov 2014, with 15k miles. It is a MS P85, at that time it was just about the most powerful car in the lineup. Today they offer 90D and P100D models. But I don't think they have anything on mine. The car charges to 230 miles each night at 90%. Realistically when driving at or above normal highway speeds you will only get about 80% of the range, so need to be careful when doing long distance trips. But around town, you never need to be concerned with range. The only weak point about the car is that it is rather plain on the interior. I don't mind it is nice enough for me. And the advanced technology over rides the lack of pizzaz. Like many people who own this car, I doubt I would ever go back to a gas car as my primary vehicle. Overall it is an amazing car.

  • I'll never go back to ICE after having a Tesla - 2016 Tesla Model S
    By -

    I've had my Model S60 for three months now and its great. I have the smallest battery pack and its still plenty of range. The one time I went beyond its range I was able to quickly charge up with the free superchargers. You might knock it for the weight and size but the pickup is crazy for a car this size and the weight is all down low in the battery pack. The Autopilot is amazing for Bay Area freeway congestion. The only small knock is the lack of door storage. I have seen the Model X does much better here and I suspect in time they will add this to the S. I rented one on Turo for a long weekend and it really helped me decide to go for it.

  • Revolutionary - 2016 Tesla Model S
    By -

    Electric cars are here to stay. Amazing range, acceleration and handling. If you can afford the hefty price tag, these cars have little to no maintenance so the actual cost during ownership is small in comparison to non-electric cars. The autopilot feature is a game changer for folks who drive daily in traffic. Your right foot will be bored and your blood pressure will drop. It takes the stress out of driving while being stuck for hours in traffic. That alone is worth the hefty entry price for these cars!

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