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  • Downsized on Retirement - 2016 Porsche Cayman
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    Upon retiring, I didn't need a boat-of-a-car anymore, so I decided to downsize. The Cayman's the perfect choice. I considered a 911, but it may be a two-seater, but it feels and drives like a bloated Buick. Although I come from a Lexus family (5 cars, 48 total ownership years), I'm not accustomed to the design and build quality that Cayman gives. It is rock solid and is a pleasure to drive. The gas mileage is much better than my last Lexus, and its performance, as expected, blows it away. I specially ordered a manual transmission and have no regrets. This car doesn't deserve a namby-pamby automatic transmission. I'll admit it's not that easy to get in and out of, but that's the sacrifice you have to make to own a car that catches your eye every time you're near it. A friend recently was torn between a Corvette and a Porsche, to which my response was "Why would you consider buying the best hamburger McDonald's makes over a steak at the state's best steak house?" A Corvette over a Porsche? No rational person could make that choice. (The friend ended up cancelling his Corvette order and bought the Porsche.) I've had my Cayman for 9 months now, and I have no reason to change any of my earlier opinions. It's worth every penny of what I paid. Why would anyone buy anything else?

  • Unlike previous reviewer, I'm a real Porsche owner - 2016 Porsche Cayman
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    Sorry, but "911 drives like a bloated Buick"? "Namby pamby automatic transmission"? [non-permissible content removed] I'm a 10 year member of the PCA and have never heard any real Porsche owners talk such stupidity. Now, regarding the Cayman....I own a 2014 Cayman S with 6 speed manual that was just in for its 3 year (24k miles) service. What a low cost pleasure it has been. Still on all four original 20" Pirellis with 5/32+ tread left and brakes are like new (8/32+)......notwithstanding two half day auto cross events. Tight as a drum and not a rattle to be found. The Cayman is a better daily driver than my previous 911/997 S. Which, BTW, handled spectacularly as well, but the 911 is 300+ lbs heavier, not as nimble and a rougher ride around town. I've averaged 21 mpg since new, with 30 mpg at 75+ on highway. Golf clubs fit in the hatch, the "frunk" handles the luggage; I've been on several weekend roundtrips of 600-800+ miles with my wife. Handling and steering are truly exceptional - equal or better, IMO, than my buddy's Ferrari 430. Straight line acceleration isn't head-snapping spectacular, but still very good and better than "only" 325 hp suggests; thanks to the 2,900 lb curb weight. Short throw 6 speed makes rowing your own a true pleasure on this car (notwithstanding that the PDK is the best dual clutch transmission on the planet, for anybody that is uneducatedly concerned about being a namby-pamby) Overall, the Cayman S is the most enjoyable sports car I've owned. Recommend PASM and sport chrono packages. Also, 18 way adaptive sport seats are great, but if you need to save $3,000, the manual "Sport Seats Plus" are more than adequate.

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