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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the Ram gets a new six-speed automatic transmission and as a result, a fuel economy increase.

  • Lots of interior space.
  • Clever storage spaces
  • Well-made interior
  • Best-in-class ride quality
  • Powerful V8
  • Weak base-model engine with poor fuel economy.

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  • 2012 Big Horn 1500 - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    I've had my 1500 for 2 months now and love it. Its a 2012 1500 "Big Horn" Crew Cab with a 5.7 HEMI. It has all the power in the world, smooth, comfortable ride, all the features I need plus more. I have not had a moments trouble with it. My only complaint is that I'm too short to reach over the bed sides from the ground very well (I'm 5'9").

  • worried - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    After owning fords for 22 years I bought this Ram 1500. I love the power and the interior features. Worried about floppy rear windows that rattle when down. It also shudders between 35-45 mph when not accelerating hard. With slight gas pedal the truck feels like its in the wrong gear. It feels like my f-150 that dropped a coil.

  • Nice Truck pour gas mileage - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    Really nice truck. For this model and price, i couldn't Ford or Chevy to come close as far as the amenities. I wish I had Ford Sync, and maybe some more gauges, i.e. oil, etc. I was not pleased with Chevy, unless you got into the higher lines (packages). The motor is so impressive. It is nothing to pass a vehicle on the highway. Watch the brakes on a 100 mph pass if you find yourself jumping back in between cars. I experienced a little swervy swervy in the front. The 4 wheel drive works great. The only issue I have noticed with the trans is that 1st gear extends a bit and releases abruptly. I have not realized any of the previous issues from the previous post except for the mileage.

  • window noise - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    The rear windows on this model(Outdoorsman) seem to be loose. When they are partially down and driving there is a very loud bothering noise. I took it to the dealership. They said this normal for this model and year. I have owned F150s and a Frontier and never had this problem. Is anyone else having the issue?

  • great preformance low gas milage - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    bought this truck in feb 2012 it is roomy but is high off the ground makeing it a big step to get in but you addapt to it or get a step installed rides nice, but bit stiff on off road like a grass drive drive way iot will toss you left and right but on the road is great it was twichey stearing but they fixed it has the 3.93 gears and tow equipement MPG is at best 16 this with the VVD ( runs on 4, 6 or 8 cyl ) when advertised mpg is 20 big diffrence in cost to run but you can tow any thing with this and it will prefrorm when you push the pedel !

  • 2012 Ram 1500 Express - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    This is pure American muscle. If you like power, reliability, comfort, mad swag, and POWER this is the truck for you. Accelerates like a sports car with the 5.7L Hemi, which means it get to 60+ mph REAL FAST. Purchased new for $18,500 (~$22,500 after tax/reg. and a 7 yr./100K mi. warranty). After 2.5 years and 35,000 mi., it still runs and feels like new. I've taken it cross-county on business with no problems. The exterior design induces countless head-turns on the regular by truck lovers of all types. The interior is spacious. There's plenty of room for attractive shotgun-riders.

  • Get the hemi, get the crew get the RAM - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    I started off test driving a ford f-150 Eco boost, well when I put that thing to the floor it didn't spin and tj felt like a Prius on wheels Then I went to the ram, I put it half way down and layed a black strip down the road. The hemi definitely has a lot of power! I also got the crew can because I have kids. The crew cab is super roomy with storage everywhere. I also got the dual exaust which is nice although I wish it was slightly louder I won't complain. Over all it's a great truck but there's one major thing I hate about dodges, which is rust, I noticed a quater inch rust spot that will be fixed immediately.

  • Ram Limited 4x4 - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    This is the first true truck(non-SUV) I"ve owned. Got it for towing, but needed something appropriate for office. Man does this thing fit the bill. Sharp and functional. Fantastic, smooth ride, and it responds almost effortlessly when you hit the accelerator. As comfortable as most luxury cars. After test driving Ford and GMC equivlents, for me this was an easy choice. This is simply a better looking, more comfortable ride. Yes I gave up a few 100 lbs towing capacity to other choices, but premium ride is worth the trade-off.

  • ram express - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    I just picked up this 2012 ram 1500 with express package last week. Power windows, locks, st package with cloth 3.55 gears. I am completely impressed with this truck. My last 3 cars a 2004 mustang gt, 2005 mustang gt and 2009 vw gti. in comparison this truck is FASTER than the 04 gt and the gti while getting similar mileage. mds works great, i would never notice the switch between 8 and 4 if not for the little eco light on the dash. the ride and handling are excellent as is the refinement. interior design is well thought out and materials are high quality nearly equal to the gti(they are known for interior quality) the sound system is amazing for a "basic" truck, good sound quality and volume, low distortion. there are lots of cubbies and storage areas that my last cars lacked. 7 cup holders up front! the styling is very aggressive and handsome. I have modified most of my past cars but i cant think of anything i would change. the 20" wheels look great but may be hard to keep clean. I am blown away at the value of this truck. its amazing you can purchase this combination for such a low price. a few years ago a ford lighting offered similar performance, power to weight ratio for literally double the price or more, yet lacked the comfort and refinement available in this ram. if you haven't driven one GO NOW TO THE DEALER! every other truck on the market rides like a horse and carriage and none of them have the HEMI.

  • Ram Hemi Express 1500 - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    The Ram Hemi Express... What a deal! Purchased my deep cherry red Express during Dodge Truck Month. I wanted a sripped down version but when I spotted this loaded jewel on the lot I took it. $21,400 out the door! Best bang and performance for the buck one can find in a new vehicle. Blistering performance with the very potent Hemi. Most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned. Flawless operation in 7 months and 7000 miles since purchase.

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