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  • overpriced under performer - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
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    we orderd this car, Iam a huge porche fan. the infotanment system on this car ( not suv) is awfull. the weather only shows large cities, not curent location. no headlight washers, the VW and Audi varients have them. the traction system is awfull. the car drives in rear wheeel drive until it slips. no center or rear locker on the diesel or hybrid, weight savings. So this car was 88K and the dealer will not make a deal on a differnt car beacause of the restriction on diesel sale's. at this point i am so diapointed i am canceling my plans to upgrade my 2012 911 gts.

  • Great Surprise - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
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    The is our second Cayenne and we love it. The diesel has over 700 miles in range and with the air flow seats it is so comfortable only bathroom breaks are necessary. We just took a road trip (5000 miles) and the car performed perfectly. Can't say enough good things about it. Worth every penny!

  • Pissed by this car - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
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    i used to own X5 4.4, this cayenne is not the same level in terms of handling and comfort. It's just not worth the money at all.

  • Base Cayenne Value with Sport Chrono - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
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    We bought a base Cayenne loaded with Sport Chrono. Drive the S and could not tell the difference around town and on highways despite the fewer horses. With Porsche, it's about handling and overall performance. The base with Sport Plus and Chrono met our needs despite some less than flattering reviews by "experts" of the base engine/HP. We drove them all, including the Jeep SRT. All I can say is nothing made me smile as much as the Cayenne. Sport Plus and the Sport exhaust is a blast. Gurgles and pops are a welcomed noise for my family who often installs aftermarket cat-backs on our performance cars and trucks. No need here. Porsche engineers got it all right and at a push of a button, it can be as silent as a Mercedes. But, we hit the Sports Plus button upon starting to hear and feel the performance. No regrets not getting the S. while it's faster 0-60 by two seconds, most of us don't stage race daily. On the open road it's no slouch either. We can hold 4th gear to 110 MPH on the track, with 4 more gears to go.

  • The SUV Sports Car - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
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    Have 45 K miles on my 2016 Porsche Cayenne. Completely pleased. Check up's tend to be more expensive than other cars but this car is worth every penny. Built like a tank, it is the Swiss Army Knife of vehicles. I tow several boats with it, drive in dirt fields, and fly down the interstate. LED headlights are some of the best I have seen and it drives like a sports car with confident handling.

  • OMG What were they thinking? - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
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    We repaired a 2016 Porsche that was purchased in the fall of 2015. This car has so many design flaws that a light hit to the rear end and the car should be totaled. It's engineering is so poor that they put the battery under the seat and access to exhaust required too much labor to include removal of a body panel. The seat just from a mediocre accident caused the rear passenger seats bolt that secures them to the floor break. Mind you the airbags did not even go off in this accident. That same tap to the rear caused a total of 4700.00 worth of mechanical damage due to the horror story of engineering. Take a pass on buying this it is going to be a Fix or Repair Daily vehicle. Being in the VW family should we have expected anything less?

  • Wish it was better - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
    By -

    Car makes noise by a speaker Car drips a lot of water on floor when plugged in overnight due to AC cooling battery

  • Great vehicle - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
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    We traded in our '12 Turbo (500 hp) for this used but certified '16. Both the '12 and '16 had/have the sport chrono pkg. The buttons on the center console area are very easy to use. This vehicle has been fantastic to drive. With 520 hp, it accelerates 0-60 in about 4.2 seconds and there is zero turbo lag at any time. One big advantage of this model is the buttons on the console that allow the climate for driver or passenger to have air flow exactly as they wish in any combination of air flow outlets. The Bose sound is very good, way better than the Harmon Kardon in our two Mercedes cars (wagon and CLS) that have the weakest bass sound ever. The navigation system works well - this car doesn't have voice control (Mercedes nav is horrible). Heated steering wheel is very comfortable in the winter. The 15.8 mpg over the 5300K miles I've been tracking it on a spreadsheet is 0.3 mpg less than what the trip computer has calculated. The EPA, which always overstates mpg, has it rated as 14/21 for city/hwy. It requires 93 octane like all Porsches, so if you live in an area where 91 octane is the highest available, the ECU will not nearly give you the acceleration performance that this car could give you. Reliability has been fine so far (expect to pay about $2K when the front brakes (rotors and pads) are replaced). There is no oil dipstick; once the car has been driven around 10 miles, a dash view of oil level can be seen in a submenu. This has averaged needing a half-quart of Mobil 1 5w-40 added every 1015 miles, which is normal for their twin turbo V-8. Cargo space in the rear is fine for us - it carries a few golf bags, etc. and has WAY more trunk capacity than the Macan or Audi Q5. While I'd love a Macan, they're just too small in the cargo area. One problem with Cayennes is removing the retractable cargo cover shade entirely out of the bracket that holds it in place. It is a ridiculously tough chore! This '16 has the sport exhaust option and the sound is quite exciting outside the vehicle, but you barely hear it inside - it sounds much more thrilling on this V-8 than on the Cayenne V-6 loaner I got. While we have a locking differential control, we've only used it a couple of times while clambering up a snowy, pine-covered trail to a camp. If you really need that go anywhere capability, I'd guess the Range Rover would be the one to get. This came with summer tires - as soon as it got cold I took them off and put on all-season tires on the 21 inch wheels. The ride would be a bit more comfortable on rougher roads with smaller wheels. The LED low beam headlights have a sharp cutoff - I'd prefer them to light up more of the road in front of us. There is an extremely annoying start/stop function - even though we turn it off, the '16 resets itself to "on" each time the engine is turned off. That split second when you don't realize the start/stop is functioning and you're turning left while seeing oncoming traffic and you'll understand what I mean. You're saving a few cents a week in gas but the starter is being used 20 times a day - what'll that Porsche starter cost to replace after the warranty is up? This has parking sensors front and rear that work very well (those in our Mercedes are useless), and the blind spot monitors are good too. Fortunately, the cruise control is NOT the adaptive option - I do not like those. Heated and ventilated seats work very well in front - the rear only has the base heated seats. Transmission has worked flawlessly so far.

  • Beware...no spare! - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
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    After exhaustive research, I was very excited to buy my very first Porsche. Ordered exactly what I wanted and was able to track on the boat from the factory. The first 5 months of ownership was great. The lime green brakes were very eye-catching. The mileage was great.. Based on my driving pattern, was able to get about 50mpg. The only complaint was a noticeable lag on acceleration when going from electric to gas when the battery was drained but that was not a big deal. Then at about month 6, the engine light came on for no reason. All the other gauges were fine and the car ran well. Brought it into the dealership for servicing. They ran their diagnostics and said that there was a valve that had to be tightened. They did that and the car ran ok for about a week then the engine light went on again. Brought it back in and they had to change out the valve. Got it back and then a week later, same thing again. Brought it back in again. This time, they had to change out the whole system there. So far, no problem there. However, tire got slashed one day at office by bored high schoolers walking through parking lot on way home from school. Called AAA. Come to find out that the hybrid do not have spare tire because there is no space secondary to battery. Then had to wait for flat-bed tow truck in deserted parking lot at night. Just something to keep in mind if you are researching cars these days. Porsche hybrids and their sport cars will not have spare tires. I have owned lexus, audi, mercedes...never have had this much trouble with a new car!! After having the car for a year, I have had no further problems. I plug in pretty consistently and, based on my driving habits, still get about 45-50mpg. There is a definite lag going from electric to gas. Knowing that, I turn off the electric mode purposefully when I know that I have to accelerate fast. It does not accelerate like my husband's Tesla but overall nice ride.

  • Awesome Demonstration of Technology & Design - 2016 Porsche Cayenne
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    When purchasing such a vehicle, you need to match your driving needs and expectations to the platform. The results with the Cayenne can be fantastic. The Cayenne handles unbelievably well for an SUV/CUV. The turning radius is likely the tightest I've ever experienced for a car, truck, or SUV. We ended up purchasing the e-hybrid because most of our driving is local (less than 50 miles) and the hybrid offers excellent overall MPG (~45 to 50 MPG) while still providing enough power and torque (along with the legendary Porsche handling) to make driving fun. This is our first hybrid and having previously owned a Tesla Model S, I can honestly say that the instrumentation in the e-hybrid Cayenne is comprehensive, logical, and very well thought out.

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