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  • 6.7 Ram 2500 Laramie with Black Appearance Package - 2016 RAM 2500
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    Sold my toy hauler and had no need for my 2012 F350 with 8' bed. Had a few problems with the ford and after owning a 2005 dodge 2500 decided to give Ram a chance. I will admit I do miss the tailgate step, this is my only complaint. This truck has almost as much technology as the wife's luxury SUV. This is my daily driver and no problems with mirrors if you set them up correctly. With the 6.7 Cummins 370HP/800 TQ and 3.42 rear axle ratio I get 21 mpg at 70 mph and my average with all driving is 17.8 mpg. I can pull my #14,000 trailer without a strain. So if you have to tow and need a comfortable daily driver go test drive a new ram.

  • A piece of crap= POS - 2016 RAM 2500
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    To start with, my family has owned 7 dodge diesel's trucks so far. I will not buy another. I like driving my 1999 2500, owned it for 16 years and take it to drive unless I don't have a choice. Would trade 2016, in if I wouldn't lose so much money. I get 21 mpg in my 1999; get 16 mpg in 2016.There's no interior lights for the front seat area. Have to pull over or passenger has to remove seat belt to read the map. Have to use the light in the back seat area. It doesn't have gas caps. It has Dumbo mirrors. They stick out way to far for normal use. It's very hard to see traffic in the mirrors. Real hard to change from fast lane to slow lane. Can't see cars in right lane. Mirror height to short. If you turn (90 degrees) the mirrors, you can see wide, but can't see cars. Have to use interior mirror for lane change. Has bug eyes mirrors on drivers side and passenger side. It's a pos. Tried to change out mirrors. Dealer had no knowledge on any kind of part swap. I'm 6'2" and can't reach in to the bed of the truck without a ladder or lower tailgate. Still need ladder to get in bed. You have to buy steps to get in and out of the truck unless you have a 16" vertical jump. Wife in high heels had to take off shoes to get in. Even with step, I hit my head on the overhead door opening. Not as tall as my 1999. Motor has a rev limiter. about 3200 rpm. Right when the motor is at full turbo, it cuts out. The exhaust brake button need to be relocated. You have to look at the bottom of the dash to engage. Eyes off the road like texting. Going to get a switch, for exhaust brake, to put on the gear shift lever. What does work--- I like the drink holder in the door. It's wired for easy towing. I like the six speed transmission. Wish I could put transmission in my 1999. Have to check. Over all I will retrofit an older truck before buying a new one. I've driven over 6 million miles in my life and this truck is dangerous to drive in traffic. Even on Freeways. Overall. Don’t buy this truck!

  • MY 2016 RAM LARAMIE IS AWESOME!!! - 2016 RAM 2500
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    I bought my first ram laramie in new in 2004. I kept the truck until I traded it off in 2011 for another ram 2500 and it never had anything go wrong with it. The only time it was in the shop was for regular maintenance, It was always reliable. My 2011 was also a great truck. Same story as the 2004, always reliable and never had an issue except for the suspension was a little rough. I traded it in on a chevy in 2014 (HORRIBLE MISTAKE!). Within a year the transmission went out and then the oil pump!!! Unbelievable! Maybe it was a lemon, I don't know but I will never buy another chevy again. (Also in 2010 I bought a new Camaro and it was in the shop for an oil leak within 10,000 miles). I then just recently traded off my chevy on a 2016 Ram 2500 Laramie and love it! The truck is extremely nice inside and out and drives fantastic compared to the older Dodge Rams that I've had. Or any other truck that I've owned for that matter (Ford, Chevy). I would suggest to anyone looking into buying a new truck to test drive the new Ram! I never write reviews but after reading the negative one on here I had to post my feelings about the Ram.

  • Upgraded from a Tundra - 2016 RAM 2500
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    6.7 Diesel Black Appearance Group. Basically I will compare my last truck (2010 Tundra 5.7 Rock Warrior 4x4) to this one. My family camps a lot. I have a 9000# camper. My Tundra pulled it very well. For a 1/2 ton truck it's amazing. Great brakes, amazing power, and great comfort. With all that said it is NOT a heavy duty truck!! I originally purchased a 1/2 ton truck because it was a daily driver and figured a 3/4 or 1 ton truck might be too much as a daily driver. I could not have been more wrong. After 5 camping seasons towing with my Tundra and filling up every 120 miles (I got 7.5 mpg) I had enough. I have always wanted a diesel due to obvious reasons; towing/hauling, efficiency, stability, and the pure idea of having a diesel truck. My father has a 2012 F-350 6.7, so I borrowed it for a long trip. About 10 minutes into the trip I knew the Tundra was gone. I drove them all. In my opinion the Ram 2500 was by far the best decision for me as a daily driver. The 3/4 ton has ridiculous towing (17,000+) and the available payload is way more then I would use. It's the only 3/4 ton that has coil rear 5-link system. Which promotes a fantastic ride for a HD truck. The ride is solid, sturdy, and enjoyable. It handles very well for nearly an 8000# truck. For those of you who are...um.. vertically challenged, may have a difficult time getting into it. It will be a more of a jump. I'm 6'4" and I slide right in, however, my wife 5'4", has to climb in - but she loves the truck! Once you get inside you will be amazed on how refined it is. Everything inside the cabin looks high quality and well made. The conveniences included rival most luxury SUVs. Performance wise it will scoot. The nasty torque will put you in your seat, but it is the slowest out of the big 3 from a dead stop. Once you are moving (say 20-30) and you hammer it - they all are fairly close. It shifts quite a bit sooner than the Chevy and Ford. The Ram will shift just before 3,000rpm, whereas the others will shift closer to 3500-4000 on a wide-open throttle acceleration. But I didn't purchase this for drag racing, I bought it for straight up towing. With all the torque available at 1600rpm it does it extremely well and with very little effort. Fuel economy for this 8000# beast is beyond amazing. My Tundra averaged 14.5-15 per tank to and from work. I have over 2000 miles on my Ram; basically 4 tanks. So far each tank has been; 19.2, 18.6, 18.5, and currently I'm sitting at 18.8 with about another 100 miles until I fill up again. I take the same way to and from work everyday. Yes, I have a boring daily routine. I live in central Ohio - the elevation is around 900ft (for those of you that need to know if the mpg is at sea level or in the clouds). PS - I have, and will keep, all the emission. I'm sure I will change my mind in a few months, but for now I'm happy with the sound/performance/mpgs. Granted this entire review is based on a couple thousand miles. Rest assure I will update after I have an entire year of camping under my belt.

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