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  • My RAM 1500 diesel - 2016 RAM 1500
    By -

    This is a wonderful truck. Improvements in the entry area could be made for the taller person, I am 6'2". The height of the door could be 2 inches higher to accommodate this. On the same token the seats could be an inch or so deeper for the same reason. This truck drives and rides amazing. The engine is quiet and responsive as is the steering. I have not had the vehicle long enough for any repairs and it has not been back to the dealer in the first 6 weeks for any issues.

  • 2016 Laramie quad cab 3.0 L Motori V6 diesel - 2016 RAM 1500
    By -

    On 9 September 2015 I ordered a 2016 DS1P41 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x2 140" WB, 6'4" box... 28H customer preferred package, a Laramie.. EXF 3.0L VM Motori V-6 diesel, DMD 3.55 Rear end, DSA Anti spin rear end, WFJ 17" wheels, AHC Trailer tow, XHC Trailer brake control, and a few other options... MSRP 46,860 / Invoice 42,670 / Net, Net, (less Holdback $1,370) $41,300... purchased for $41,900 less $2000 rebates, $39,900...( I personally feel the manufacturers have gone nuts on their pricing... their excuse is that they are competitive, bad argument on their part.) Ok, in my 63 years of life, about 20 of those years, I sold rolling stock to Federal, State, county, and municipal political entities and large and small commercial accounts. These vehicles included Chrysler, Ford, cars and trucks, and Sterling class 4 through 8 trucks... So as writer of this review, I am no nut case... I have driven them all... As for the dealer, they came in on the weak side... little or no product knowledge, customer satisfaction rating will get hit with an average rating, maybe... but, after saving a ton of money, I acquired my new ride on the 3rd of November 2015...had the dealer not had screwed up, I might have had the truck a week or two earlier... As of this writing Sunday 22 November 2015, the truck now has 1587 miles... My first 100 miles, at 65 mph, she clocked in at 33.1 MPG. way better than advertised... The following weekend of 6 Nov. 2015, I logged a good 580 miles at 80 mph, a lot of low rolling hills, some flat plains, good weather, a bit of wind, low humidity, normal temps, and she got a whopping 28.9 MPG... the majority of this ride consisted of more road miles with probably 50 miles of urban driving, this is way better than advertised... as for performance, if you lay that foot on the accelerator, you will be bounced into the back seat... for an itty bitty V-6, she's got some guts and power... As for the power source, the VM Motori diesel, she's not like any diesel that is out on the road... Most power sources that you find in domestically built trucks, ie, cummins, cat., detroit, powerstroke, and GM's Isuzu motor all have or have had an excessive valve knock... this was always standard issue with diesel motors... The Motori, it's so quiet, you can hear yourself think... this little power box is actually quieter than some gas engines... If you are into quiet engine operations, this is a good choice... In the cabin, you can actually hold a normal conversation with other occupants. Fuel expense, even though the price of diesel is a bit higher than gas, with this truck and power source you can expect at least a 30% improvement in miles per gallon compared to gas... My first 1500 miles, I have spent less money on diesel fuel than my old gas truck... substantially less... As for handling and ride, this truck is nothing compared to what Chrysler or Ford built back in the 80's or 90's... An option was available for an air ride suspension, I couldn't justify the added expense, or future maintenance costs 80,000 miles down the rode... but, she is smooth, little or no road noise, no road harmonics... Power steering, it's electric, no more steering juice to feed to it, no more steering gear leaks... and as for precise handling, it's up there... handles like some low profile road cars.. without the stiff rides... As high as the truck stands, you would think that in the curves the G forces would be against you, they are not... you would think that you might have some pitch and awe to contend with when attacking curves, she stays straight and goes where you point her... little or no over or under steer...as for wind noise, Nada... none... The Sterling Acttera, a class 6 truck had a 65 degree cut in her cornering, it could out corner any F-350 to 550 on the road... the Ram 1500, she's there, I do not need a football field to turn her around... but, historically, Dodge trucks were always known to out maneuver Chevy's or Fords... If you are still reading this review, and you're and ole guy like myself, something of note, the back up camera, make sure you get it... the Uconnect radio system has this huge interior screen, when you turn the knob selector to reverse, that camera lights up everything behind you... I ordered the front and rear sensors, it's well worth the expense... Parallel parking is a breeze, and backing up to a trailer, is so much easier now. I am not having to get in and out a half dozen times to see where the trailer tongue and hitch is... One other thing that you will need to get used to, transmission selector, it's a knob, electrically controlled, no more column shift. It seems and feels weird at first, but you'll get used to it...

  • Much Better Truck than my Old Tradesman - 2016 RAM 1500
    By -

    Mostly my comparison is to the 2012 Trades I had before purchasing the Sport. I saw this blacked out optioned truck on the lot and fell in love with it. It looks great and I get lots of compliments! The bucket seats are far more comfortable than in the Tradesman. Acceleration off the line isn’t as good due to the higher gearing in this specific Sport. The new 8 speed tranny is so much better than the old 6 speed. Very smooth shifting, very little of it trying to find the right gear. The 6 speed in the Tradesman was always clunking around, always looking for the right gear to be in. I didn’t like the way it shifted from the beginning and did have to take it in at 65K to have transmission work on it. I was really nervous about the warranty running out and having to pay for a new tranny. But I got the lifetime power train warranty on the new truck which was the primary reason for going back to the Ram. Gas mileage has been in the 17-18 MPG range. Although I live in a hilly area I still can't imagine getting 21 MPG. The Uconnect system can be a little distracting. The high beams are awesome. The truck came with a big subwoofer that sits under the passenger side rear seat and takes up 2/3rds of the rear under seat storage. With 700 miles on it I am loving it!

  • Awesome Luxury Truck with Econo-Box Mileage - 2016 RAM 1500
    By -

    This review is for a 2016 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn 4 wheel drive crew cab with the 5'6" bed with the 3.6 liter turbo diesel motor. This is my 3rd Ram truck in the past 10 years and easily my favorite of the bunch. I live in Texas and I like driving a truck. In the past I have had difficulty justifying the purchase price and the poor fuel economy because I really don't NEED a truck that often. It is useful to have a truck sometime but I don't need one on a regular basis. I do occasionally pull a trailer that is around 5000lbs but I only use it 4-5 times a year. My 2013 Ram 1500 with a Hemi pulled the trailer easily but mileage took a nosedive into the single digits. With the Italian built 3.0 liter diesel my new Ram gets 17+ mpg doing the same job. Overall without the trailer I am getting 25-26 mpg in mixed driving. This is just amazing for a 6000 pound 4 wheel drive truck. It seems that with the EcoDiesel you can have your cake and eat it too. In my case that means I can use a big heavy truck as my daily driver and still get fuel economy that is solidly in the 20s. In highway driving it is possible to aver 30-31mpg as long as you stay below 70mph. You can probably tell that I am a fan of the V6 diesel option in the Ram. So what is the downside? Initial cost is one issue. The diesel is a premium over the gas V6 or even the Hemi V8. Maintenance cost is also higher. Oil changes happen at 8000 miles for the diesel versus 10,000 for the gas motors. If you want to DIY the oil changes you'll find that the filter runs about $50 and the sump holds 11.5 quarts of synthetic oil. You'll also need to replenish the 8 gallon DEF tank every 9-10,000 miles. The fuel filter also needs to be changed every 20,000 miles or so. So if you're considering the Ram EcoDiesel purely to save money then you might want to do the math first. It will take quite a few gallons of low sulphur diesel to offset the additional costs associated with the diesel. If you can make the equation work out in favor of the diesel I think you will enjoy the ride. The range is usually well over 500 miles from the 26 gallon tank. It's not as punchy off the line as the hemi (I haven't driven the gas V6) but doesn't feel slow either. There is some definite turbo induced lag from a dead stop but once underway there is no trace of lag and you feel like you're riding a wave of torque. In normal driving the truck feels plenty quick. In full throttle runs it runs out of breath sooner than the hemi. If you don't do a lot of full throttle sprints the diesel will feel as quick or quicker than the V8. Part of the credit for the seamless torque from the EcoDiesel goes to the 8 speed auto transmission. Shifts are smooth and quiet. I have yet to catch it hunting for the right gear. The rotary dash mounted shifter takes some getting used to. After 3 weeks and 1300 miles I don't notice it much anymore. Compared to my 2013 Ram this frees up a lot of space on the console. The Ram 1500 has coil springs at all 4 corners and the ride benefits from this. The truck handles well given it's size. I am amazed by how large half-ton trucks have gotten these days. I think the interior of this truck is something special. I looked far and wide to find a truck with the black/cattle tan interior. It has various wood trim panels that are actually made of real wood. I know that wood trim in a truck sounds silly but I think it looks great. My truck does have heated front and rear seats along with a heated steering wheel. I have really appreciated that the last few days with the temps near freezing here in Central Texas. The front seats are ventilated but I haven't really used those as I bought the truck in December. The crew cab has a really roomy back seat though my son has complained that the seat backs are too upright for him. The rear seat folds up and there are foldout panels underneath to give a flat load floor. There is some storage under the seats but on my truck much of that space is taken up by the subwoofer that comes with the Alpine sound system. Sound quality is better than the base system but seems a bit harsh to me. The UConnect system with 8.4 inch screen works great. I would love to see Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration but the Garmin based nav works well as does the bluetooth. It works nicely with my iPod touch and my son's iPhone. Messaging works well with my Galaxy Note 5. I love the Sirius TravelLink with weather (reports and radar) and traffic. Driving through Dallas the day after Christmas it warned me of tornadoes and at one point gave me a message that there was a tornado reported in my location. My son looked up and we were directly under a large funnel cloud. The ParkSense system and rear camera are a must IMO. You can probably tell that I love this truck. It was not cheap with an msrp of $56,184 and only time will tell how the EcoDiesel holds up. Go drive one and see for yourself.

  • Drove a lot of Trucks before buying this one - 2016 RAM 1500
    By -

    Far and away the best interior and loaded with features. I feel like I am driving a BMW but its a truck!

  • New Truck! - 2016 RAM 1500
    By -

    Just purchased this truck recently. So far, it's awesome!

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